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  • Paper case CMS 3.3.6 release upgrade. Net 5


    .Net 5 Microsoft’s. Net 5 has been released and we adapted it for the first time. The biggest change in the new version is to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest. Net 5, and the performance has been significantly improved. So please update your running environment before upgrading to 3.3.6. Upgrade Guide:http://www.zkea.net/zkeacms/document/upgrade Convenient update Paper shell CMS […]

  • Pagoda panel mounting paper case CMS


    Installing nginx To run paper-based CMS on Linux, nginx needs to be used as the reverse proxy to reverse proxy all requests to the paper-based CMS program for processing. First, install nginx in the software store on the pagoda panel:   Select the version to install, select Install 1.18 here, and then click submit to […]

  • Using Lucene. Net to do a simple search engine full text index


    Lucene.Net Lucene.net is a ported version of Lucene. It is an open-source full-text search engine development package, that is, it is not a complete full-text search engine, but a full-text search engine architecture, providing a complete query engine and index engine. Lucene.net is an open source project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation, which is […]