• “Straight man” aesthetic? It doesn’t exist! Take a look at the UI transformation of an IOT app by “siege lion”!


    People always have a kind of inherent thinking that compared with boys, girls are more suitable to be UI designers, because they are more sensitive to color, have more advantages in perceptual thinking, and can communicate more smoothly in the workplace, etc. More importantly, compared with men, women’s aesthetic values tend to be fuller. However, […]

  • Stack technology dry goods: Exploration and application of Google plug-in development from 0 to 1


    This article is organized from: Technology dry goods Google plug-in development and application The data stack is a cloud native one-stop data platform PAAS. We have an interesting open source project on GitHub and gitee: flinkx. Remember to give us a star! star! star! Gitee open source project: https://gitee.com/dtstack_ dev… GitHub open source project: https://github.com/DTStack/fl… […]

  • Building personal website with pagoda panel


    Original address:https://www.wjcms.net/archives/ Building personal website with pagoda panel Today we release a tutorial about how to build a personal website with a pagoda panel. Server installation configuration pagoda panel Reference article:https://www.wjcms.net/archives/centos Pagoda panel installation and common error handling New website Log in pagoda Panel > website > new site Input domain name, please parse first […]

  • C # attribute (1)


    Statement: I’m a unity vegetable chicken blog that hasn’t entered the industry yet. The main purpose of the blog is to make a learning summary. If you see something wrong when you pass by, please give me some advice! C # characteristic 1. Understand what features are Attributes is a kind of user-defined modifier, which […]

  • Teach you to set up alicloud free SSL for your website


    Original address:https://www.wjcms.net/archives/ Teach you to set up alicloud free SSL for your website origin Now more and more websites are setting up SSL. If you don’t set SSL, you will be prompted by the browser that it’s not safe. So from a security point of view, you should set up SSL. In addition, in the […]

  • Unity super simple UI framework for novices


    preface Reminder: in order to learn knowledge more thoroughly Remember more firmly, I will write down the knowledge through the way of teaching explanation, because in the process, people will change from students to teachers. This process will dig out new knowledge and ideas. It is a process of deep excavation and improvement of knowledge […]

  • Open source, powerful Linux server cluster management tool, easier to use than pagoda!


    Before that, many people must have been exposed to the Linux management panel: pagoda, pagoda is really very convenient and easy to use, and the installation is also simple, copy and paste a few commands to complete the installation, and provide a free version. Today, brother migrant workers will introduce another Linux server management panel, […]

  • Use chrome devtools like a senior front end developer


    Original address:https://medium.com/javascript… Author: dornhoth If you choose chrome as the development environment, you must know 11 tips. OK, now for some reason, you finally chose chrome as the browser for development. Then you open the developer tools and start debugging the code. Sometimes you can open the console panel to check the output of the […]

  • Different 3D visualization platform for asset security


    preface In the era of digital economy, the application of good data is the key to the digital transformation of enterprises. The effective management and control of data based on cutting-edge science and technology is the new trend of digital value-added services. In recent years, the whole security industry is paying more attention to asset […]

  • PHP file encryption process


    Different PHP debugging environment, encryption slightly different. The following mainly introduces the PHP file encryption of phpstudy2018, xampp and phpstudy Pro under windows.01 common processes for different environments1. Use virboxprotector to test the interpreter (PHP- cgi.exe or httpd.exe )Encryption2. Encrypt PHP with dsprotector3. Use the encrypted interpreter (PHP- cgi.exe or httpd.exe )Replace the original narrator4. […]