• Tkinter (31) notebook components ttk.Notebook


    Creation of TTK notebook part and its options Notebook parts, each tab has a sub pane, use Tabid to distinguish each tab, Tabid can be an integer index, sub parts, “@ x, Y” relative coordinates, “current” currently selected. Each word pane is usually a frame part, can also be any part w = ttk.Notebook(parent, option=value, […]

  • Tkinter (32) adjustable pane ttk.PanedWindow


    Creation of TTK adjustable size pane and its options w = ttk.PanedWindow(parent, option=value, …) option explain class_ Component classification name cannot be changed after creation cursor When the mouse hovers over the button, the empty string inherits the options of the parent part height Height of components orient The orientation of the subassemblies. The value […]

  • Microsoft’s new Windows terminal is finally stable


    Microsoft’s new Windows terminal has finally stabilized. Windows finally has a more modern terminal environment, including tags, split panes, multiple session types, and settings that allow you to configure everything from keyboard shortcuts to animated GIF backgrounds. Finally, a more modern windows terminal At build 2020 on May 19, 2020, Microsoft announced that the new […]