• Bridge bridging mode


    >>Return to c# common design mode 1. Introduction 2. Examples 3. Advantages and disadvantages 3.1. advantage 3.2. shortcoming 3.3. Applicable environment 1. Introduction definition Decouple the abstract part from its implementation part, so that both can change independently Crayons and brushes Crayons come in different sizes and colors. Use whatever you need Brushes are divided […]

  • Explore other layers of ggplot2


    Ggplot2 package comes with many layers, which can basically meet our various drawing needs, but sometimes we need to draw some “weird” drawings, so we need to use some ggplot2 expansion packages. This article will introduce some useful ggplot2 expansion packages. Load R package library(tidyverse) # install.packages(‘wesanderson’) library(wesanderson) The wesanderson bag offers a lot of […]

  • Ggsci | make your color natural


    ggsci_cover.jpg R scientific research drawing palette – ggsci package brief introduction ggsci ggsciIt provides a series of high-quality color palettes inspired by journals, films, etc.ggsciThe palette in can be used toggplot2。 Basic usage: scale_color_palname() scale_fill_palname() #Install and load ggsci package install.packages(“ggsci”) library(“ggsci”) library(“ggplot2”) library(“gridExtra”) Discrete palette Use scatter and bar charts to demonstrateggsciPalette in. #Sample […]

  • Flutter – how to create cool particle clock effects!


    This article starts with official account: the most technologically TOP. An article was published over the weekendIsn’t this project awesome, I recommend a cool flutter particle clock project to you, but I don’t have the specific implementation ideas and codes. Fortunately, the author wrote a blog to translate the background, implementation ideas and problems of […]

  • Do you need to write your resume when looking for a job after the festival? Try my independently developed Zen resume!


    preface Hello, I’m pixel mage, an independent developer. I’m honored to have been interviewed by Sifu’s independent developers before. The link is here:https://segmentfault.com/a/11… At that time, I was talking about my first independently developed work, ego reader After more than a year, I came here to release my new product Zen resume~ I hope it […]

  • Bmp image rotation – C + + implementation


    Recently, the digital image processing class requires C + + to process BMP images. I am speechless and have a good MATLAB…. However, using C + + to write will really help the principle and coding level, so I wrote it carefully.. Experimental environment: windows10 + clion + mingw64 reference material: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_ 36752072/article/details/78151770 Header files […]

  • 002.00 picture processing pil.image


    002.00 image processing Filing date: August 10, 2019Updated on: 2021 / 03 / 05 add im. N_ frames Win 10 Python 3.7.4 PIL Pillow 6.1.0 Subject: 002.00 image processing Coordinate system The upper left corner (x, y) is (0, 0), in fact (0.5, 0.5), and the horizontal right and vertical down are positive Most references […]

  • Take stock of gadgets that can really improve job happiness


    Taking stock of the gadgets that can really improve job happiness are the tools I often use in my daily development. It includes four dimensions: software, terminal, vscode plug-in and chrome plug-in. Software Alfred Official website:www.alfredapp.com/ Mac OS has its own spotlight, which can search files and fast start. Alfred optimizes the functions of fast […]

  • Reactjs front end practice part 1: use of palette example components


    background Recently, I finally started to toss the front-end. After a lot of reading and research, I decided to use react.js and related products to build my front-end technology. I used to be a pure back-end and like algorithms. A few years ago, I found node.js because it is open source and the bottom layer […]

  • Matplotlib quilver draw wind speed and direction


    Composition of an arrow Understanding of several parameters of quilver Quiver ([x, y], u, V, [C], * * kW), where kW can be selected from: Units: the default value is width. Width / height: the width of the arrow is the total length of the X or Y axis. Yes, it is the total length; […]

  • Seaborn’s six simple tips


    Author | zolzaya luvsandorjCompile VKSource: towards Data Science In this article, we will explore some simple ways to customize your charts to make them aesthetically better. I hope these simple techniques can help you get a better picture. Baseline map The script in this article was tested in Python 3.8.3 in the Jupiter notebook. Let’s […]

  • Online design tools worth collecting


    Author: Abhi projectz Crazy technology house Original text: https://dev.to/abhiprojectz/t… No reprint without permission introduce These are some carefully selected online tools that have been tested and I find very useful to share with you. background 1. SVG BACKGROUNDS Like PNG, JPG or GIF, SVG images can also be used as background images in CSS. This […]