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  • Canvas online signature plug-in


    about Original address:Canvas online signature plug-inPlug in address GitHub:https://github.com/javascript-wei/canvas-sign Experience Preview:canvas-sign background Recently, a temporary request was received, which requires the client to sign online and save it to the server. The functions generally include revocation (that is, revocation is required for each stroke), changing the signature color, and support on the mobile terminal and […]

  • Canvas Basics


    Canvas Create canvas <canvas id=”canvas”></canvas> Generally, there must be an ID Width and height are recommended directly in<canvas>Do not use CSS to set the length and height directly, and there is no PX unit, because it also represents the accuracy Width and height can also be set using JS. There are width and height attributes […]

  • How to add scratch3 brush module? Skills of adding brush module to scratch


    When programming with scratch3, there is no ready-made brush module. If we want to use a brush, how can we add this module to scratch3? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Scratch3.0 offline version (children’s programming software) offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version Software size: 171MB Update time: 2020-02-21Download now […]

  • Foundation of Android custom controls (1) — geometry drawing


    Although I have a few years of development experience, but the custom control together, little research, shame… When used is Baidu search, copy and paste. Working hours are tight. I always want to finish it as soon as possible( It’s all excuses. If you want to learn, there will always be time As an Android […]

  • How to create canvas in HTML5?


    In web pages, canvas does not exist by default. Users need to create a canvas first, and then draw patterns in the canvas through some objects and methods. The following steps will explain how to use the canvas. 1. Create canvas Using the canvas tag in HTML5, you can create a canvas in a web […]

  • Kotlin round progress bar


    Custom round progress bar of kotlin version Most start-up pages have a progress bar loading style, so I rewrite it with kotlin. If it’s really cool, there are still many things to add A simple progress bar is basically composed of a background ring and a progress ring. What we need to pay attention to […]

  • A brief summary of Android toast


    The old rule, let’s go to the renderings first It mainly realizes several common ways 1. The most basic toast The system’s built-in toast is in the form of queue. The next toast can only be displayed after the current toast disappears. The reason is that toast management is in the queue. Click once to […]

  • Ecarts customize the symbol style of markpoint


    Two custom tags In ecarts, markpoint styles include ‘circle’, ‘rect’, ’roundrect’, ‘triangle’, ‘diamond’, ‘pin’ and ‘arrow’. If these styles do not meet the needs, we must customize the styles we need. There are two ways to customize the graphics of tags1. Passed‘ image://url ’Set to image, where URL is the link of image, or datauri.2. […]

  • Flutter easyloading – make global toast / loading easier


    ✨flutter_easyloadingA simple and easy to useFlutterPlug in, including 23 kinds of loading animation effects, progress bar display, toast display. Pure flutter end implementation, supporting IOS and Android. ✨Open source address:https://github.com/huangjiank… preface FlutteryesGoogleA set of open source cross platform launched in 2017UIFramework, which can be used iniOS、AndroidandWebBuild high quality native user interface on the platform.FlutterSince its […]

  • Canvastools – a set of auxiliary tools for screenshots based on canvas


    CanvasTools The auxiliary tool set of screenshot based on canvas. Including rectangle, ellipse, brush, text, mosaic and other tools, as well as undo, save and other functions GitHub address Project address DEMO Feedback of imitating Zhihu’s screenshot The project idea comes from the screenshot feedback in the Zhihu suggestion feedback function. At the beginning, it […]

  • Android custom view: a refreshing, compact and flexible multi node progress bar


    preface Recently, the project has a small demand for node progress bar. After completion, I want to share it, hoping to help students in need. Effect picture of real machine Custom view complete code Out of the box ~, notes have fried chicken in detail /** *@ Description: node progress bar * @author: DMingO * […]

  • Learn more about some Android animations


    1、 Propertyvaluesholder Reading this article requires the basis of Android attribute animation in the previous article, so that you can understand what to talk about next. 1. Understand and use PropertyValuesHolderIt’s a method similar to objectanimation, but it’s missing a target, which is the control to be executed. Look at the normal usage: all holders […]