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  • Week 21, 2018 – big data from my perspective


    Big data from my perspective Recently, the company has launched big data projects. Fortunately, I can have a platform to learn and practice big data. After two months of research and experiment, although both belong to personal research, they still have some experience. Here to share. Since I want to talk about big data from […]

  • Research on the architecture design of big data platform


    This article starts with WeChat official account of vivo Internet technology.Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/nprrrrdqnuhnjbyblifxoxaAuthor: Liu Yanjiang In recent years, with the continuous development of IT technology and big data, machine learning and algorithm, more and more enterprises are aware of the value of data, manage data as their own valuable assets, and use big data and machine […]

  • Weex workshop challenge, wait for you!


    A subversive mobile development mode, an ingenious cross platform mobile development tool, and a productivity liberator weex in the post app era. Aiming at the pain points of frequent release and multi-terminal R & D of APP native development, the page stability and performance experience of H5 development, a set of lightweight cross platform development […]