• Apple CMS build video website tutorial


    Most of the film and television websites built by individuals in the market are built with ready-made CMS systems, such as apple CMS, yycms, ocean CMS, Feifei CMS, Max CMS, etc Generally, the first two are used more. Most of these CMS can find the latest installation package and download the latest version, because the […]

  • Installation of Zifeng background management system through pagoda panel


    Next, demonstrate how to install Zifeng background management system through the pagoda panel Find Zifeng’s backstage management system in the pagoda Software store > one click deployment > one click deployment One click deployment Fill in the domain name, set the basic configuration, and then click submit to enter the installation Click the link above […]

  • Installation and use of pagoda


    1. Installation Enter the following command to install: yum install -y wget && wget -O install.sh http://download.bt.cn/install/install_6.0.sh && sh install.sh After installation, your account, password and other information will be displayed 2. Log in to the pagoda Use the following command to view the pagoda’s address and default account password /etc/init.d/bt default Copy the Internet […]

  • The world wide web publishing service (W3SVC) has stopped


    I bought a new set of management system, which needs PHP, Apache and MySQL environment, but the existing servers are all standard configuration of Microsoft. I went to download the relevant environment myself and built the environment manually all the way. After a long time, I still left some problems, so I found the other […]

  • Give you a server, can you deploy your code online?


    Author: Xiao Fu GeBlog:https://bugstack.cn Precipitation, sharing, growth, so that they and others can gain! 1、 Preface Give you a server, can you deploy your code online? We often hear such a sentence: “in order to make R & D only care about business development, we have done so and so!” What have you done? You […]

  • [record] build front end development environment under WSL


    preface WhyWSLAs a development environment? There is only one reason Environmental isolation, no longer afraidWindowsThere’s a strange environmental problem The method used in this paperWSLVersion is1.0And the pagoda panel has been installed install PM2 Manager Install in the storePM2 Manager Add soft chain Because the pagoda is not fully compatibleUbuntuSo you need to add global […]

  • Building personal website with pagoda panel


    Original address:https://www.wjcms.net/archives/ Building personal website with pagoda panel Today we release a tutorial about how to build a personal website with a pagoda panel. Server installation configuration pagoda panel Reference article:https://www.wjcms.net/archives/centos Pagoda panel installation and common error handling New website Log in pagoda Panel > website > new site Input domain name, please parse first […]

  • No article can be found in the navigation of all pages 404 of WordPress


    Today, I changed the fixed links of WordPress, and found that all the pages are 404, and the classified directory navigation can’t find the articles. Then I searched for the settings for half a day, and finally found that the rules of nginx were set location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; } rewrite /wp-admin$ […]

  • Pagoda panel + v2ray


    Debian installation pagoda panel Official installation script of BT panel: (Debian system) wget -O install.sh http://download.bt.cn/install/install-ubuntu_6.0.sh && bash install.sh CentOS installation yum install -y wget && wget -O install.sh http://download.bt.cn/install/install_6.0.sh && sh install.sh As shown in the figure below, the installation is successful. Log in to your pagoda panel according to the address and password […]

  • Warning: putenv ()


    layout: postTitle: warning: putenv() has been disabled for security reasons in The question ofdate: 2020-03-29 tags: [“Laravel”] The problem of warning: putenv() has been disabled for security reasons in… Occurs when LNMP installs composer install Reason: LNMP has disabled some dangerous PHP functions resolvent:Edit PHP configuration file in LNMP environment: vi /usr/local/php/etc/ php.ini Enter editing […]