• Lightweight deployment of Firefox send temporary file sharing service using Tencent cloud


    Firefox send is part of FirefoxtemporaryNetwork disk, it can be inFull platformuse,Web StyleOperation,No add ons required(andNo speed limit), can be used in any modern browser. Share in the form of hyperlink. You can set the shared fileDownload times, time and password, after the specified number or length of downloads is reached, the file automatically expires […]

  • Mongodb pagoda online configuration


    Recently, I want to write a background interface of personal blog with node and mongodb. After there is no problem in the local test, I want to deploy it online. 1. Install mongodb in the software store of pagoda 2. Configure Internet connection Set the listening port to0.0.0.0, the original is127.0.0.1Only local access is allowed, […]

  • What if NPM install gets stuck?


    Hello, I’m big zongzi When a child is quiet, he must be a demon. I’ve been quiet for three days. I’m also holding back my big move. In advance, we are competing with the documents of the video Number recently. Guess the remaining functions. There is no message function for the time being. You can […]

  • Beginner’s Guide to building a website – installation and use of pagoda panel


    Why use pagoda panels? The biggest pain for novices is that they can’t get started. There are too many codes to manage easily.Here, we introduce a simple and easy-to-use free server operation and maintenance panel – pagoda panel. Using the pagoda panel, you can install applications, synchronize files, regularly execute code and manage services for […]

  • FTP sync for vs code plug-in expansion


    FTP sync for vs code plug-in expansion Since the previous development is related to PHP, I have been using phpstorm and recently learned Vue. Although phpstorm also supports Vue, I found that the MAC often becomes abnormal card and the electric fan is noisy, which is really unacceptable. Then in the process of learning Vue, […]

  • Apple CMS build video website tutorial


    Most of the film and television websites built by individuals in the market are built with ready-made CMS systems, such as apple CMS, yycms, ocean CMS, Feifei CMS, Max CMS, etc Generally, the first two are used more. Most of these CMS can find the latest installation package and download the latest version, because the […]

  • Installation of Zifeng background management system through pagoda panel


    Next, demonstrate how to install Zifeng background management system through the pagoda panel Find Zifeng’s backstage management system in the pagoda Software store > one click deployment > one click deployment One click deployment Fill in the domain name, set the basic configuration, and then click submit to enter the installation Click the link above […]

  • Installation and use of pagoda


    1. Installation Enter the following command to install: yum install -y wget && wget -O install.sh http://download.bt.cn/install/install_6.0.sh && sh install.sh After installation, your account, password and other information will be displayed 2. Log in to the pagoda Use the following command to view the pagoda’s address and default account password /etc/init.d/bt default Copy the Internet […]

  • The world wide web publishing service (W3SVC) has stopped


    I bought a new set of management system, which needs PHP, Apache and MySQL environment, but the existing servers are all standard configuration of Microsoft. I went to download the relevant environment myself and built the environment manually all the way. After a long time, I still left some problems, so I found the other […]

  • Give you a server, can you deploy your code online?


    Author: Xiao Fu GeBlog:https://bugstack.cn Precipitation, sharing, growth, so that they and others can gain! 1、 Preface Give you a server, can you deploy your code online? We often hear such a sentence: “in order to make R & D only care about business development, we have done so and so!” What have you done? You […]

  • [record] build front end development environment under WSL


    preface WhyWSLAs a development environment? There is only one reason Environmental isolation, no longer afraidWindowsThere’s a strange environmental problem The method used in this paperWSLVersion is1.0And the pagoda panel has been installed install PM2 Manager Install in the storePM2 Manager Add soft chain Because the pagoda is not fully compatibleUbuntuSo you need to add global […]