• Front end optimization


    Performance optimization can be divided into two categories: load time optimization (1-8) and run time optimization (9-12)1. Use CDN for static resources2. Put CSS at the top of the file and JavaScript at the bottom3. Using Font Icon iconfont instead of picture icon, the generated file is very small, and the number of htttp requests […]

  • A variety of methods to realize the hollowing effect of mask layer


    Let’s see the effect first [method 1: screenshot simulation implementation] Principle: first cut a picture in the same position, create a mask layer, and then locate the picture in the corresponding position. Advantages: simple principle; good compatibility, can be compatible with IE6 and IE7; can achieve multiple hollows at the same time. Disadvantages: this method […]

  • Vue login and authority verification


    Keywords: front and back separation, JWT, login, authority verification Recently, we are doing a small application. We need to use Vue to log in and set permissions for different routes. Read a lot of articles on the Internet, talking about a mess. Exclamation domestic technology article is really bad, copy to copy. This article talks […]

  • React native build basic page 4 — render movie list


    Movie list import React, { Component } from ‘react’ import { View, Image, Text, ActivityIndicator, FlatList, StyleSheet, TouchableHighlight } from ‘react-native’ const styles = StyleSheet.create({ movieTitle: { fontWeight: ‘bold’ } }) //Components of the import route import { Actions } from ‘react-native-router-flux’ export default class MovieList extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props) this.state = { […]

  • Vue establishes long connection through websocket


    Usage scenario:   In project development, the back-end needs to process a series of logic, or wait for the data from the third party to return to the front-end for processing, which may take a long time, and the front-end does not know when the back-end can handle it well (if the time is long, it […]

  • Electron Vue simple integration vuex


    preface Recently, I am making a small thing, which is a desktop client tool based on electronic Vue. As I am a pure back-end development, my knowledge of the front-end is still basic JS, jQuery, etc., so don’t spray on the front-end gods~ scene As the project is a single page application, it is necessary […]

  • Preliminary and intermediate front-end interview questions


    preface From front-end learning to find a suitable job, large and small interviews are essential, so I have preliminarily sorted out the preliminary front-end interview questions, which is also convenient for my own reference, and I hope to help my friends! HTML HTML semantic HTML semantics is to make the content of the page structured. […]

  • 003 feed social network tool based on blockstack


    This article mainly introduces feed;WebSite:https://www.feed-app.net/GitHub:https://github.com/knaut/feed The official introduction of feed is as follows:feed is a social networking utility powered by blockchain.Feed is a social network tool supported by blockchain. The main functions are as follows: Release status Query status according to did – what can be improved is to add friends, then get the status […]

  • A solution of page deformation caused by mobile phone soft keyboard springing up


    Recently, we used uniapp (a third-party app development framework) to develop app. One page has more than ten input input input boxes. When we click input input, the soft keyboard pops up, causing the top and bottom buttons of the page to pop up on the page, and the layout is completely disrupted. Original look:After […]

  • ASP.NET Core responsecache for cache operation


    preface This chapter will introduce the client cache, which will introduce the browser cache and the server cache. Using the browser cache will reduce the number of requests to the web server, improve the performance and avoid repeated calculation waste. ASP.NET Core has two types of HTTP caching: Client (browser cache) Server cache Client cache […]

  • How to obtain the attribute information of data changes in C ා – class


    1、 Foreword In normal development, when the user modifies the data, there is no good way to record the specific modified information. We can only temporarily use the method of serializing the class into a JSON string and then inserting it into the log. At this time, if we want to know which field values […]

  • Build your desktop application with electronic Vue


    What is electron It’s said on the official website: electron provides a nodejs runtime, which focuses on building desktop applications and uses web pages as the GUI of applications. You can think of it as a mini version of chromium browser controlled by JavaScript. It is a runtime that can be executed like a node: […]