• Webpack 4.0 breaks down (1) HTML


    webpackAs the most popular front-end construction tool, it is the front-end automation tool chainThe most important partThe use threshold is high. This series is the author’s own learning records, more basic, hope to passProblem + SolutionThe specific needs encountered in the front-end construction are the starting point for learningwebpackThe corresponding treatment method in the tool. […]

  • Django set database cache


    Recently, many new functions have been added to the blog, and the speed of access has declined. When searching on a domestic search engine, I saw this text. It’s simple and clear, so I forward it. Although it’s not original, I hope it can help more friends. Django official cache system introduction: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.8/to… Configure cache […]

  • Vue project performance optimization


    We have done quite a number of Vue projects and encountered many problems in the development process. Let’s sum up, Vue code level 1. V-for traversal should add a key to the item and avoid using V-IF at the same time (1) The official recommendation is that V-for traversal should add the key attribute to […]

  • Development of component application based on Android jetpack architecture


    This article starts with WeChat official account “Android development tour”. Project introduction This project adopts component + MVVM architecture for development, splits functional components and business components, and communicates between components through arouter. This paper is a brief introduction of the whole application technology architecture. Project address: https://github.com/winlee28/J… Welcome to star Technical points Kotlin+Jetpack+Coroutines+Retrofit+koin Overall […]

  • Performance optimization is a trade-off philosophy


    Master moves are often not to consider who knows more knowledge, but to attract the enemy! At the beginning of learning to do performance optimization, many people just grasp the eyebrows and moustaches, and do everything they know, want to do, and can do. This is a typical hardworking force! I did a lot of […]

  • React basic knowledge and build a simple landing page


    1: Concept React originated from the internal project of Facebook. Because the company was not satisfied with all the JavaScript MVC frameworks on the market, it decided to write a set of its own to set up instagram website. After making it, I found that it was easy to use, and it was opened in […]

  • Implementation of laravel Vue SSR spa server rendering / single page rendering


    Laravel-Vue-SSR-SPA It provides server-side rendering / single page rendering skeleton, integrates webpack package to build MD5 file name / gzip implementation, built-in Vue router, vuex, Axios and other Vue packages, and provides three common schemes, including PC side SSR rendering scheme, admin front-end and back-end separated single page scheme, mobile front-end and back-end separated single […]

  • Understanding of innerText, innerHTML and join methods of JavaScript built-in objects


    InnerText syntax specification:HTMLElement.innerText = string ; / / the following assignment is in the form of a string InnerText is a non-standard form that does not recognize HTML tags. The return value will remove spaces and wrap div.innerText = ‘123 ‘; / / the output on the page is123 ———————————————————————————————————————————————— InnerHTML syntax specification: Element.innerHTML =Htmlstring; / […]

  • Check the query parameter value in the current page URL


    First, what are the query parameters in the page URL?for examplehttp://segmentfault.com/x.html?a=0&b=1&c=2A, B, and C after the URL are query parameters In the process of development, we will meet some requirements like this: Judge whether there is a parameter in the current link, and do corresponding processing according to different parameters. For example, the content in […]

  • Pre compilation of SEO based on UMI


    1、 Introduction For a single application framework project, there is only one packaged file index.html As the entry, the JS of the corresponding page is loaded according to the routing of the page. When the project needs to support SEO, if conditions permit, you can choose node as the isomorphic scheme, match the components in […]

  • Responsive web design project – Product landing page


      Responsive web design project 3 — Product landing page https://codepen.io/yiyunpan//   #Technology stack 1. Using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This is pure CSS   #Content 1. Using H5 semantic tag 2. Focus on the flex layout of CSS3 (CSS3 animation has not been added) 3. Three pull: pull out the picture, pull out the […]