• Customize your own Eureka management interface


    EurekaThe interface of the server can be customized, and the method is relatively simple. Let’s take a look at the modification method. In some companies, the service registry interface may need to be completely customized and carry some company features and elements. If so, the contents of this chapter can help you, and the effect […]

  • Code splitting-02 of Vue package optimization


    prefaceI used vuecli to make a blog, which is a single page project with about ten routes. Package it with NPM run build directly, and there is a huge JS file of 1m. clipboard.png Try to mount it to the server firstBoy, it seems that half a century has passed since the loading time clipboard.png […]

  • Solve the problem of using iframe tags to widen on some iPhones


    Iframe widens on some iPhones As shown in the figure below:     Baidu checked a lot and tried a lot. The final solution is as follows: First: I use Vue HTML code: CSS code: .iframeCss { min-width: 100%; Width: 3.75rem! Important; // setting the iframe width is particularly important }   Javascript code: //The […]

  • Exchange 2013 learning note 8: mailbox Mobile


    1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click. 1.2. Click “to”, select “mailbox“, and then select the user to move the mailbox, and click “to other databases” under the mobile mailbox in the lower right corner. 1.3. Input the name of the new migration processing. […]

  • Electronic (2) – inject JS and CSS into WebView


    One of the company’s internal desktop software is written based on the electronics Vue. The person who was responsible for developing this client left the company a few days ago, and I became a temporary file pick-up optimization person. As a person who writes Vue but contacts the electronics for the first time, he spent […]

  • A journey of mobile optimization (2)


    What is the goal of our optimization: make the interface display earlier, whether the data is correct or not can wait for the query to return to update. preface The first part introduces the direction of code optimization Remove the time-consuming jQuery Optimize personal code Remove the time-consuming jQuery Where jQuery is used in the […]

  • Redux is so simple


    Redux is a JavaScript state container that providesPredictabilityState management of. What is predictability? My understanding is that according to a fixed input, there must be a fixed result. Redux is specially developed for react, but it is not only used for react, but can be used for any interface library. motivation With the popularity of […]

  • A tag jump referer vulnerability


    A tag needs to be added when opening a new pagerel=”noopener noreferrer”  Otherwise, in the newly opened page( http://www.baidu.com )Can be passed through window.opener Obtain partial control of the source page, even if the newly opened page is cross domain (for example, location does not have cross domain problem). In chrome 49 +, opera 36 […]

  • JS start to open app_ Browser Click to open wechat


    demand In the project, you need to open the app in the web page. If the mobile phone does not have an app installed, you need to jump to the download custom app page. This kind of demand can be realized in many “other people’s home” websites. Of course, our developers have requirements and have […]

  • Write a super star brush class script with JavaScript, isn’t it fragrant?


    In this paper, JS beginners Xiaobai, the God disturbed!! preface My sophomore was obsessed with reptiles, so I taught myself HTML, CSS, and JS, but they were always used to analyze and analyze pages when writing crawlers. During the epidemic, I chose too many superstar Erya online courses. Of course, I was reluctant to spend […]

  • Datasource magic of IOS development, elegant writing let you easily control tableview


    brief introduction Recently, when refactoring the code written before, I found that there is a stinky and long code in each viewcontroller to define thedataSourceanddelegateSo I wonder if there is a more elegant way to writedataSourceThe cbtableviewdatasource is generated. Project address: https://github.com/cocbin/CBTableViewDataSource Before using cbtableviewdatasource // define a enum to split section typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, SectionNameDefine) […]

  • React project construction


    Write it at the front Every time you build a react project, you will configure a lot of things, and you will forget how to configure it after a long time. This record is made for the convenience of self memory and for the rapid development of other developers when building react applications. This project […]