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  • Virtual Memory Essence


    Blog original Virtual Memory Essence introduction Virtual memory is one of the most important abstract concepts in today’s computer system. It is proposed to manage memory more effectively and reduce the probability of memory error. Virtual memory affects all aspects of computer, including hardware design, file system, shared objects and process / thread scheduling. Every […]

  • 15 minutes! A text helps Xiaobai understand the memory of the operating system


    preface Operating system is a difficult course to learn. At the same time, operating system knowledge is very important for developers. I believe that when you learn the operating system, there are too many abstract words and concepts that are difficult to understand, which directly dissuade us. Even if you learn the operating system with […]

  • 【ASPLOS’20】Elastic Cuckoo Page Tables


    ☕ Parallelized address translation [asplos’ 20] elastic cuckoo hash page table paper reading notes Elastic Cuckoo Page Tables: Rethinking Virtual Memory Translation for Parallelism https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10… brief introduction basic thought The sequential pointer tracking of traditional multi-layer cardinal page table is transformed into fully parallel search, and the memory level parallel address translation is realized for […]

  • [operating system virtualization] memory paging


    introduce There is an inherent problem in segmented memory management: after the space is divided into different lengths, the space itself will be fragmented, and it will become more difficult to allocate memory over time. Therefore, it is worth considering another method: dividing the space into fixed length pieces. In virtual memory, we call this […]

  • Source code interpretation of Linux kernel write time replication mechanism


    Copy on write (cow) is an important mechanism of Linux kernel. We all know that when the parent process forks a child process, the child process and the parent process will share all private writable pages in a read-only manner. When one party is about to write, the cow page missing exception will occur. So […]

  • Analysis of anonymous mapping page missing exception in Linux kernel virtual memory management


    Today we will discuss this kind of page missing exception, so that we can understand it thoroughly. Note: This article uses the linux-5.0 kernel source code. The article is divided into the following sections: Trigger condition of anonymous mapping page missing exception What is page 0? Why use page 0? Source code analysis3.1 trigger conditions […]

  • MMU things


    The significance of MMU [guide] this paper introduces the background and working mechanism of MMU from the perspective of memory management. However, the implementation details of the specific processor are ignored, and the working principle of MMU is clearly combed from the concept. Before the birth of MMU: In traditional batch processing systems such as […]

  • ASOR – Implementation of virtual machine based on x86 architecture


    1. Overview As the management software of computer hardware, the operating system runs directly on the physical hardware and occupies all the hardware resources. Since 1965, semiconductor hardware has been developing rapidly in accordance with Moore’s law. With the increasing computing power of hardware, it is a waste to run an operating system on a […]

  • Linux memory management


    Turn to an introduction to memory management article, write very well, oneself also can’t write out.Linux memory management Linux memory management abstractThis chapter first examines the process memory management of Linux from the perspective of application developers. On this basis, it gradually goes deep into the kernel to discuss the system physical memory management and […]

  • Memory management of operating system


    Operating system memory management 1、 Memory management strategy 1. Background Basic hardware (base address and boundary address) Address binding (compile time, load time, run time) Logical address space and physical address space Dynamic loading Dynamic link and shared library (compared with static library) 2. Exchange (between memory and disk) Maintain a runnable process ready queue […]

  • Inverted page table


    The page table is used when starting the paging mechanism. The page table stores the mapping relationship between the virtual page number and the physical page box. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the page table entries and the virtual memory pages. When the virtual memory address space is too large, the page table entries […]

  • that ‘s great! The 20 pictures reveal the fog of memory management, and suddenly open up


    English every day, make a little progress every day preface Many readers have given me feedback before, can you write a graphical operating system? Since so many readers want to see it, I’ve been crazy reviewing the knowledge of the operating system recently. Operating system is really a more difficult course, at least I think […]