• 001. Operate string correctly


    Avoid unnecessary packing Custom structure struct MyStruct { } FCL, string’s own splicing string method public static String Concat(params object[] args); Example string str1 = “str1” + 9 + false + new MyStruct() + new object(); Equivalent to string str1 = string.Concat(“str1”, 9, false, new MyStruct(), new object()); Above, three cases of packing and one […]

  • Technology sharing ppt sorting (II): c# common types and data structures


    This blog originated from my curiosity about the differences between dictionary, list and ArrayList. At that time, I found that ArrayList was used in many places in the transformation of the company’s old system, but we usually use generic collection list < T >, and all of them should be replaced with generic collection during […]

  • 3. Java data type


    Series articles: 1. Basic structure of Java program 2. Idea, maven, basic use of debugger 3. Java data type 1: How is data stored in a computer Binary, octal, hexadecimal Binary is a number system widely used in computing technology. The so-called binary means by0,1A number represented by two numbers. The carry rule is: “every […]

  • Effective c# (1) – programming habits


    1. Local variables of implicit type are preferred It is recommended to give priority to the use of implicitly typed local variables, that is, to declare them with VaR, because it can make people pay attention to the most important part, that is, the semantics of variables, without being distracted from their types Sometimes implicit […]

  • Improve c # code method – (1) operation string


    Operate strings correctly introduction:String is a data type that is used frequently.If it is used carelessly, it will pay for the extra performance cost of a string operation.This paper discusses how to operate strings correctly from the following aspects: 1. Make sure to pack as little as possible and avoid writing unnecessary packing codes as […]

  • Chinese English comparison of rust language terms


    A series of articles: awesome rust Mongodb officially released mongodb rust driver Rust organization on GitHub Learn rust through examples Rust implementation of common algorithms Lightweight Windows GUI tool library based on Rust Chinese English comparison of rust language terms Official weekly diary of rust Small and fast rust asynchronous runtime SMOL Microsoft open source […]

  • Javascript: Types


    Types of JavaScript Six prototype data types JS has six prototype data types(null,undefined,boolean,number,string,Symbol) Null – null Null has only one value, which means a null object pointer. It is generally used to initialize variables (that is, define a variable first, and then use it to save objects). In the running environment of JavaScript, null value […]

  • Technology sharing ppt collation (2): C # common types and data structures


    This blog originated from my curiosity about the differences among dictionary, list and ArrayList. At that time, when I was reforming the company’s old system, I found that ArrayList was used in many places, but we usually used the generic set list < T >. When I was reforming, I had to replace all of […]

  • array


    concept Array is a data structure that stores the same data type in a fixed size and allows multiple data items to be treated as a collection. Declaration of arrays //dataType[] arrayName int[] intArray; //Initialization intArray = new int[3]; The first line of code declares an array of type int, which is not allocated, so […]

  • Nullable value type


    Nullable value type Variables of reference type can be null, while variables of value type are not allowed to be assigned null, and nullable value types are value types that can be assigned null. Declaration and initialization of nullable value types int? x = null; int? y = 1; Conversion between types Int to int? […]

  • How much do you know about generics after all these years of using them?


    Modern programmers write code, no one dares to say that they have never used generics. This generic template t can be replaced by any type you want. It’s really magic and magical. Many people are used to it. But it’s so interesting how the bottom layer of generic t helps you realize it. I’ll try […]

  • C ා generics


        In C ා development, it is necessary to use generics. Generics are available in. Net 2.0, which is widely used in the use of containers in C ා framework. Let’s talk about it in detail.   1、 The main advantages of generics 1. Higher performance. 2. The type is safer. 3. The code is more reusable […]