• Packaging and offline installation of C # nuget


    1. Introduction This article will introduce how to use nuget for packaging and offline installation to make our own project specific package. Nuget download address: https://www.nuget.org/downloads   2. Nuget package explain: let’s assume that we want to package the files in the bin directory into a package. 2.1 document structure ├── akmsg.nuspec ├── bin/ │ […]

  • Write desktop application with electron


    Speaking of desktop applications, we must have used the sea. What storm video, QQ, Skype and so on, is not new! But do you know how to write a desktop application? Historically, what are the ways we have to write desktop applications? In fact, the history of desktop applications is not very long. If I […]

  • ABP (. Net core 3.1 version) using MySQL database migration startup template project (1)


    Recently, I want to build a new project, because I haven’t used. Net core, so I want to build a new project in the environment of. Net core. Because I am not familiar with the architecture of. Net core, I downloaded the ABP project to learn about it.But I was too busy. I downloaded the […]

  • Yum command


    NAME yum – Yellowdog Updater Modified SYNOPSIS yum [options] [command] [package …] Option Option significance -h display help information -y The prompt options in the installation process all reply yes -q Install in silent mode without displaying the installation process Command Command Group significance yum install package yum groupinsall group Install the specified package yum […]

  • How does eclipse create a package project?


    There are many uses of eclipse, but the basic usage, how to create a package with eclipse, this post will teach you 1. First of all, you need to have an eclipse client on your computer 2. Click open,Choose oneProject, left click 3. After left click, select“new” 4. Choice“new”After that, choose“Package”   5. A box […]

  • Introduction to RPM package management


    API:application program interface ABI:application binary interface ABI file of Linux system is elf format ABI files of windows system are in the format of exe and MSI System level development language: C / C++ Works: httpd, vsftpd, nginx Application level development: Java / Python / PHP Java works: Hadoop, HBase Python work: openstack It’s very […]

  • Build netcoreapi framework (1. Use of swagger plug-in)


      1. Create a new project with vs2017   2. Start to introduce the swagger plug-in Right click Project = > manage nuget packages = > Search Swashbuckle.AspNetCore Click Install 3. Open Startup.cs Class, edit the configureservices class Edit configure 4. Set the swagger UI page as the startup page launchSettings.json Change the value of […]

  • Analysis of package and import mechanism of Java


    This article mainly introduces the principle analysis of java package and import mechanism. The example code is introduced in detail in this article, which has a certain reference value for your study or work. You can refer to the following for your friends Before we talk about the package and import mechanism, let’s first understand […]

  • C ා implementation – browser UA parsing to obtain mobile phone, system, browser and other information


    Click to enter GitHub project Nuget package name: toolbox.useragentparse Use the tutorial: 1.     Open project → select dependency (Reference) → right click to manage nuget package 2.     Search the package toolbox.useragentparse → find the package in the figure → click the installation on the right to install successfully 3. Call Var […]

  • ABP development framework front and back end development series — experience summary of the latest version of (16) ABP framework upgrade


    There has been no continuous upgrade of the ABP framework for a short time. Recently, the ABP framework has been comprehensively updated in response to the needs of customers. As the ABP framework we applied, the official content will still be used in the basic part. Therefore, when upgrading, we need to comprehensively update the […]

  • This program is blocked by weblog group policy. For more information, contact your system administrator. “Wrong.


    Today, after publishing a test website to Alibaba cloud virtual machine, visit the website post“Group policy blocked this program. For more information, contact your system administrator.“Mistake. As follows: But this error is not available when debugging locally. After investigation, the original culprit wasMicrosoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform This package. terms of settlement: Open nuget package management tool. To be installedDotNetCompilerPlatform Unload. […]

  • . netcore3.0 short URL project


    Wei.TinyUrl Short URL project based on. Netcore3.0 + MySQL Project address: https://github.com/a34546/wei.tinyurl Demonstration effect:     Quick start 1. Modify the connection string Change ConnectionStrings in appsettings.Development.json to your own MySQL connection 2. Update database Open package manager console Select the wei.tinyurl.data project and execute the update database command 3. Start project Set wei.tinyurl.api as […]