• Explain the automatic sign of IOS to package on the device


    Xcode8 provides an automatically sign function, which provides a lot of convenience for developers. It’s very convenient to package the app to the real machine for testing. It doesn’t need to manually register, manually generate the certificate, generate the provision, and hand over the development 99To operate these. With this function, you don’t need it. […]

  • Shell script learning call script package file zip method example


    Preface This article mainly introduces the relevant information about calling scripts to package files into zip, which is shared for your reference and learning. Let’s take a look at the detailed introduction: Recently, I just touched shell script and wrote a little simple practice. Here is a python call script to perform the packaging operation. […]

  • Remember a web pack


    Remember a web pack Preface A company’s public number to do a H5 activity. Two simple pages, after writing, I want to do compression, or put it directly on the back, think about it later, or to do the compression, just to re learn webpack, previously used webpack is written by people’s hands, used directly, […]

  • Summary of the pits packed and stepped on by electron


    When Vue electronic executes NPM run build, it will time out due to downloading the files needed for remote packaging during build, and then install the corresponding files manually step by step according to the error.Although I refer to many related methods on the Internet, I failed in the end, and finally succeeded after many […]

  • Define the packaging path of CSS, JS and pictures in vue-cli 3.0


    Preface Sometimes, because of some special requirements, we may need to package JS / CSS / img and other resource files under the root path, but only in the path configuration of vue-cli 3.0 assetsDirThe configuration item can configure the folders where all the static files are located, and it can’t be set separately for […]

  • VBS MDB package and unpack code package


    Pack.vbs is used to pack folders. The root directory is the directory where the files are located Copy codeThe code is as follows: Dim n, ws, fsoX, thePath Set ws = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) Set fsoX = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) thePath = ws.Exec(“cmd /c cd”).StdOut.ReadAll() & “\” i = InStr(thePath, Chr(13)) thePath = Left(thePath, i – 1) n = […]

  • Problems encountered in Xcode development


    1. After the package is successfully packed, it will be published to dandelion, and it will display “not signed, only jailbreak cell phone can be installed”. This problem occurs because the signature was not obtained during packaging. Here are the general steps to configure signatures. When packing, you need to click the top left corner […]

  • Electronic builder automatically changes application name and default installation location


    Electronic builder automatically changes application name and default installation location Let’s talk about what we’ve done, that is, we’ve passed thecross-envSet several different environment variables, and then executeelectron-builderPreviously, the packaging related configuration file was regenerated based on the template string. The purpose is to automatically generate the corresponding shortcut name and default installation location when […]

  • Play with weback (1): the basic architecture and construction process of weback


    Welcome to Tencent cloud community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ The author introduces: Chen Boxin, Tencent front-end development, currently mainly responsible for the business development of hand Q game center, as well as the technical upgrading and architecture optimization related to the project. Preface Webpack is a powerful module packaging tool, one […]

  • Play around weback (1) Part 2: the basic architecture and construction process of weback


    Welcome to Tencent cloud community to get more Tencent technology practice dry goods~ Author: QQ member technical team Take a look at weback (1): the basic architecture and construction process of weback File generation phase The main content of this stage is to generate the final file according to chunks. There are three main steps: […]

  • Analysis of Linux package compression and decompression command Daquan (Collection)


    The following is a collection of Linux pack compression and decompression commands collected and organized by Xiaobian daily. The specific contents are as follows: Tar command Unpacking: tar zxvf filename.tar Packing: tar czvf filename.tar dirname GZ command Unzip 1: gunzip filename.gz Unzip 2: gzip – D filename.gz Compression: gzip filename . tar.gz and. Tgz Unzip: […]

  • Packaging Python as exe executable – Pyinstaller tool


    Python is a scripting language. It’s certainly convenient if you execute it on a development machine, but if you write a script for someone else and want to run it on another machine, you may encounter some difficulties. In order to make the script run smoothly on other machines, you first need to install Python […]