• MySQL joint table quick query


    Suppose there are the following two tables: A: id age 1 11 2 12 3 13 4 14 B: id name 2 aaa 3 bbb 4 ccc 5 ddd Inner join There is only one application scenario, inner join or join, which is equivalent to inner join select a.*,b.* from a inner join(join) b on a.id […]

  • Flex web page layout a CSS flexible box syntax tutorial


    Web page layout is a key application of CSS. The traditional solution of layout is based on the box model and depends on the display attribute + position attribute + float attribute. It is very inconvenient for those special layouts. For example, vertical centering is not easy to achieve. In 2009, W3C proposed a new […]

  • NDK cross compilation foundation of audio and video learning


    I have collected some learning materials, including a lot of learning, interview, middle and high-level fluuter materials, and a lot of video explanations. If any students want to know more, please see the end of the article for details. We also welcome all the great gods to install X. Cross compilation Cross compilation is that […]

  • Target detection in the loss of focus of the introductory guide!


    By guest blogCompile FlinSource: analyticsvidhya introduce Object detection is one of the most widely studied topics in the computer vision community. It has entered various industries, involving use cases from image security, surveillance, automatic vehicle systems to machine inspection. At present, object detection based on deep learning can be roughly divided into two categories Two […]

  • How to cross compile golang on different platforms


    Golang supports cross compilation. It can generate executable programs on one platform and on another platform. Recently, it has been used, which is very easy to use. Here is a note. Parameter description Goos: operating system of target platform (Darwin, FreeBSD, Linux, windows) Goarch: architecture of target platform (386, AMD64, arm) CGO_ENABLED : Cross compilation […]

  • Cross entropy loss function NN. Cross entropy loss ()


    nn.CrossEntropyLoss() 1. Introduction When using pytorch deep learning framework to do multi classification, the cross entropy loss function NN. Crossentropyloss () 2. Information quantity and entropy Amount of information:It is used to measure the uncertainty of an event; The greater the probability of an event, the smaller the uncertainty, the smaller the amount of information […]

  • How to use flex layout


    FLex Flex layout learning What is flex layout Flex is the abbreviation of flexible box, which means “flexible layout”, and is used to provide the maximum flexibility for the box model. Any container can be specified as a flex layout..box { display: flex;} Inline elements can also use flex layout..box { display: inline-flex;} The browser […]

  • Forecasting the rental price of airbnb in New York City with tensorflow


    Author: timothy102Compile VKSource: analytics vidhya introduce Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent out their properties or spare rooms to their guests. 12% and 6% commission will be charged for every 3 guests. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has helped 21000 guests find accommodation every year and 6 million people […]

  • Polynomial regression and spline regression analysis of R language ISLR wage data


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=8531 Perform polynomial regression usingageforecastwage. Cross validation is used to select the best degree of polynomial. What degree of choice does this have to do with usingANOVAWhat is the result of hypothesis test? The polynomial fitting data are plotted. Load the wage data set. An array that retains all cross validation […]

  • Using non convex penalty function regression (SCAD, MCP) to analyze prostate data in R language


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=20828  In this paper, Lasso or nonconvex penalty is used to fit the regularization of linear regression, GLM and Cox regression models_ Minimum_ Most_ Fovea magna_ Degree_ Punishment_ Function_ (MCP)_ And smooth slice absolute deviation penalty (SCAD), as well as other L2 penalty options (“elastic network”). Utilities for performing cross validation […]

  • [cmake series] (3) practice of external project


    Last time, we talked about the third-party dependency management and mentioned that our team is using itExternalProjectTo manage dependencies, let’s talk about the specific practice this time, and an open source dependency management tool vcpkg based on cmake. Practice of external project Let’s see what it looks like ExternalProject_Add(<name> [<option>…]) ExternalProject_Add_Step(<name> <step> [<option>…]) ExternalProject_Get_Property ExternalProject_Add_StepTargets(<name> […]

  • A simple cross Report_ Column to row


    –Column to row small instance –Create test table if object_id(N’test’, N’U’) is not null drop table test go with UnPivotTable as ( select 1 as UserNO, ’33’ as A, ’44’ AS B, ’55’ as C union all select 2 as UserNO, ’23’ as A, ’34’ AS B, ’56’ as C ) select * into test […]