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  • Classic course 4: fault tolerance in Flink


    Introduction:This paper is shared by Apache Flink PMC and Li Yu, a senior technical expert of Alibaba. It mainly introduces Flink’s fault-tolerant mechanism from four aspects: stateful flow computing, global consistent snapshot, Flink’s fault-tolerant mechanism and Flink’s state management. By Li Yu Sharer: This article is shared by Apache Flink PMC and Alibaba senior technology […]

  • Install Maven and configure Maven in idea


    step 1. Download Apache maven 1.1 official website Old version download location Click this link →http://maven.apache.org/download.cgi, and then click the blue hyperlink “Maven releases history” in the figure below  Or visit this link directly:http://maven.apache.org/docs/history.html 1.2 Baidu cloud See this article →Configuring Apache Maven 3.6.1     2. Unzip the Maven downloaded just now to a path Try […]

  • Thread synchronization with C + +


    Header file import #include <mutex> #include <condition_variable> Variable definition bool m_syncFlag; std::mutex m_mtx; std::condition_variable m_flagCond; Sample code subTread code subThread() { std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lk(m_mtx); m_syncFlag = true; m_flagCond.notify_one(); … } main thread code main() { /*initial value is false*/ m_syncFlag = false; std::unique_lock<std::mutex> lk(m_mtx); /*The current thread is blocked. When the global flag bit becomes true, […]

  • Nginx log interception and warehousing


    Foreword: how to realize a front-end monitoring system, then the configuration of nginx server is essential, so how to configure nginx, get the error information of the current request, and then clean the log and filter the standard storage? Next, I will lead you step by step to realize the guidance. The process of monitoring […]

  • Diary of NPM contract


    1、 NPM publish error Note: the global scaffold version is different from the local scaffold version Run the CMD command NPM install NPM – G remember Global Update Note: the registered NPM account is bound to a mailbox that has not been verified Login mailbox verification and publish again 2、 Build target error report Error: […]

  • How to use react context & hooks to do global state management?


    In projects with slightly more complex business or UI interaction, state management is indispensable. Whether it is the data requested from the background API or the UI state of the page, we need a “store” to help us do state management. Usually in the project, we will introduce Redux to take charge of such responsibilities. […]

  • Research on Portfolio Optimization Based on particle swarm optimization


    Link to the original text:http://tecdat.cn/?p=6811 My research topic this year is to use particle swarm optimization (PSO) for currency trading portfolio optimization. In this article, I will introduce portfolio optimization and explain its importance. Secondly, I will demonstrate how particle swarm optimization can be applied to portfolio optimization. Third, I will explain the arbitrage portfolio […]

  • Regular use of JavaScript


    replace() Parameter description @param match The matched substring. (Corresponds to $&.) @param p1 @param p2 @param p3 The nth parenthesized submatch string, provided the first argument to replace was a RegExp object. (Corresponds to $1, $2, etc. above.) For example, if /(\a+)(\b+)/, was given, p1 is the match for \a+, and p2 for \b+. @param […]

  • How to enhance the interceptor of grpc


    Grpc interceptor as AOP programming tool, I believe you must have experienced when using grpc. Here, we mainly talk about the shortcomings of normal use It can only be used for global, and can’t flexibly intercept each or a class of methods. If you only do some business independent operations (record the request log and […]

  • Problems encountered in updating Vue cli


    I haven’t written a Vue project for a long time. Today, I suddenly wanted to write a Vue project, so I started to build it according to the normal process. I entered Vue init webpack myproject, and after the return, a prompt appeared, saying that my Vue cli is not the latest version. I don’t […]

  • Elegant use of vuex “typescript version” in vue3


    preface As we all know, the use of vuex in projects is rather cumbersome, because it has several concepts that make it unable to be used directly like ordinary ref or data objects. When we want to change the data in vuex, we need tomutationTo submit and obtain the variables stored in vuex, we need […]

  • Node memory limitation and solution


    What is node memory and why memory limitation is needed Limit 0.7gb on 32-bit systems 64 bit system limit 1.4GB Problems caused by:Node cannot directly manipulate large file objects. For example, I want to read a 4G file for processing. Even if the physical memory is 32GB, it cannot be fully used in a single […]