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  • Orzclick: write a Clickhouse client for National Day


    cause I think Clickhouse has a C + + client (Clickhouse CPP), and I used PHP CPP to write extensions, so I wrote it on the national dayOrzClick, a Clickhouse client for PHP. What’s more embarrassing is that I found seasclick in the middle of writing. It is also a binding of Clickhouse CPP, and […]

  • [JavaScript] scope, scope chain and closure


    1. Scope A scope is a collection of accessible variables and functions. Scope can be divided into global scope and local scope. 1.1 global scope Global scope refers to the set of variables and functions defined outside the outermost function. In other words, variables and functions defined outside these outermost functions can be accessed anywhere. […]

  • Use explain to optimize your MySQL performance


    Explain features The results returned by explain are table granularity, and each table outputs one row. Here, it represents a table in a broad sense, which can be a sub query or a result after union. Not all explain queries do not execute. If the from clause contains subqueries, MySQL will actually execute subqueries to […]

  • Bytebuffermessageset of Kafka message store


    abstract Messageset is a very important hierarchical concept for Kafka to operate message at the bottom. From the name, it can be seen that it is a collection of messages, but the processing logic in the code mainly considers the processing of nested messages. The main function of messageset is to provide sequential read and […]

  • About using offsettop in DOM to obtain the position of the current element from the browser window


    Offsettop is the distance from the outer border of the child element to the inner border of the parent elementDirectly relative to the body value, you need to look up layer by layerWhat is helpful to you in the following code is the code in while, and the outer layer is some records for yourself […]

  • Emacs LISP (5) – List


    1、 Reference Emacs series article directory – updating An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp IIlist 2.1 liststructure ‘(rose violet daisy buttercup) (1) Single quotation marks indicate the beginning of a list (2) Elements in the list are directly separated by spaces (3) The elements in the list are contained in()in 2.2 list with number […]

  • Differences between exists and in in SQL statements


    select * from A where id in(select id from B) Conclusion: in () is suitable for the situation that the data in table B is smaller than that in table a select a.* from A a where exists(select 1 from B b where a.id=b.id) Exists is used to check whether a subquery will return at […]

  • Diagram and code implementation of rank insert sort in rust algorithm


    Rust code is slightly different from other languages in the process of writing because of its compilerNo unsafe writing is allowedTherefore, the longest time spent in the process of code writing is to find the cause of compilation error. It’s also good – after the code is written,stabilityA lot of money! The following is the […]

  • Applets disable Apple phone pull up and down rebound animation


    Problem Description: in the small program, there is no interface to directly close the pull up rebound animation of IOS. How to solve this problem? Problem solving: using absolute fixed positioning (absolute positioning is OK, but fixed is recommended for the outermost layer of the layout) can solve this problem. The layout with positioning can’t […]

  • Example and priority of spool coroutine


    Example 1: Co::set([‘hook_flags’=> SWOOLE_HOOK_ALL]); Co\run(function () { go(function() { var_dump(file_get_contents(“http://www.baidu.com/”)); }); go(function() { Co\System::sleep(1); echo “done\n”; }); }); echo 1; // Can be executed Example 2: Co\run(function () { $server = new Co\Http\Server(“”, 9502, false); $server->handle(‘/’, function ($request, $response) { $response->end(“Index”); }); $server->start(); }); echo 1; // Can’t execute Example 3: Co::set([‘hook_flags’=> SWOOLE_HOOK_ALL]); go(function() { […]

  • Analysis of using temporary table image with the same name in nested stored procedure of SQL Server


         Can there be local temporary tables with the same name in nested stored procedures, outer stored procedures and inner stored procedures of SQL Server? If so, are there any problems or restrictions? In a nested stored procedure, do you call the outer stored procedure’s temporary table or the self-defined temporary table? Is the […]

  • JS array bubble sort


    Bubble sort: Roulette, pairwise comparison, small front characteristic: 1. Number of rounds: length – 1 times in total 2. Number of comparisons in each round: as the number of rounds increases, the number of comparisons decreases code: Double loop represents the whole sorting process 1. Outer loop: control the number of rounds of comparison, from […]