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  • 06. About solving the problem of iframe tag nesting


    Problem description When we use easyUI as the background management system, we will use the tree component to realize the tree menu, and every time we click the corresponding menu, we will judge whether it is a first-class menu and whether it already exists according to whether there is a URL //Judge whether the node […]

  • Learning notes of react advanced guidance


    Accessibility For the barrier free part, there is no in-depth research and analysis. Personal cognition is all the function buttons, and the operation needs to fit all users as much as possible. For some users who have some deficiencies, they can also have enough friendly browsing experience. For example, all mouse operations can have keyboard […]

  • Golang deals with JSON structures


    First, let’s take a look at the JSON string { “resp”: { “respCode”: “000000”, “Respmsg”: success, “app”: { “appId”: “xxxxxx” } } } Go has built-in JSON string parsing package “encoding / JSON” Next, we need to define the structure. According to the analysis of the JSON library, eachCurly bracketsIt’s a structure The disassembled structure […]

  • Flying from scratch: Provider


    Previous review Flying from scratch: stateless widget Flying from scratch: stateful widget Flying from scratch: inherited widget In the last article, we introduced the inherited widget and raised a problem at the end. Although inheritedwidwidget can provide shared data and release the call of didchangedependencies by getelementforinheritedwidgetexacttype, the rebuilding of countwidget is not avoided and […]

  • Failed to configure a datasource for springboot startup


    Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the conditions report re-run your application with ‘debug’ enabled.10:30:02.744 logback [main] ERROR o.s.b.d.LoggingFailureAnalysisReporter – APPLICATION FAILED TO START Description:Failed to configure a DataSource: ‘url’ attribute is not specified and no embedded datasource could be configured.Reason: Failed to determine a suitable driver class Action:Consider the following: If you want an embedded […]

  • [Oracle] – subquery: the difference between associated subquery and non associated subquery


    Associated subquery and non associated subquery 1. Associated subquery explain For each row of data in the outer query, the internal query will be queried again. <br/> characteristic 1. Subqueries cannot be run alone and are related to external queries 2. The outer query is executed first, and then the inner query <br/> Examples In […]

  • Some questions about try catch


    abouttry – catch Use on requestPromiseReturn, some small questions about error handling of returned results operation flow Interface request Business API layer processing Business logic page layer processing simulationgetRequest method function get(url?: string) { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { console.log(“request url: ” + url); setTimeout(() => { reject({ code: 400, msg: “fail” }); }, […]

  • The layui form module does not display properly


    Question: When we use the form module of layui again, we will assign the form we need to our page, but it will not display normally, as follows:     Causes: The official document of layui also states clearly: “when you use a form, layui hides the original elements such as select, check box, radio, […]

  • List deletion and multiple loop exit in Python


    When learning python, there are some obstacles that are not suitable. Here are some examples of list deletion and multiple loop exit Delete the pit in the list For example, we have a list with many identical values. If nums = [1,6,6,3,6,2,10,2100], I want to remove 6 and write as follows: nums=[1,6,6,3,6,2,10,2,100] for n in […]

  • Basic Vue connects websocket and does heartbeat detection


    These parameters are required in data data() { return { Websock: null, // connection established Lockconnect: false, // is the connection really established Timeout: 28 * 1000, // 30 seconds Timeoutobj: null, // outer heartbeat countdown Servertimeoutobj: null, // inner heartbeat detection Timeoutnum: null // countdown of disconnection and reconnection }; }, In methods: initWebSocket() […]

  • Springboot JWT token cross domain preflight response is not successful


    1、 Implementation of token verification in springboot Springboot implements token verification through filter or handlerinterceptor. Both methods can be used. Filter is in the outermost layer, and the request will pass through filter first, and the request will pass through intercept only when the filter allows the request. Let’s take the implementation of handlerinterceptor as […]

  • Oracle (PLSQL) introduction 7


    Learning video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1tJ411r7EC?p=74 Design database steps: Good database design: save space, complete data, easy to develop. Steps: 1. Collect information 2. Identify entity 3. Identify entity attribute 4. Identify relationship between entities 5. Draw E-R diagram and write SQL Concept understanding: Mapping cardinality has one to one, one to many, many to one, many to […]