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  • Java bytecode


    Simple addition bytecode Program code public class Test { public static void main(String[] args) { int a = 10; int b = 20; int c = a + b; System.out.println(c); } } Compile test java javac -g:vars Test.java use-g:varsLocal variable table information is generated takeTest.classConvert to bytecode output to console javap -v -l Test.class Or […]

  • Data structure: binary search tree


    Why study tree structure Why study tree structure? First of all, because the tree is one of the very important data structures in computer programs, and the tree structure itself is a natural organizational structure. In many cases, after storing data in a tree structure, you will find it surprisingly efficient. Even some problems can […]

  • How many ways does the applet jump to the page? Any difference?


    How many ways does the applet jump to the page? In the applet, each page can be regarded as a pagemodel, which is managed in the form of stack (up to five layers) Before we talk about jump mode, let’s review the difference between stack and heap Different management methods Stack is the system compiler […]