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  • 2021 annual summary of front end of Tianjin small plant


    preface As of April, I have been working in this company for a whole year. Many times I want to write an article to make a summary and record the growth of this year.   work Necessary technical breadth Broad enough knowledge can help enterprises make correct decisions to improve efficiency and reduce cost. I […]

  • Agile development management — Based on teambiton platform


    Agile development management catalogue Agile development management 1. Background 2. Origin of agile development management 2.1 saving documents 2.2 agile initiative 3. Agile principle 4. Similarities and differences between waterfall development and agile development 5. Agile approach 5.1 DevOps 5.1.1 CI / di workflow of background webapi 5.1.2 work flow line of front-end CI / […]

  • Speech record | Tang Liu: rust in tikv


    This article is compiled from the live sharing of our chief architect Tang Liu at the rust special meetup on April 16. enjoy ? Hello everyone, today I will talk about how we use Rust in TiKV. Before we begin, let me introduce myself. My name is TangLiu, the Chief Architect of PingCAP. Before I […]

  • Vue component debugging tool developed by our small partners is open source!


    VCI (Vue component inspector), a Vue component debugging tool developed by our small partners, is now open source. Welcome to star! Tool features: components can be located directly through the interface, data can be modified, and prop event execution code can be traced. See github.com/zglz/vue-component-insp… This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the […]

  • Cluster stability architecture based on k8s


    preface Our company‘s cluster is always on the verge of collapse. Through the past three months, we found that the reasons for the instability of our cluster are as follows: 1. Unstable release process 2. Lack of monitoring platform [the most important reason] 3. The logging system is missing 4. Extremely lack of operation documents […]

  • [open source] hemo wexbox2 officially released


    WeexBox2 A simple and efficient solution for app hybrid development Write at the beginning Weexbox official QQ group number: 943913583 It’s been more than half a year since the release of weexbox1. We’ve been trying to add exciting features in the past half a year. Now it’s time to introduce weexbox2. Features of weexbox2 On […]

  • Angularjs project construction


    preface When I first entered our company, I didn’t know anything about it. My impression of angularjs was that it was based on his instructions, and his instructions could be used as labels, which greatly reduced the amount of code. [I had a brief contact with Daniel during my internship and read this code].Our angularjs […]