• Why do you need to avoid using ORM (including the Node.js example)


    In this article, we will discuss why you shouldn’t use it in your project.ORM(Object Relational Mapping).Although the concepts discussed in this article apply to all languages and platforms, the code samples useJavascriptPreparedNodejsTo illustrate, and fromNPMGet packages in the library. First of all, I do not intend to diss any of the modules mentioned in this […]

  • Analysis of SQL statement implementation method for acquiring Django framework ORM query execution


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate how to get the SQL statement executed by the Django framework ORM query. Share for your reference, as follows: Using Django orM can easily write many queries, but sometimes we need to check whether these ORM-generated SQL statements are correct or not, and we need to […]

  • Django framework uses ORM to update data in batches


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate how the Django framework uses ORM to update data in batches. Share for your reference, as follows: I haven’t used Django to change my blog for a long time, and suddenly I feel strange. No way, that’s the only reason why you play python, Django and […]

  • The Tool of ORM Development Environment: MVC Middleware FreeSql. AdminLTE


    Preface FreeSql has basically completed. NET Core’s most convenient ORM mission. We are preparing for the establishment of ecology, such as how to use FreeSql in ABP, which requires a variety of extension packages, a lot of work. Are there any gods willing to participate in doing this for free? There should be no one!! […]

  • Gorose 2.0, a new version of go language orm, is released in a low profile


    Laravel’s eloquent, known as go language version, has released version 2.0, which has long been lost. The new version has been greatly improved and upgraded. Let’s take a look at the features of the new version. Structural adjustment The gorose 2.0 version has been thoroughly refactored and has a completely new architecture. The architecture is […]

  • JavaScript MVC Learning Notes (6) ORM Model


    MVC and namespaces To make the architecture more orderly and robust, it is necessary to ensure that the views, States and data in the application are clearly separated from each other. The model should be decoupled from the view and controller. Logics related to data operations and behavior should be put into the model through […]

  • ORM of JavaScript MVC Learning Notes (7) Model


    Persistent Records You need a way to keep records persistent, by saving references to newly created instances at all timesIt can be accessed. It is implemented by using records object in Model. When saving an instance,Add it to the object; when deleting an instance, delete it from the object: // Objects used to save resources […]

  • How to use ORM to simply implement interface distributed lock


    In the development of some sensitive interfaces, such as the user balance discovery interface, we need to consider whether the interface will occur in the case of concurrency. If the user sends multiple withdrawal requests to the server at the same time, can the code be carried? Once the lock is not made, it will […]

  • FreeSql’s new eight big sauce features,.NET Core, ORM you have to know


    Preface FreeSql’s current version number is 0.5.5, which is expected to be released on New Year’s Day next year. Never underestimate the version number. At present, the unit testing method is 1350+, and the coverage of each method is relatively wide (see figure below, if you don’t believe it). Every version release has done a […]

  • Building your own PHP framework step by step with Composer (4) – Using ORM


    The original article was published on my personal website: using Composer to build your own PHP framework step by step (4) – using ORM See https://github.com/johnlui/My-First-Framework-based-on-Composer for sample code for this tutorial review After the first three articlesBasic preparation、Building routingandDesign MVCWe’ve got a PHP micro-framework with a relatively complete MVC architecture, but there’s still one […]

  • Mini ORM-PetaPoco Notes


    Record some of the main points of petapoco‘s official blog. These blogs record how PetaPoco has improved step by step. The first version. PetaPoco-Improvements http://www.toptensoftware.com/Articles/69/PetaPoco-Improvements If the query does not start with “select”, petapoco automatically adds: // Get a record var a=db.SingleOrDefault<article>(“SELECT * FROM articles WHERE [email protected]”, 123); // can be shortened to this: Get […]

  • Why did I choose Adonis Js


    Original address: https://adonis-China.org/posts/2 Preface Laravel has also been used for some time, various code generation tools, various Eloquent related operations, a variety of micro-mail, payment plug-ins, and with the Larvel-admin extension to write background is simply cool to fly. But I always feel that PHP + Javascript is not elegant enough, so I recently tossed […]