• Laravel data migration and implementation of eloquent ORM


    Introducer Database is the most common and important part of back-end development. Laravel provides a very practical eloquent ORM model class, which is simple and intuitive to interact with the database. At the same time, data migration management database can be used for sharing and editing with the team. For more information on both, please […]

  • Laravel5.7 eloquent ORM quick start walkthrough


    brief introduction Laravel’s built-in eloquent ORM provides a beautiful and simple activerecord implementation for dealing with the database. Each data table corresponds to a model that interacts with the table. Through the model class, you can query, insert, update, delete and other operations on the data table. Before you start, make sure that the database […]

  • New version 2.0 of gorose of orm in go language


    Laravel’s eloquent, known as go language version, has released version 2.0 which has been long lost. The new version has made great improvements and upgrades. Let’s take a look at the features of the new version Structural adjustment Gorose version 2.0 has been completely restructured with a new architecture, as shown in the figure below: […]

  • Comparison of several data persistence frameworks hibernate, JPA, mybatis, jooq and JDBC template


    Because the project needs to choose the data persistence framework, I took a look at several popular and unpopular frameworks. For complex business systems, the final conclusion is that jooq is the best in general, but it is not completely free. Finally, I chose JDBC template. Hibernate and mybatis are the two most commonly used […]

  • Net core how to operate MySQL database with ORM


    Preface It is well known that MySQL database is small in size, fast in speed and low in total cost of ownership, especially in open source. In order to reduce the total cost of ownership of websites, many small and medium-sized websites choose MySQL as their website database. MySQL is a multi-user, multi-threaded relational database […]

  • . net ORM performance test analysis


    brief introduction The purpose of the project is to test the time-consuming situation of the main ORM for querying the SQLSERVER database and converting the data into the required poco objects (well, actually incomplete ORM, more like sqlmapper…) Test results: . netframework 4.6 has preheating . netframework 4.6 does not warm up . NETCORE 2.0 […]

  • Add, delete, modify and query of users who can quickly start golang web programming in half an hour


    1、 Course objectives The goal of this course is to let the novice know the addition, deletion, modification and query process of golang in the shortest time, so as to make the entry-level web development easier This example is to quickly realize the addition, deletion, modification and query of a user, adopting the front and […]

  • Py = > peewee of Python ORM: model field index constraint transaction (1)


    Preface Go to GitHub to search “Python ORM”. The highest star is not Sqlalchemy, but peeweeLater I learned that peewee is easier to use than Sqlalchemy. It’s worth learning!!My overall feeling (peewee is like a separate version of Django ORM, but smaller, simpler and document friendly than Django ORM and Sqlalchemy) A more important feeling […]

  • Py = > peewee of Python ORM: crud full parsing (2)


    statement Although it has been explained in the previous article, it should be emphasized that peewee is Python ORM (only mysql, SQLite, PostgreSQL are supported)Although ORM can be seamlessly connected with a variety of databases and has good compatibility, some subtle syntax is not shared by databases.I use mysql, so the following are all based […]

  • I just don’t like JPA


    You can see the question “whether to use mybatis or spring data JPA for spring boot development?”, which is easy to answer and heated discussion. I really don’t understand why spring data JPA chose hibernate as its implementation. Is it the nepotism of “Gavin king”?From JDBC to hibernate, from TopLink to JDO, to now mybatis […]

  • Gorose version 2.0 of golang ORM officially released


    About gorose 2.0 Gorose, the most popular golang ORM, and the PHP version of laravel eloquentAfter several months of refactoring and polishing, plus nearly a month of preview testing and improvement, the official version of gorose 2.0 finally met usMajor changes and upgrades have been made in the new version, which completely reconstructs the infrastructure […]

  • Why do you need to avoid using ORM (including the Node.js example)


    In this article, we will discuss why you shouldn’t use it in your project.ORM(Object Relational Mapping).Although the concepts discussed in this article apply to all languages and platforms, the code samples useJavascriptPreparedNodejsTo illustrate, and fromNPMGet packages in the library. First of all, I do not intend to diss any of the modules mentioned in this […]