• Enrich the parsing scenarios of Eloquent ORM’s where query conditions


    personal feelingEloquent ORMofwhereThe conditional parsing scenarios are not so rich, and the assembly of many conditions requires the introduction of additionalorWhere, whereNotIn, whereBetween, whereNotBetweento help complete. This is not very friendly when doing some abstract bottom-level query methods, and the query conditions passed by the upper layer are uncertain. If you can flexibly parse various […]

  • [Cross database, microservice] FreeSql distributed transaction TCC/Saga orchestration importance


    foreword FreeSql supports MySql/SqlServer/PostgreSQL/Oracle/Sqlite/Firebird/Dameng/Gbase/Shentong/Renda Jincang/Hangao/Clickhouse/MsAccess Ado.net database, as well as Odbc’s special implementation package. FreeSql.Cloud provides FreeSql with cross-database access, distributed transaction TCC, SAGA solutions, and supports .NET Core 2.1+, .NET Framework 4.0+. This article mainly explains from cross-database access, to the implementation of distributed transactions, and then upgrades to micro-service service orchestration. More elements […]

  • Using Dapper ORM to return dynamic types


    1. Use the query method and get the dynamic type: dynamic account = conn.Query<dynamic>(@” SELECT Name, Address, Country FROM Account WHERE Id = @Id”, new { Id = Id }).FirstOrDefault(); Console.WriteLine(account.Name); Console.WriteLine(account.Address); Console.WriteLine(account.Country); As you can see, you got a dynamic object and you can access its properties as long as they are well defined […]

  • mybatis source code notes


    Table of contents Open and tear MyBatis source code 1. Handwritten persistence layer framework-ipersistent 1.1 JDBC operation database\_problem analysis 1.2 JDBC problem analysis & solution ideas 1.3 Custom Persistence Layer Framework\_Thinking Analysis The difference between using JDBC and using the persistence layer framework: The framework, in addition to thinking about its own engineering design, also […]

  • The FreeSql Repository Implementation of the Essential Functions of the .NET ORM Repository Layer


    write at the beginning One day in November 2018, I started the journey of the FreeSql open source project with a hot head. It has been more than four years in a flash. I walked from the comfort zone to a huge pit, and when I looked back, my back was cold. It took me […]

  • [Low code] asp.net core entity class can produce CRUD background management interface


    Introduction I like to “go it alone” in a small-scale team. Sometimes even in a large company, I often work on small projects with a team of 3-5 people. I believe many people have similar experiences. This article introduces how to directly produce the CRUD background management interface from the existing [entity class] in the […]

  • Android ORM schema database greenDao usage analysis


    In the process of Android development, data storage requirements are often encountered. For simple information, you can use SP (SharedPreferences) storage. For complex scenarios, such as chat records and network caches, you generally need to use a database to store information, such as SQLite. In addition to the system’s native database SQLite, there are also […]

  • PostgreSQL Array array type and FreeSql hit a set of [combination punch]


    foreword PostgreSQL is recognized as the most powerful open source database in the world. In addition to the basic data types int4/int8/varchar/numeric/timestamp, etc., it also supports int4[]/int8[]/varchar[]/numeric[]/timestamp[] arrays Type, hstore type (similar to c# Dictionary<string, string> ), gis type. Choosing a technology must help us improve efficiency, and it must be very easy to use, […]

  • Design and Implementation of Universal ORM


    introduce Our general ORM, the basic mode is to be separated from the database, almost all models are established at the programming language level, and the program is used to deal with the database. Although it is out of the specific operation of the database, we need to establish various model documents, use code to […]

  • [Open Source] .Net ORM Access Firebird Database


    foreword Firebird is a cross-platform relational database system, currently able to run on Windows, linux and various Unix operating systems, provides most of the SQL-99 standard functions. It can run as a database server in a multi-user environment and also provides an implementation of an embedded database. Firebird was born out of Borland’s open source […]

  • [Design process] .NET ORM FreeSql WhereDynamicFilter dynamic table query function


    foreword It’s almost 40 degrees every day recently. The hotter I get, the less I want to face the computer. Fortunately, the open source projects are relatively stable and there are not so many problems to be solved. Taking advantage of the summer vacation with my daughter to learn swimming has been a little successful. […]

  • [Cross-database, microservices] The importance of FreeSql distributed transaction TCC/Saga orchestration


    foreword FreeSql supports MySql/SqlServer/PostgreSQL/Oracle/Sqlite/Firebird/Dameng/Gbase/Shentong/Renmin University Jincang/Han Gao/Clickhouse/MsAccess Ado.net database, as well as the specialized implementation package of Odbc. FreeSql.Cloud provides cross-database access, distributed transaction TCC, SAGA solutions for FreeSql, supports .NET Core 2.1+, .NET Framework 4.0+. This article mainly explains from cross-database access, to distributed transaction landing, and then upgrading to microservice service orchestration. The […]