• A dynamic relu activation function: adaptive parameterized relu (parameter adjustment record 1)


    Adaptive parameterized relu is a dynamic relu activation function. It was submitted to IEEE Transactions on industrial electronics on May 3, 2019 and hired on January 24, 2020 (the first day of the Lunar New Year),The preview version was released on the IEEE official website on February 13, 2020。 In this paper, the depth residual […]

  • Laradock + phpstorm enable Xdebug


    Recently, in learning L05 business tutorial, basically do not need debug before, see Alipay callback here, encountered some problems, want to see the callback return string analysis out of the data. Debug has not been configured before. Record how to start it. Edit the. Env file for laradockFind:WORKSPACE_INSTALL_XDEBUGChange the original valuefalseChange totrueFind:PHP_FPM_INSTALL_XDEBUGChange the original valuefalseChange […]

  • What does “in SQL” mean


    This is to prevent SQL injection and is also a parameter.Take an exampleString sql1=”select name,password from user where id=”+dto.getId(); String sql2=”select name,password from user where id=:id”; If the ID passed in sql1 is intercepted, the original id = 123   Change to    id  = one hundred and twenty-three   or   1=1; So sql1   The effect is completely different from that of SQL2sql1   The […]

  • Download the TS video of online class


    Originally prepared to use crawler, open multithreading, to download a TS segment, and finally use ffmpeg synthesis complete TS video. from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor import requests import logging import re import os url = ‘http://v3.julyedu.com/video/259/6390/01a311da6a2cd91-‘ def download(name): str_name = “%05d” % name print(str_name) file_name = str_name + ‘.ts’ print(url + file_name) try: res = requests.get(url=url […]

  • Experience of Taobao project using GitHub


    Because a small partner in the learning process, encountered problems.Then this article is to record the process of running on my own computer.Because it was the version nearly a year ago, GitHub’s brother said it took about a week to write it. I really admire it. Portal for project addresshttps://github.com/GanZhiXion… Well, next, it’s time to […]

  • Git push prompt ‘you are not allowed to push code to this project’


    Prompt information: After confirming that the user name, mailbox settings, submit permissions and sshkey are OK, use SSH – t again [email protected] The test still doesn’t work The final solution is as follows:Under the current project, vim. Git / config opens the configuration and replaces the original url = http: / / ~ in the […]