• A gadget that displays SAP CRM product hierarchy


    Recently I start to study SD and I found the product hierarchy in transaction code V/76 could not be viewed in tree style and it is not so convenient to check: So I wrote a simple report to retrieve hierarchy data from table T179 and display the data in a tree as below: The source […]

  • Web/js: using innerHTML to dynamically add HTML leads to button failure


    A few days ago, when I used innerHTML to dynamically add HTML to table, I found that once it was added, the buttons in the original table would break. After some research, I found thatIt’s because we’re doing it document.body.innerHTML += ‘xxx’; WhenActually: document.body.innerHTML = (document.body.innerHTML + ‘xxx’); Destroy the original element and rebuild a […]

  • Installing python3 under centos7


    1. background description It should be noted that centos7 originally installed python2, and this python2 cannot be deleted because many system commands, such as yum, are used, so you must not delete it. 1.1python2 version view You can verify the installed python2 version and directory by using the following command. 1. Enter Python to view […]

  • 2021-11-16 ggtree package drawing evolutionary tree


    One of Yu Dashen’s Masterpieces:Guangchuang Yu (https://yulab-smu.top)。 The drawn evolutionary tree is very professional and beautiful!——EBook:Data Integration, Manipulation and Visualization of Phylogenetic Trees——The book includes four parts: 1) data input, output and operation. 2) Visualization and annotation of tree data. 3) Ggtree extension. 4) Others. The ggtree package has many functions. Here are a few […]

  • Some methods of printing call stack in objectivec


    agent Although lldb has built-in commands to print the current call stack, it still needs to obtain the call stack information through code. Use nsthread NSLog(@”%@”, [NSThread callStackSymbols]); be careful This method is invisible to the system call stack on the device. Via backtrace_ symbols_ fd #import <execinfo.h> #import <unistd.h> void PrintCallStack() { void *stackAdresses[32]; […]

  • Objective-C singleton macro


    realization Post code firstYou can also visit my github:RWSingleton #import <objc/runtime.h> #define RW_DECLARE_SINGLETON_FOR_CLASS_WITH_ACCESSOR(classname, accessorMethodName) \ + (classname *)accessorMethodName; #if __has_feature(objc_arc) #define RW_SYNTHESIZE_SINGLETON_RETAIN_METHODS #else #define RW_SYNTHESIZE_SINGLETON_RETAIN_METHODS \ – (id)retain \ { \ return self; \ } \ \ – (NSUInteger)retainCount \ { \ return NSUIntegerMax; \ } \ \ – (oneway void)release \ { \ } […]

  • Create react app after the scaffold creates a new project, start the project, and the error reported by the browser is solved.


    After using the create react app scaffold to create a new project, start the project browser and report an error: uncaught typeerror: cannot read property ‘foreach’ of undefined at object injectIntoGlobalHook This is because the react web debugging tool is an old version, which conflicts with the new scaffold Solution 1: enter the Google development […]

  • Wechat Development Series 7 – using redis to store wechat chat records


    In the second blog Wechat development series 2 – development Q&A service using nodejs of this series, we have developed a kind of Q&A service in Wechat which leverages a free Tuning Restful service so that you could chat with this service: In this blog, I will show the steps how to store all of […]

  • Execution sequence of several timeouts of SAP e-commerce cloud Spartacus SSR optimization engine


    SSR optimization engine option Code: const ngExpressEngine = NgExpressEngineDecorator.get(engine, { timeout: 9000, concurrency: 1, forcedSsrTimeout:90000, maxRenderTime:1000, cache: true, cacheSize: 10, renderingStrategyResolver: (req) => RenderingStrategy.DEFAULT}); (1) First, maxrendertimeout timeout arrives: Display log: Then: last: Note that the log here will not be printed on the console: The two timeout values, whose value is large, will be […]

  • How to add value help to fields applied by SAP Fiori elements


    In Jerry’s previous articleHow to quickly create Fiori elements application through CDs view on SAP BTPIn, we have created a Fiori elements application based on CDs view: In this article, we add value help to the selection field of agency ID Now agency ID selection ID, after clicking F4, value help cannot work: Add the […]

  • Go interview see here ~ (17)


    Original address:Go interview see here ~ (17) 1、time-wait? TIME_ Wait is a state experienced by TCP protocol disconnection. The state diagram is as follows: In the figure above, time appears as the client that actively shuts down_ Wait status is used to tell the server that it has no data to send, but still maintains […]

  • Go interview here ~ (18)


    Original address:Go interview here ~ (18) 1. Can HTTP connect multiple requests at once? Http # 1.1 can support multiple requests, while http # 1.0 can only support a single request. 2. Linux common commands? [lsof – I: port number (e.g. 8080)]: check whether the port is occupied. [netstat – ntlp]: view all current TCP […]