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  • Flutter is a good bilingual reading tool


    Flutter is a good bilingual reading tool A few days ago, when I was reading English documents, I needed to switch between the original text and the translation, so I came up with an idea, can I display the original text and the translation on one page at the same time? Why not read the […]

  • Through JS, bsae64 will generate pictures and download them


    HTML: <div style=”display:block;margin:0 auto;width:638px;height:795px;”> <div id=”render” >CONTENT</div> </div> <div id=”template” style=”margin:10px 0 0 385px;”> < input type = “button” onclick = “qc0926()” value = “download picture” / > </div> JS: <script type=”text/javascript”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> var canvas,render,html,imgsrcgo; function renderHTMLAndSave() { var render= document.getElementById(‘render’); html2canvas(render).then(function (canvas) { var imgsrc= canvas.toDataURL();imgsrcgo=imgsrc; }); } window.onload=renderHTMLAndSave(); var imgsrc; var imgData; […]

  • Save the screenshot to a file


    Screen capture in trust GDI mode GDI screenshot speed is relatively slow, if you want to do screen recording, remote control, etc., please use the librarycaptrsIt is very, very fast because it takes a screenshot in DXGI mode, but XP and win7 are not supported by default. Cargo.toml [package] name = “demo” version = “0.1.0” […]

  • Small vegetable bird becomes big clumsy bird-css3-3d conversion attribute


    Original address:https://www.zhangxinxu.com/wo…

  • Oracle error 6550 when importing DMP file


    Oracle error 6550 when importing DMP file Add in import statement   STATISTICS=NONE   solve the problem Value of Statistics:Description: specifies how to handle the database statistics when importing There are the following options: Default value: always   Always import database statistics NONE   Do not import database statistics SAFE   When there is no […]

  • Install sublime Text3 in Linux


    To download the Linux Installation Package:http://www.sublimetext.com/3 obtain : sublime_ text_ 3_ build_ 3200_ x64 . tar . bz2 Decompression: tar – xvvf sublime_ text_ 3_ build_ 3200_ x64. tar.bz2 sublime_ text_ 3/ sudo mv sublime_text_3/ /opt Create link: sudo ln – S / opt / sublime_ text_ 3/sublime_ text /usr/bin/sublime_ text Create Icon: sudo CP […]

  • JS regular matching of integers and decimals


    let _ Check = / ^ ([1-9] [D] {0,6} 0) (\. [D] {1,2}) $/; // limit the number of digits before and after the decimal point let _ Check1 = / ^ ([1-9] [D] * | 0) (\. [D] +)? $/; // do not limit the number of digits before and after the decimal point […]

  • A method of converting hex and original string / array in C language for MCU


    The original text is published in: https://www.chenxublog.com/2020/03/08/c-fast-convert-hex-char-array.html Blog park is only for archiving, if there is room for optimization, it will not be corrected later reason The reason is that last night someone in the group was discussing how to convert a string into a stringHEXThe method is the best. In the end, which method […]

  • Sendcloud driver installation tutorial for laravel 5.1


    advantage:The normal sending mode is fully compatible with the official usage, and the configuration file can be changed to other drivers at any time without changing the code installExecute in the project directory composer require naux/sendcloudto configureModify config/ app.php ‘providers’ => [//Add this line Naux\Mail\ SendCloudServiceProvider::class,];Configure your key in. Env and modify the email driver […]

  • Flyter – DART’s mixin


    The original text is inhere. Well written, I recommend you to read the original. Here is the definition of mixinAs long as a class is inherited fromObjectIf there is no constructor defined, then this class can be a mixin. Of course, if you want to make the definition of mixin clearer, you can usemixinKeyword. Please […]

  • The framework of actor, Java, GWT and j2obj introduced by actor CEO ex3ndr


    The original text comes from:https://medium.com/@ex3ndr/ho… The framework of actor, Java, GWT and j2obj introduced by actor CEO ex3ndr is the most attractive and powerful part of actor architecture. There was no domestic visit, so I turned around. For the time being, the original text has been transferred without translation. Stepan KorshakovCEO of Actor.imJun 9, 2015How […]

  • Vue cli 4 introduces cesium 3D webpack configuration


    A simple Vue cli4 is introduced into the cesium shelf, which can directly pull projects and expand by itself. Welcome to try, you can star yo! Github: https://github.com/martinageradams/vue-cesium-example VueProject construction, I will not show. Just follow the official website step by step. I don’t show itwebpackConfiguration of the pit, according to the following code configuration, […]