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  • Concurrent implementation of go web crawler


    Title: exercise: Web Crawler Direct reference https://github.com/golang/tour/blob/master/solutions/webcrawler.go However, the code uses Chan bool to store whether the sub coroutine is completed. My code uses waitgroup to let the main coroutine wait for the sub coroutine to complete. For complete code, please refer to https://github.com/sxpujs/go-example/blob/master/crawl/web-crawler.go The code added to the original program is as follows: var […]

  • Make WinCC components for recipe management


    1. Install winccv7.4 and crack: Install winccv7.4sp1 Install license file – follow the prompts Install the dog free drive according to the prompts Install simatic.net V13 2. Connect PLC, First of all, in the same LAN, if it is a router, you can disable / enable the network to assign IP address to the router […]