• Laravel queue


    In the actual project development, we often encounter the situation that we need lightweight queue, such as SMS, email, etc. these tasks are not enough to use Kafka, rabbitmq and other heavyweight message queue, but they do need asynchronous, Retry, concurrency control and other functions. Generally speaking, we often use redis, beanstalk and Amazon SQS […]

  • Redis redis basic types and Java operation


    1 Introduction to redis Redis (promote dictionary server) is an open source, network-based, memory based, persistent key value pair storage system written in ANSI C. At present, the most popular key value pair storage system. It is often used as database, cache and message queue. Advantages of redis: The efficiency of memory based database is […]

  • Basic SQL statements


    Table structure Experiment content 1 Create a database cap with SQL statements. The data file name is capdata.mdf. The initial storage space of the data file is 50m, the maximum storage space is 500m, and the automatic growth of the storage space is 10m. CREATE DATABASE CAP ON ( NAME = CAP, File name =’c:: […]

  • Front end bug record – stuck due to array sorting


    Front end bug record – bug caused by lobashjs debounce debounce optimizationThese two bugs are actually the same bug. How can we say that? Both are right, and the mistake is to use them at the same time. Because of meI didn’t deal with the boundary, which caused me to sort a large array, causing […]

  • Flink real combat – order payment and reconciliation monitoring (implemented by CEP and processfunction respectively)


    In the e-commerce website, the payment of orders, as a link directly linked with money, is very important in the business process. For orders, in order to control the business process correctly and increase the user’s willingness to pay, the website will generally set a payment expiration time, and the orders that have not been […]

  • Permutation cipher


    Permutation cipher is also called transposition cipher. This kind of cipher changes the relative position of the elements of the plaintext message, but the value or content form of the plaintext message element itself remains unchanged; In the previous alternative cipher, it can be considered that the order of plaintext symbols is maintained, but they […]

  • Implementation of binary search algorithm in go language


    Binary search, also known as binary search, is an efficient search method. However, the premise of binary search algorithm is that the incoming sequence is ordered (descending or ascending) and has a target value. The core idea of binary search is to divide n elements into approximately equal parts, and compare the intermediate value a […]

  • What about promise?


    preface Promise is a classic question in the interview, we must deeply study and understand it! What’s the use of promise? A: we use it to solve the asynchronous callback problem. Pomise is a new asynchronous programming solution in ES6. Now this promise feels like “CSS clear floating” in the interview, which belongs to the […]

  • Flip back pressure shallow in shallow out


    preface Wechat search【Java3y】Pay attention to this simple man, praise attention is my biggest support! The text has been included in my GitHub:https://github.com/ZhongFuCheng3y/3y, there are more than 300 original articles, recently in seriesInterviews and projectsSeries! It’s been moving recentlyFlinkThere were also some holes in the related projects,checkpointandBack pressureIt’s one of them. Aobing is a great dish,FlinkNo, […]

  • CSS of relearning front end (3) BFC and cascading context


    This article mainly introduces BFC and cascading context. Block formatting context (BFC) 1、 Definition of BFC  BFC (block formatting context): is an independent rendering area, the layout of elements inside the box will not affect the outside of the box. It belongs toOrdinary flow。 2、 Which methods create a block formatting context   1) root element (< […]

  • Excellent project of performance competition | score simply, combine efficiently, optimize tidb operator with shuffle


    Author: Huang Jianbo, cloud computing technology development engineer; Jin Ling, shopee software development engineer. Their team huang-b won the first prize in the performance competition. This paper will introduce the design and practice process of shuffle optimization tidb operator project. In our usual impression, separation and integration are a pair of contradictory concepts, but this […]

  • Rewriting payment module using policy mode and simple factory mode


    Recently, I received a demand related to payment. The old code nodded a lot, so I smoothed the logic and looked at the time. It was enough, so I rewritten the payment module and took the time to record the process. The problem is The unified two-dimensional code generation interface for all payment leads to […]