• Sequential representation of linear table — sequential table


    1. Definition of sequence table The sequential table uses a group of storage units with continuous addresses to store the data elements in the linear table in turn. Logically adjacent elements are stored in storage units that are also adjacent in physical locations, and the relationship between elements is reflected by the adjacency relationship of […]

  • sql_ Use of exporter


    1、 Background Sometimes, we want to see the number of logins in the system every day or the order data in the system, such as successful orders, abnormal orders, etc. These data are in our database throughsql_exporterWe can access these data toprometheusMonitor and alarm during. 2、 Use of SQL exporter 1. Download 1. Access download […]

  • How do I use guids in c#8


    Translation link:https://www.infoworld.com/art… Guid (global unique identifier) is often used in program development. GUID is like the primary key in the database. It can ensure that some very important information, such as customer data or invoice will not be duplicated or data will be overwritten. If there is no guid, it is difficult to ensure data […]

  • What can garment ERP system do?


    We all know that the business processes of the garment industry are generally divided into manufacturing, sales, order generation, logistics management, inventory management, etc. with the continuous increase of garment styles, the management of these business processes will become extremely complex. Relying solely on pure manual management may not be able to achieve timeliness, At […]

  • Start stocking! IPhone 13 launch countdown


    According to reliable information, the iPhone 13 assembly order allocation has been completed, which means that the iPhone 13 has entered the stock status. From the iPhone assembly order distribution table released by Apple‘s supply chain, we can find that the name of the new machine is iPhone 13 series. Previously, a small partner speculated […]

  • Development tips: Unicode sorting and regular matching


    brief introduction We know that computers first emerged in foreign countries. Considering the computer performance and common foreign characters at that time, ASCII was used in computers at the beginning. After all, the characters that ASCII coding can represent are limited. With the development of computers and the popularity all over the world, more coding […]

  • How to use promise. All()


    What is promise Promise is an object that represents the final completion or failure of an asynchronous operation and its result value. Simply put, promise is a placeholder for a value that will be generated at some point in the future.Promise is a very useful object for handling asynchronous operations.JavaScript provides a help functionPromise.all(promisesArrayOrIterable)Support parallel […]

  • What is asynchronous operation?


    Note: the purpose of this article is to let you understand the core idea and basic usage of promise as quickly as possible. For more details and comprehensive usage, please read the official API In addition, this article assumes that you have the most basic asynchronous programming knowledge, such as knowing what callback is and […]

  • Using redis service on SAP kyma


    Link:https://developers.sap.com/tu… Local file: C: \ code \ referencecode \ SAP kyma tutorial example \ redis function It contains one deployment and two functions: Function 1: cache order Three dependencies are defined: axios redis handy-redis environment variable For the usage of these environment variables, use process.env with brackets in the code. Three main logics of cache […]

  • Study notes on data structure in embedded system software design (I)


    Data structure in embedded system software design Chapter I Hash storage: directly calculate the storage location of the data element according to the keyword of the data element. The basic idea is: take the keyword K of the data element as the independent variable, calculate the corresponding function value through a determined function relationship (hash […]

  • Teppi technology team: one year’s experience of asynchronous programming in the eyes of rookie front end


    Front end development is essential, what is asynchronous programming Because JavaScript language is a “single thread” language, JavaScript is like a pipeline, just a pipeline, either processing, or packaging, can not carry out multiple tasks and processes at the same time. As a front-end development, I believe you must have been asked or often need […]

  • A data structure based on luck, guess what?


    Ranking List As soon as I look at this subtitle, I know that I want to talk about the Zset of redis from the perspective of ranking. Yes, the classic interview questions, please achieve a ranking, most of the time is to test whether you know the Zset structure of redis and its corresponding operation. […]