• Chapter 45 SQL command from (I)


    Chapter 45 SQL command from (I) A select clause that specifies one or more tables to query. outline SELECT … FROM [optimize-option] table-ref [[AS] t-alias][,table-ref [[AS] t-alias]][,…] parameter optimize-optioN – optional – specifies a single keyword or a series of keywords separated by spaces for query optimization options (optimizer tips). The following keywords are supported:%ALLINDEX、%FIRSTTABLE […]

  • App going to sea — an all-round view of Google settlement system


    Image source:https://unsplash.com/photos/r… Author:zoulp In recent years, China’s mobile applications have enjoyed a good momentum of going to sea. For those involvedTrading businessGoogle in app payment is an essential payment channel for sea apps. Different from the relatively perfect mobile payment system in China, even if the official documents basically describe how to access Google App […]

  • Swagger and swagger version control are used in. NETCORE (. Net6)


    1、 Using swagger in. Net 6 Swagger supports the API to automatically generate synchronized online documents, as shown below Net 6 1. Construction Net6 application and build the following controllers /// ///Order interface /// [ApiController] [Route(“[controller]/[action]”)] public class OrderController : Controller { /// ///Get order /// /// [HttpGet] public string GetOrder() { return “ok”; } […]

  • Python technique: implement simple tokenizer with re module


    A simple tokenizer The tokenization task is the most common task in Python string processing. Here we will explain how to build a simple expression tokenizer with regular expressions, which can parse the expression string from left to right into a stream of tokens. Give the following expression string: text = ‘foo = 12 + […]

  • Thoughts on go select deadlock


    Thoughts on go select deadlock https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Ov1FvLsLfSaY8GNzfjfMbg Continuous thinking triggered by an article Summary above Summary I package main import ( “fmt” ) func main() { ch := make(chan int) go func() { select { case ch No matter which case is finally selected by select, getval () will execute in the order of source code: […]

  • High availability architecture Chapter 17 high availability design: three high availability design architecture schemes


    I learned the replication and optimization of MySQL database and the read-write separation scheme of business layer based on replication technology. These contents are to pave the way for the high availability architecture design of MySQL database. Because replication is the basis of high availability, but it is not enough to only replicate synchronous data. […]

  • E: Unable to locate package nvidia-container-toolkit


    Error installing NVIDIA container Toolkit Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done E: Unable to locate package nvidia-container-toolkit Solution (sequential execution) $ distribution=$(. /etc/os-release;echo $ID$VERSION_ID) $ curl -s -L https://nvidia.github.io/nvidia-docker/gpgkey | sudo apt-key add – $ curl -s -L https://nvidia.github.io/nvidia-docker/$distribution/nvidia-docker.list | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nvidia-docker.list $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get […]

  • [issue 33] golang school recruitment interview experience sharing Changtian Tour


    1. The execution order of go init is not in accordance with the import rules (in this case, it is executed in the order of file names during compilation) 2. Interface nil comparison. 3. Native map is non thread safe, locking and sync Implementation of map {}. 4. The difference between channel no buffer and […]

  • [go] init function


    reference material Five minutes to understand golang’s init function 1. Golang program initialization The initialization of golang program is executed before the main function, which is executed by theruntimeThe initialization sequence is as follows: Initialize the imported package (the initialization order of the package is not executed according to the import order (“top to bottom”),runtimePackage […]

  • Redux ecosystem enumeration


    There is a word limit here. You can refer to the full texthere Redux Ecosystem Links Introduction This article is rightredux-ecosystem-linksFork and translation. This article contains a series of Redux plug-ins or a collection of projects closely related to them. This article contains the information in the official Redux documentationEcosystem pageas well asAwesome-ReduxList, and contains […]

  • How to quickly build a data reporting service in the microservice architecture?


    Scene description In the microservice architecture, each microservice is responsible for its own database. Microservice A is not allowed to directly connect to the database of microservice B for operation. Now there are two micro services, one is order service and the other is user service. There is a need for a data report: generate […]

  • IOS advanced core animation day02 – layout, anchor


    1、 Layout and anchor points 1. Uiview has three layout attributes. What are they? What are three important layout attributes of calayer? UIView: frame、bounds、center。 CALayer:frame、bounds、position。 centerandpositionAll represent relative parent layersanchorPointLocation. image.png 2. Who is actually operating on the layout attribute of uiview? The frame, boundaries and center attributes of uiview are justAccess method, when you […]