• Remnant of IOS interview – exorcism sword spectrum


    How does GCD work? Included in this article:https://juejin.cn/post/6976878024566243335 1.Serial queue, synchronous operation, no new thread will be created, and the operation will be executed in sequence;Serial queue, asynchronous operation, new thread will be created, and the operation will be carried out in sequence,Usage scenario:Operations that do not affect the main thread and need to be […]

  • Rearrange the order of toolbar icons under Mac to make them conform to usage habits


    The order of icons in the toolbar of Mac OS system is arranged by default, but some users don’t like this sort method because it will affect their operation habits. So how does the MAC system change the order of toolbar icons? Now let Xiaobian introduce you to a small method. In the Mac OS […]

  • A digital factory should be built to reduce the order cycle by one third


    Introduction:Based on the open ability of low code platform, fidelity launched a set of digital factory. This digital factory helps them shorten the production cycle from 60 days to 40 days, directly improves the delivery capacity and performance ability of fidelity to international customers, and enhances the competitive strength of the enterprise. Zhejiang fudeli Wood […]

  • PHP wechat payment class V3 interface


    Unknowingly, wechat payment has also been updated, and the interface version has been upgraded to v3,With the upgrading of wechat, wechat payment for personal use has also been upgraded,V3 wechat payment document:pay.weixin.qq.com/wiki/doc/apiv3/i…The method of use is the same as before(V2 wechat payment), you can use by passing parameters directly: New version addedcomposerInstallation, easy to use […]

  • Export simple export Excel


    Select a third party Library Epplus: authorization problem after 5.0out Magicodes.ie: Based on epplush 4. X, iexporterheaderfilter has poor performance, and the order will be out of order when dynamically adjusting the orderout Npoi: I don’t like it very much Closed XML: Based on document. Openxml, it has good performance, but it needs to encapsulate […]

  • [PHP data structure] linear table? Sequence table? Linked list? Don’t be silly and confused


    Follow all textbooks and books related to various data structures. Let’s start with linear tables. Today’s article is more conceptual, which is a summary of a knowledge point with a linear table. As mentioned above, physical structure is used to determine how data is stored. Other data structures (trees, graphs) and algorithms are basically based […]

  • Laravel event


    Define events First inapp/Providers/EventServiceProvider.phpDefine events ‘App\Events\TestEvent’ => [ ‘App\Listeners\Listener1’, ‘App\Listeners\Listener2’, ‘App\Listeners\Listener3’, ], Then executephp artisan event:generate, generate relevant files. Write event content Test event results of enforcement conclusion It can be seen that even if events are used, the code logic is executed in strict order.Note that the event is just similar to an encapsulated […]

  • [PHP data structure] stack related logical operations


    For the logical structure, we also start from the simplest. Stack and queue are not unfamiliar to most people, but heap and stack are actually two things. Don’t be dazed by the interviewer during the interview. Heap is a tree structure, or a complete binary tree structure. Today, we are mainly talking about the application […]

  • Sql-order by multi field sorting (ascending and descending)


    ORDER BY _ column1, _ column2; /* _ Column1 in ascending order_ Column2 ascending*/ ORDER BY _ column1, _ column2 DESC; /* _ Column1 in ascending order_ Column2 descending*/ ORDER BY _ column1 DESC, _ column2 ; /* _ Column1 in descending order_ Column2 ascending*/ ORDER BY _ column1 DESC, _ column2 DESC; /* _ […]

  • Talk about Flink’s broadcast state


    order This paper mainly studies the broadcast state of Flink example @Test public void testBroadcastState() throws Exception { StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment.getExecutionEnvironment(); DataStreamSource<String> originStream = env.addSource(new RandomWordSource()); MapStateDescriptor<String, String> descriptor = new MapStateDescriptor(“dynamicConfig”, BasicTypeInfo.STRING_TYPE_INFO, BasicTypeInfo.STRING_TYPE_INFO); BroadcastStream<Tuple2<String,String>> configStream = env.addSource(new DynamicConfigSource()).broadcast(descriptor); BroadcastConnectedStream<String, Tuple2<String,String>> connectStream = originStream.connect(configStream); connectStream.process(new BroadcastProcessFunction<String, Tuple2<String,String>, Void>() { @Override public void processElement(String value, […]

  • Forced to refactor the code, I killed if else this time


    This article is included in the personal blog:www.chengxy-nds.topTechnology, resource sharing and progress together Recently, the company seems to have been financed! I began to look for channels to promote like crazy. Now I finally understand why I was recruiting people in a big way. It turned out that I was playing a big game, which […]

  • Do you want to sort by primary key without specifying order by in SQL


    Order by is not specified in SQL. Is the sorting based on the primary key? The answer is not necessarily. for instance: Query the attendceemprank table. The primary key is attendceemployeerank ID and it is a clustered index Executing the following statement, it is found that the first sentence does not specify order by, and […]