• Simple canvas corner effect


    Due to work needs, need to write a corner effect; Demo link In the upper right corner, you need to tear a mark from the non state, and there is an animation process. The figure above is an effect picture of the implementation, not a GIF The difficulty of this flipping effect is that when […]

  • One of the ways to call web service in Android Development


    Add ksoap2-android-assembly-3.6.3-jar-with- dependencies.jar package Create ksoahelper class public class KsoapHelper { public static int timeOut = 30000; public static String webServiceUrl; public static String nameSpace; public static int soapVersion = 120; private KsoapHelper() { } public static void initKsoapHelper(String _webServiceUrl, String _nameSpace) { initKsoapHelper(timeOut, _webServiceUrl, _nameSpace, soapVersion); } public static void initKsoapHelper(String _webServiceUrl, String _nameSpace, […]

  • Introduction of floating element & why can’t the margin value be set for the latter element? Solution


    Hierarchy When we write HTML documents, the elements of the key we create are arranged in the document stream by default. If there are elements in the document flow, some will be out of the document flow. Our floating and absolute positioning, fixed positioning is to make the elements out of the document flowSo let’s […]

  • Configuration staging, delete later


    part I [1. Install Sox, ffmpeg and pyaudio:] sudo apt-get install portaudio19-dev python-pyaudio python3-pyaudio sox pulseaudio libsox-fmt-all ffmpeg pip3 install pyaudio [2. Installation startup dependency] The CD file directory then installs the first part of the dependency for interaction pip3 install -r requirements.txt *Specific requirements.txt file content* pyyaml>=4.2b1 requests==2.21.0 baidu-aip== pydub==0.23.1 python-dateutil==2.7.5 watchdog==0.9.0 pytz==2018.9 fire==0.1.3 […]