• Unloading of Oracle


    Unloading Oracle is not like other software. It can be unloaded with the control panel, Golden Mountain Guard, 360 and so on by clicking the unload button, or even clearing the registry. When you unload Oracle according to the unloading process of other software, you will find the software management areas such as the control […]

  • PL/SQL Developer Installation and Link to Oracle


    1. Introduction to PL/SQL Developer PL/SQL Developer is an integrated development environment, specializing in the development of Oracle database storage program unit. Nowadays, more and more business logic and application logic turn to Oracle Server, so PL/SQL programming has become an important part of the whole development process. PL/SQL Developer focuses on ease of use, […]

  • SQL Under Oracle creates a full-year date table for a specified year (distinguishing working days)


    In the author’s words: When the system executes the sql, insert the 365 days corresponding to the whole year (or the designated year) into the designated table (e.g. 0 for working days, 1 for double holidays, and manual adjustment for statutory holidays). 1. Create tables: create table WORK_DAYS ( work_days_id NUMBER not null, one_day DATE, […]

  • Deadlock Solution for Oracle Data Table


    A Simple Method of Investigation and Solution Deadlock Error Reporting: ORA-00060: deadlock detection while waiting for resources Corresponding Chinese error is: ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resources Execute the following SQL to view the locked table: select object_name, machine, s.sid, s.serial# from v$locked_object l, dba_objects o, v$session s where l.object_id = o.object_id and l.session_id […]

  • Oracle 11g Installation Tutorial under Win10


    This article has shared the Oracle 11g installation graphics tutorial for your reference, the specific content is as follows 0. Installation environment   1. Installation package download  1)http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html    2. Installation 1) Unzip two compressed packages into a directory and run setup.exe 2) Appear the following prompt, skip 3) Neither email nor updates need to […]

  • The Method of Transforming Oracle Ordinary Table into Partition Table


    In the previous article, we learned about the Oracle data and the sample source code for text import and export. Next, let’s look at how Oracle converts ordinary tables into partitioned tables. The Oracle official recommendation is to use partitioned tables when the size of tables is larger than 2GB. Partitioned tables have great advantages […]

  • Failure of Oracle partition index and code reconstruction example


    In the last article, we learned about the method of transforming Oracle ordinary tables into partitioned tables. In the next article, we will discuss the problem of the failure and reconstruction of Oracle partitioned index, and provide some code examples for your reference, as follows. Create test tables SQL> create table t as select object_id,object_name […]

  • Memorize a deadlock caused by an Oracle driver upgrade


    Problem Description Recent projects need to migrate from virtual machine environment to container environment. One project has two deadlock problems within two days after migrating to container environment. Some key logs are as follows: Found one Java-level deadlock: ============================= “DefaultMessageListenerContainer-9”: waiting to lock monitor 0x00007fde3400bf38 (object 0x00000000dda358d0, a oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CConnection), which is held by “DefaultMessageListenerContainer-7” “DefaultMessageListenerContainer-7”: […]

  • Oracle Common Fault Categories and Planning Analysis


    Preface: In the previous article, we learned about the failure of Oracle partition index and the code example of rebuilding. Next, we’ll look at the following: For any database system, the obvious failures should be avoided. This article lists the common failures of Oracle and gives the solutions. At the same time, it lists some […]

  • Sharing Error Solutions for ORA-01196 Oracle Database


    In the previous article, we learned about the types of common failures in Oracle and their planning analysis. Next, we look at the related contents of ORA-01196 error resolution in Oracle database, which are as follows: Problem Phenomenon When shutdown abort is used to stop the DataGuard backup, the backup cannot be opened and an […]

  • Programmer Notes | Comprehensive Analysis of Classification, Discovery and Optimization of Oracle Waiting Events


    I. The Origin of Waiting Events You may be a little strange, why say wait for events, first talked about the indicator system. In fact, it is precisely because of the development of the index system that the introduction of waiting events is brought about. To sum up, Oracle’s index system has roughly gone through […]

  • Battle of Databases


    Tonight, just at 0 o’clock tonight, Avenger Alliance 4-The Battle of the Final is about to premiere! What’s the hardest thing to grab in April? Absolutely for the premiere of Avenger Alliance 4. Ticket prices up to nearly 300 can hardly stop the fanaticism of Manwei fans. I don’t know if you have any tickets. […]