• Oracle 11g how to clean up database history log details


    This article mainly introduces the relevant content about Oracle 11g database history log cleaning, and shares it for your reference. The following words are not said, and let’s have a look at the detailed introduction 1. Create the path to store the database to be deleted log files This is used to store the ready […]

  • The perfect solution for Oracle listener after it is hung up by optimization master


    Solutions after Oracle listener is hung by optimization master: An error occurred while starting the oracleorahome90tnslistener service. Information: Cannot start on local computeroracleorahome90tnslistenerService, Error 3: the system could not find the specified path. After checking the information on the Internet, I found that the location of these files is generally determined by the Oracle home […]

  • Oracle delete user and tablespace details


    Oracle delete users and tablespaces Oracle has been used for a long time, and many new users and tablespaces have been added. It needs to be cleaned up. For a single user and tablespace, you can use the following command. Step 1: delete user drop user ×× cascade Note: if the user is deleted, only […]

  • Steps to start Oracle service and listener under Linux


    The startup and shutdown steps of Oracle service and listener under Linux are as follows: 1. Install oracle; 2. Create Oracle system users; 3. Add several environment variables to. Bash? Profile under / home / Oracle: Oracle? SID, oracle? Base, oracle? Home: export ORACLE_SID=test export ORACLE_BASE=oracle_install_dir export ORACLE_HOME=xxx 4. Startup steps: note that $represents the […]

  • Oracle tablespace creation and DMP file import (recommended)


    –Login with the account with Oracle system authority –1. Create user create user u_name identified by “u_password”; –2. Grant authority grant dba, resource, connect to u_name; grant create session to u_name; grant create table to u_name; grant create view to u_name; grant create tablespace to u_name; grant unlimited tablespace to u_name; grant select any table […]

  • Settings of auto add fields for each database (mysql, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL)


    In the process of database design, we usually set the ID field in the database table to auto increment. Here are the commonData dictionary tableFor example, it shows how to set the auto increment field under each database. MySQL Mysql database only needs to be added on the target fieldAUTO_INCREMENT, and set for tableAUTO_INCREMENT=x。x: number […]

  • Oracle installation and uninstallation tutorial details


    Details of Oracle installation and uninstallation steps are provided for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Oracle installation steps 1. Unzip win32-11gr2-database-1of2.zip and win32-11gr2-database-1of2.zip to the current directory (PS: select two compression packages and right-click to unzip to the current folder; must unzip at the same time, cannot unzip separately, or the file […]

  • Oracle addbatch() usage example details


    Oracle addbatch() usage example details Use of Preparedstatement. Addbatch() The difference between statement and Preparedstatement is not much nonsense. Let’s talk about the use of the most important addbatch () structure of Preparedstatement. 1. Establish a link Connection connection =getConnection(); 2. Do not automatically commit connection.setAutoCommit(false); 3. Precompile SQL statements, only compile once, high efficiency […]

  • Java Paging Function under Oracle Power Node Java College Arrangement


    As we often see in paging, when paging, not only the result set of queries (List), but also the total number of pages (pageNum), the current number of pages (pageNo) and other information are returned. So we encapsulate a PageModel class of query results, the code is as follows: package com.bjpowernode.test; import java.util.List; public class […]

  • Connecting 64-bit Oracle 11g database with PowerDesigner under Win7 64-bit


    This tutorial shares PowerDesigner‘s method of connecting 64-bit Oracle11g database for your reference. The details are as follows. Operating System: WIN7 64 Flagship Edition Oracle version: 64 bit 11g PowerDesigner Version: 15.1 Problem Description: Because PowerDesigner is a 32-bit program, connecting to database will open 32-bit ODBC by default, so Oracle11g driver can not be […]

  • Copy a Data Table with SQL Language


    Several methods of replicating tables in SQL: SQL replicates the entire table select * into NewTableName from OldTableName Copy only column names, not content select * into NewTableName from OldTableName where 1 = 0 Inter-table data replication insert into NewTableName(zt) select titile from OldTableName