• Solution to the problem of oracle-12154 connecting with virtual machine


    When it comes to the problem of ora-12154, there are a lot of solutions on the Internet. The reasons are basically the same: the configuration of TNS or listener is not correct. Incorrect listener configuration usually occurs less often. Most people follow the default configuration and follow the “next step”. It’s basically the service name […]

  • Steps to solve the problem of xhost: unable to open display in the installation of ORACLE 11g


    1、 Xhosts error After vncserver is installed, the local PC Notebook can connect to the Oracle server remotely through VNC viewer, but in the process of xhost + error reporting, localhost, and local IP address, all of which are unable tool display, as shown below: [[email protected] ~]# export DISPLAY=localhost:1 [[email protected] ~]# xhost xhost: unable […]

  • Sample code of Oracle translate statistics character occurrence times


    Special usage: count the number of occurrences of E in the string: SELECT LENGTHB(TRANSLATE(‘ABCDEFGEFGDBE’,’E’||’ABCDEFGEFGDBE’,’E’)) FROM DUAL; The same as: SELECT LENGTHB(‘ABCDEFGEFGDBE’)-LENGTHB(REPLACE(‘ABCDEFGEFGDBE’,’E’,”)) FROM DUAL; Use of translate 1、 Syntax:  TRANSLATE(string,from_str,to_str) Two, purpose Returns a string that replaces (all occurrences) each character in from STR with the corresponding character in to str. Translate is a superset of […]

  • Summary of lsnrctl command in Oracle (recommended)


    Detailed description of lsnrctl parameters and query status of Oracle monitoring service, common parameters. Enter lsnrctl at the command line to enter the following page 1.status Displays the status of the listener. The command shows whether the listener is active, the location of logs and trace files, how long the listener has been running, and […]

  • Oracle listens for lsnrctl command (recommended)


    Listener control Because after you type lsnrctl, you will enter the monitoring control interface. Make sure to use the lsnrctl status command to check the status of the Oracle listener before starting, shutting down, or restarting it: 1. $lsnrctl status: check the status of the current listener 2. $lsnrctl start [listener name] starts all listeners. […]

  • Configuration method of SQL statement in mybatis for Oracle


    Hump naming method should be used for underlined fields in the database, such as P ﹣ name corresponding to pname. The example is as follows: 1. SQL statement configuration in XML file (geteway. XML file) <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE mapper PUBLIC “-//mybatis.org//DTD Mapper 3.0//EN” “http://mybatis.org/dtd/mybatis-3-mapper.dtd”> <mapper namespace=”com.soecode.hbdw.gateway.dao.GatewayDao”> <cache></cache> Purpose: to provide SQL statement configuration for […]

  • Oracle delete table and view table space instance details


    Basic commands commonly used by Oracle –1. Fuzzy query of notes in the following table: For example, query the table associated with the coupon Select * from user > tab > comments t where t.comments like ‘% coupon%’; ! [write picture description here] (http://img.blog.csdn.net/20170321112728053? Watermark / 2 / text / ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvdtaxmdqynzkznq = = / font […]

  • Installation tutorial of Oracle10g 64 bit version in win7 64 environment


    Just contacted with Oracle, when installing and deploying linked Oracle, there are many problems. From this point of view alone, SQL server is very friendly. 1、If you have previously installed Oracle Software, it is recommended to uninstall it completely (I don’t know if it is necessary) 2、After cleaning up the old version of Oracle, start […]

  • PL / SQL developer connecting to 64 bit Oracle


    Due to the continuous update of hardware technology, win7 system has gradually become the mainstream, and the computer memory has gradually increased. In order to make full use of memory resources (32 is the system can only use about 3G memory at most) and improve system performance, many people began to use win7 (64bit) system. […]

  • Installation of Oracle 10g under win7


    The Oracle 10g installation diagram tutorial prepared for you under win7 is very detailed: Method / step The Oracle 10g installation preparation step obtains the Oracle 10g installation program, or downloads the optical image from the Oracle technology network (OTN). During the evaluation phase, you can download and use full-featured Oracle without technical restrictions for […]

  • A thorough solution to Oracle password expiration


    The more time, the more delay, the test environment Oracle password expired. Let’s not talk about itSet to never expire (sit environment). 1. Log in to the management database as sys user; the query statement is as follows, and the query statement is unformatted.. select * from dba_profiles where profile = ‘DEFAULT’ and resource_name = […]

  • Oracle 12C installation tutorial (window)


    The Oracle 12C installation tutorial is recorded as follows 1. Download the database by yourself at www.orcale.com. 2. You must download both files, put them in the same directory for decompression, decompress the first file, and choose to replace the second file when decompressing, because there are still some new files to be added, otherwise […]