• Linux uses the touch command to create files


    usage method: $ touch –help Usage: touch [option]… File If the specified file does not exist, a blank price is created. Otherwise, the access time and modification time of each file are set to the current time. The parameters that long options must use are also required for short options. -A change access time only […]

  • Linux uses cat, less, head, tail, LDD and other commands to display the file content


    usage method: $ cat –help Usage: cat [option]… File Output [file] to standard output. The parameters that long options must use are also required for short options. -A. — show all is equivalent to – vet -E. — show ends is displayed at the end of each line$ -n. — number to number all the […]

  • Talk about git Series 1: git introduction and installation


    1、 Version control 1. What is version control system A standard version control system (VCS) usually needs the following functions:Ability to create a repository for storing codeFacilitate code distribution to team members during collaborative developmentRecord the content, time and reason of each code modificationAble to create branches, which can be developed according to different scenariosAbility […]

  • Webpack 4L 5L


    transfer 1. Webpack 5 requires at least Node.js 10.13.0 (LTS)。 2. Upgrade webpack 4 to the latest available version 3. Upgrade webpack cli to the latest available version (when used) 4. Upgrade all used plugins and loaders to the latest available version Plugins and loaders that have been adapted to webpack 5 must be used. […]

  • Linux uses MV command to rename or move files


    usage method: $ mv –help Usage: MV [options]… [- t] source target MV [option]… Source… Target Rename or move files / directories. The parameters that long options must use are also required for short options. -B similar to — backup option, but does not accept parameters, backup before overlay -f. — force direct coverage without […]

  • Application management under k8s — understanding helmfile


    A series of articles: Application management under k8s — Understanding Helm Application management under k8s — understanding helmfile TLS certificate management under k8s Application management in k8s — creation and maintenance of private helm chart In the last article, we introduced the initial use of helm. However, it still can not meet our workflow. The […]

  • Self made vscode plug-in for auto import


    Problems encountered When using Vue, it’s very troublesome to import a component every time. You have to write the component label first, then import it in the script label, and explicitly declare it in components… When I encounter this kind of repetitive labor problem, I always wonder if I can complete it with script? Thanks […]

  • Swoole v4.6.0 release, support native curl coroutine client


    Swoole v4.6.0Version is released, which is also the first version update in 2021. Released as a Y version, this update also contains incompatible modifications and many new features. Let’s take a look at the changes? Downward incompatible changes fromv4.6.0Version will no longer be supportedPHP7.1 PHP official forPHP7.1The support of the government has already ended by […]

  • 8 examples of advanced usage of LS command under Linux


    8 examples of advanced usage of LS command under Linux Under Linux, you must be too familiar with the command ls. Liang Xu believes that as long as you are a Linux Engineer, you can’t do without this command every day, and you can use it hundreds of times a day. But, apart fromls -lWhat […]

  • Common computer shortcut key [turn]


    catalog 1、 Common shortcut keys: 2: Shortcut keys in Internet Explorer 3、 Windows key 4、 Use my computer and windows explorer shortcuts 5、 Using the shortcut keys in the dialog box 6、 Use the desktop, my computer, and windows explorer shortcuts 7、 Shortcut keys for Microsoft Magnifier 8、 Using accessibility shortcuts I seldom use shortcut […]

  • Spool v4.6.1 release, bug fix version


    v4.6.1Version is mainly a bug repair version, and there are no downward incompatible changes. In the last version, the native curl coroutine client was supported, but the option of PECL installation was omitted, which led to some users’ feedback that the native curl coroutine client could not be used normally and could only be solved […]

  • MySQL learning notes (16): command line tools


    This article is updated on June 14, 2020, using MySQL 5.7 and operating system deepin 15.4. catalog Myisamchk — MyISAM table maintenance tool Myisampack — MyISAM table compression tool MySQL — client connection tool Mysqladmin — MySQL management tool Mysqlbinlog — log management tool Mysqlcheck — table maintenance tool Mysqldump — data export tool Mysqldumpslow […]