• Detect and install ADT plug-ins in eclipse


    testing Help — > install new software will pop up an interface. At the bottom of the program, there is a “what’s already installed”. Click it to pop up an interface. By default, all installed plug-ins will be listed in the first tab “integrated software”. If you see “Android development tools” in the “name” column, […]

  • Centos7 uses systemctl to list the services that failed to start


    This tutorial describes how to use the systemctl tool to list the services managed by SYSTEMd that failed to startList services that failed to start[[email protected] ~]# systemctl list-units –state failed UNIT LOAD ACTIVE SUB DESCRIPTION● httpd.service loaded failed failed The Apache HTTP Server LOAD = Reflects whether the unit definition was properly loaded.ACTIVE = The […]

  • October CMS – quick start 17 – adding options to components


    In the previous section, we added a component to the home page through the actor component to display the list of actors.Next, we will add some properties to the component: define propertiesThis function will return an array, and each array in the array will return each option Add an option to display the limit on […]

  • Tail tooth coat


    Five reading modes Five reading methods depend on  IConfiguration  and  IConfigurationRoot  object 1、 Primary writing //Case insensitive   string connectionString = _ configuration[“ConnectionString”]; 2、 Binding configuration model var config = new Config01(); _configuration.Bind(config); 3、 Partial binding //Websetting is a sub object of config. Var websetting = new websetting(); _configuration.GetSection(“WebSetting”).Bind(webSetting); 4、 Register services for configuration options […]

  • Vue filters the same data under two conditions


    explain:In order to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests, pull-down filter these multi frequency operations and change them to local processing. Scenario:1. Name of waste:(1) The drop-down list data is obtained according to the “waste name” of the table;(2) When the drop-down option is “all”, the most original data is returned; 2. Container label:(1) The data shall […]

  • Study of project.pbxproj file


    (this article)articleIt was originally published on CSDN, but now the blog is migrated and rearranged and modified with markdown) Because of the needs of the project, I recently learned project.pbxproj. There are a lot of information about the introduction of this document on the Internet, but I don’t feel very detailed. Here I make a […]

  • How to use truncate command in Linux


    The truncate command is typically used to shrink or expand a file to a specified size. If the file is larger than the specified size, additional data will be lost. If the file is short, it is extended and the extended portion reads zero bytes.System environmentCentos7 installUsually, the operating system will install the truncate command, […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 6-4-2 write a custom Django admin command


    Write a custom Django admin command Applications can bemanage.pyRegister their own actions. For example, you might want to add one for the Django application you are publishingmanage.pyAction. In the documentation on this page, we willpollsBuild a custom applicationclosepollCommand. To do this, simply add one to the applicationmanagement/commandscatalogue Django will register one for each Python module […]

  • Introduction to Wireshark packet capture tool


    Introduction to Wireshark packet capture tool This article mainly introducesWiresharkHow does this tool capture packets? Learning and using packet capture tools are very helpful for learning various network protocols. 1. How to capture messages (1) OpenWiresharkAfter the packet capture tool, clickCapture – > Options: (2) In the newly openedCapture optionsYou can see the following interface: […]

  • Golang functional options?


    In the process of developing or learning source code, many people should have seen the following code fragments type Option func(opts *Options) //Create a new server, client, pool, etc func NewXXX(name string, opts …Option) {} Just started fromjavaturngoWhen I read these codes, I was really confused. I couldn’t understand what these options were and why […]

  • In depth understanding of MySQL advanced knowledge points, introduction to startup items, system variables and character sets!


    Mysql database is the most widely used database at present, and it is often contacted in practical work. To really use MySQL well is not only to be able to write SQL, but also to really understand its internal working principle. This paper first introduces some MySQL related knowledge points from a macro perspective, in […]

  • Fire! This free, open source terminal resource monitor is really awesome


    For system operation and maintenance, maintenance or development personnel, it is also one of the necessary skills for IT personnel to have a good and clear understanding of the use of resources in all aspects of the system. For Linux system, we can use some command tools provided by the system, such as:top、htop、iotop、iostat、ifstat、vmstatWait, sometimes I […]