• Vue3 tutorial: how do straight men of science and technology build plug-ins with their sisters step by step?


    Author: shadeTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: learnvue Dream, dry goods, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this dish washing wisdom who is still washing dishes in the early morning. This article GitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included. There are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for the interview of front-line large factories. Plug ins […]

  • Use of docker compose


    Background: Now there is a requirement: some small partners want to run a set of spring cloud applications locally. Online dockers are deployed in kubernetes clusters. The application is deployed by statefullset (he wants to test the host name to register in Nacos). Then, the local idea is developed. The host name is one. Therefore, […]

  • Win10 Home Edition cannot find a solution to hyper-v


      Question: Compared with win10 professional edition, win10 Home Edition cannot find Hyper-V option in “enable or disable windows features”. But this does not mean that win10 home edition does not support Hyper-V function. We can turn it on manually.     terms of settlement: 1. First, determine whether the computer supports Hyper-V features. Open […]

  • Linux note sharing XIII: RPM command management


    1、 RPM package command rule 1. About the location of RPM package in CD Linux Installation CD is basically installed in RPM package position /mnt/cdrom/Packages 2. Command rule httpd-2.2.15-15.el6.centos.i686.rpm Httpd: package name 2.2. 15: Software version 15: Number of software releases el6. CentOS: suitable Linux platform I686: suitable hardware platform RPM: RPM extension 3. RPM […]

  • Implementing a GitHub trending API with go


    background In the last article, we introduced the cool Tui program framework –bubbletea。 Finally, a program is implemented to pull the GitHub trending warehouse and display it on the console. Since GitHub does not provide an official trending API, we usegoqueryI realized one myself. Due to space Zh, the previous article did not introduce how […]

  • Apache AB pressure measurement Linux


    Note: PHP is used this time. Try golang next time AB commandIt is a tool to test your Apache HTTP server. You can specify the number of requests to Apache per unit time through this tool to see how your Apache works with the machine. Installation command: yum -y install httpd-tools View version: ab -v […]

  • Shell command line parameter parsing tool: getopts


    Shell command line parameter parsing tool: getopts stayshellIn the script, for simple parameters, we use$1 $2 It can be handled as follows: #!/bin/bash SOFT_DIR=$1 MAVEN_DIR=$2 echo $SOFT_DIR echo $MAVEN_DIR —————– $ sh test.sh /home/soft /home/soft/maven /home/soft /home/soft/maven However, if you have a lot of script parameters, the above method is very inappropriate. You can’t clearly […]

  • Escape from the unmanned bar (2)


    Click like to start the game (people with heart disease and high blood pressure are not allowed to enter the game!!!) (tip: pretend you’re playing a game, which will go deeper into the plot!) Press “F” to pick Before the coma, you were buying wine from the bartender Press “F” to search Press “L” to […]

  • JQ basics — Introduction to plug-in development


    The function of extending jQuery plug-ins and methods is very powerful, which can save a lot of development time. introduction Writing a jQuery plug-in starts with jQuery FN add a new function attribute. The name of the object attribute added here is the name of your plug-in: jQuery.fn.myPlugin = function(){ //Your own plug-in code }; […]

  • 5. [common command] file search command


    1. Find command Find command Use with cautionfindAnd other search and search commands, because search also consumes system resources. Especially when Linux is still providing services as a server, please carefully use some time-consuming and resource consuming commands. 1.1. Search by file or directory name option-name, case is not ignored; option-iname, ignoring case. find /tmp […]

  • In ASP Net core to inject dependencies into the controller


    preface ASP. Net core MVC controllers explicitly request dependencies through constructors. ASP. Net core has built-in support for dependency injection (DI). Di makes applications easier to test and maintain. Constructor Inject The service is added as a constructor parameter, and the runtime parses the service from the service container. Interfaces are often used to define […]

  • Bootstrap select default configuration


    URL: null, // request path (not required. If there is no URL, the data attribute must be added; if there is a URL, the data attribute is invalid. The value returned by the URL is loaded by default, and its return type is [{key: value}, {key: value}]) Params: {}, // request parameters Paramstype: ”, // […]