• Git windows installation tutorial (version


    1. Git Download Go to git official website to download the software of the corresponding system. The download address isgit-scm.comperhapsgitforwindows.orgGit SCM above is the official git, which contains installation packages and source codes for different systems and platforms, and gitforwindows Only the installation package of windows system is available in 2. Git installation The version […]

  • .net how to insert combo box in word


    Combo box is a combination of text box and drop-down list, and allows editors to select items in the list to display and input content. It is a very practical function in word documents. For some fixed data, such as gender, location, or the selection of several items, the combo box can facilitate data entry […]

  • How to set the theme appearance of material design style for chrome developer tools


    Figure 1 shows the default light style of chrome developer tools. In the setting options, select dark to load the style shown in the following figure: You can also install the material devtools theme collection: In the experience option of the chrome developer tool, tick “allow extensions to load custom stylesheets”: Then theme selects system […]

  • Mask CSDN search results with ublack list


    CSDN is now full of advertisements, and many blogs need to pay attention before copying, which is very speechless. If you add “-csdn” option every time you use Google search, it will be very troublesome. Is there a more convenient way? We can use Chrome’s ublacklist plug-in. First, search and install ublacklist in the Google […]

  • Using sysbench for Linux performance testing


    Sysbench is an open source multi-purpose benchmark utility, which is used to evaluate the parameter characteristic test of CPU, memory, i/o and database (MySQL) performance. This tool is very important for MySQL parameter testing, especially when running intensive database loads.System environmentCentos8 Install sysbenchFirst install the EPEL source, and then install sysbench [[email protected] ~]# rpm -ivh […]

  • Add a drop-down list control in word document c#/vb.net


    Drop down list is a kind of content control, which is a function we often use. It can limit the content of editing and can only select the data entry in the list, which is convenient to fill in and ensures the accuracy of the entered data. In Microsoft Word, the function of adding controls […]

  • Operation details that should be paid attention to when learning Vue scaffold for beginners


    When learning Vue scaffolding from the video of Shang Silicon Valley, I found that main The format in the JS file is completely different from that in the video. The content can be understood, but for the sake of beginner’s learning, it’s better to follow the operation of the cat and tiger, but it’s always […]

  • Unity produces the effect of night and fog


    Usually in unity, even if we delete the directional light that is automatically created when it is created, we still cannot achieve the effect of night. This is because the intersity multiplier is 1 in the linghing setting. You only need to change the size of this value to change the light of the environment. […]

  • Cloud computing – take you to install MySQL database and remove security risks


    Mariabd Security Configuration Wizard **1. After installing MariaDB server, run mysql_ secure_ Installation to remove potential safety hazardsmysql_ secure_ Installation will perform several settings:** Set password for root user Delete anonymous account Cancel remote login of root user Delete the test library and access rights to the test library Refresh the authorization table to make […]

  • Methods of finding files in Linux system


    -The options that name must use. Indicate requirementssystemSearch by file name General format: find / (dirname) -name filename   Specific file name search method: If you know the file name of a file, but don’t know which folder the file is placed in, or even the folder nested layer by layer. For example, suppose you […]

  • VIM “little knowledge points”


    :setAll options with modified default values will be displayed: Add after an option?To view the current option value, for example,:set undodir? . Add after an option&Restore its default values, for example,:set number?. I once encountered a problem when using asyncrun,#37 . :scriptenames, list all source files in the order of source. Source is actually load. […]

  • How to display banner messages before using SSH login in Linux system


    Want to display messages or banners before openssh (sshd server) authentication? Try using this simple technique to display banner or ASCII WordArt on your Linux system.Openssh has a built-in option called banner. Send the contents of the specified file to the remote user before allowing authentication. If the banner option is set to none, no […]