• The type or namespace name ‘optimization’ (missing assembly reference?) does not exist in system.web


    After the mvc4 project is running, a sudden prompt appears on the browsing pageType or namespace name ‘optimization‘ (missing assembly reference?) does not exist in namespace ‘system. Web’ Later, it was found that the problem occurred in the web.config file configuration under the view folder <pages pageBaseType=”System.Web.Mvc.WebViewPage”>   <namespaces>     <add namespace=”System.Web.Mvc” />     <add namespace=”System.Web.Mvc.Ajax” />     <add […]

  • SQL optimization skills Guide


    To optimize the query, we should avoid full table scanning as far as possible. First, we should consider building indexes on the columns involved in where and order by. We should try our best to avoid null value judgment in the where clause, otherwise it will cause the engine to abandon the index and scan […]

  • Detailed explanation of MySQL database ten million level data query and storage


    Million level data processing scheme Data storage structure design Table field design The table field is not null, because the null value is difficult to query and optimize, and takes up extra index space, the default number 0 is recommended. For data status type fields, such as status, type, etc., try not to define negative […]

  • Web speed optimization


    I believe that the Internet has increasingly become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Ajax, flex and other rich client applications make people more “happy” to experience many functions that can only be implemented in C / s. For example, Google opportunity has moved the most basic office applications to the Internet. Of course, convenient […]

  • How to optimize today’s headline IOS installation package


    preface Today’s headlines: IOS has focused on the problem of installation package size since 2016, and started the optimization of package size. In 2017, we published our experience at that time as a technical article “dry goods – today’s headlines IOS installation package size optimization – ideas and practice” [1]. Now three years have passed. […]

  • The operation method of optimizing MySQL de duplication operation to the extreme


    Ask questions Source table t_ The structure of source is as follows: item_id int, created_time datetime, modified_time datetime, item_name varchar(20), other varchar(20) requirement: 1. There are 1 million pieces of data in the source table, of which 500000 are created_ Time and item_ Name repeated.2. Write 500000 data after de duplication to the target table.3. […]

  • Brief introduction of tuned / tuned ADM tool for dynamic optimization of Linux system


    RHEL / CentOS introduces a new system tuning tool named tuned / tuned ADM after version 6.3. Tuned is the server program, which is used to monitor and collect the data of various components of the system, and dynamically adjust the system settings according to the information provided by the data, so as to achieve […]

  • Detailed explanation of MySQL database table structure optimization method


    In this paper, an example of MySQL database table structure optimization method. The details are as follows: Choose the right data type 1. Use the smallest data type that can hold your data 2. Use simple data types. Int is simpler than varchar in MySQL processing 3. Use not null to define fields as much […]

  • PHP optimization of batch operation MySQL instance analysis


    This article describes the PHP optimization of batch operation mysql. For your reference, the details are as follows: Design a data table as follows: create table optimization( id INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, value VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(id) ); Now there is a business requirement to insert data in batches. Let’s take a look at […]

  • The optimization of regular expression


    Just like the comprehensive optimization explanation of MySQL written before, it is because such tools are widely used, so it is very cost-effective to summarize the optimization strategies of such tools comprehensively. No matter you are a programmer of PHP, Perl, python, C + +, C + +, Java and other languages, you are likely […]

  • Some suggestions on HTML5 SEO optimization


    for instance < title > Taobao – Taobao! I like < / Title > Use the description and keyword tag (no more than 300 characters is preferred) < meta name = “description” content = “Taobao – Asia’s largest online trading platform, providing all kinds of clothing, beauty, home furnishing, digital, phone / point card recharge […]

  • Two methods of computer upgrade and optimization


    If the computer is permanent, it is inevitable that some infrequent software will occupy the system. As a result, the computer will not be as fast as when it is newly purchased, or if the computer is out of date and wants to upgrade, what should be done? Let’s share two practical optimization tips   […]