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  • Database summary


    Introduction of database service concept Database: mainly used for effective analysis and processing of a large number of data informationDatabase server: MySQL maridbDatabase: storing data, classifying user information — user information base, commodity information — commodity transaction information — payment businessDatasheet: Datasheet informationData field: store specific content information, store information specificationData line: real every legal […]

  • [C ා] tool class FTP operation encapsulation class ftphelper


    C ා ftphelper implements file reading and writing operation of FTP server, and supports SSL Protocol (FTP server: serv-u10.0). using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Linq; using System.Net; using System.Net.Security; using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates; using System.Text; namespace FTPTest { public class FTPHelper { #Region variable /// ///FTP request object /// FtpWebRequest request = null; /// ///FTP […]

  • Talk about high concurrency and high availability – Kafka


    catalog Why message queuing is needed 1. Asynchronism: in an order process, you need to deduct points, discount papers, send short messages, etc. some time-consuming things that do not need to be handled immediately can be put into the queue for asynchronous processing. 2. Peak shaving: according to the normal traffic, the server can just […]

  • Explanation of folder basic operation command in CentOS


    File (folder) view class Command Ls — displays the contents under the specified directory Description: LS displays the results with different colors to distinguish file categories. Blue represents directory, gray represents ordinary files, green represents executable files, red represents compressed files, and light blue represents linked files. -A — show all contents, including hidden files […]

  • Common commands of gitlab


    Remote warehouse command #Check out warehouse: git clone [email protected]:xxxxxxxxxx #To view a remote warehouse: git remote -v #Add remote warehouse: git remote add [name] [url] #Delete remote warehouse: git remote rm [name] #Modify remote warehouse: git remote set-url –push [name] [newUrl] #Pull remote warehouse: git pull [remoteName] [localBranchName] #Push remote warehouse: git push [remoteName] [localBranchName] […]

  • Redis operation command summary


    1、 Key pattern query the corresponding key (1) Redis allows fuzzy query keys to have three wildcards *,?, [] (2) Random key: return random key (3) Type key: returns the type of key storage (4) Exists key: judge whether a key exists (5) Del key: delete key (6) Rename key: Rename key (7) Renamex key […]

  • Kafka cluster golang application example


    Item: see: A kind of kafka cluster example What has this example done? A docker cluster service with 3-node Kafka and 3-node zookeeper is built; The docker applications of one message publisher and two message subscribers of the same consumption group are created respectively; UseabCarry out concurrent test to verify the subscription / publishing function […]

  • Redis basic knowledge summary


    Redis basic knowledge summary 1. What is redis Redis is an open-source log and key value non relational database written in ANSI C, supporting network, memory based and persistent, and provides APIs in multiple languages. Redis is remote Redis is memory based Redis is a non relational database 2. Redis installation 2.1. Window installation of […]

  • Git’s Simple Understanding and Detailed Explanation of Basic Operating Commands


    What’s the difference between GIT and svn? Git adopts distributed version library management, while SVN adopts centralized version library management. Centralized version library management requires a server that stores version libraries. Developers pull the latest version from the server at the time of development, then create/enter branches for development, and submit or merge branches to […]