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  • Summary of Operating System Topics


    1. Paging storage management (Paging) is adopted in a system. Page Size is 1K (1024). After paging, 0, 1 and 2 pages are loaded into 1, 2 and 4 frames of main memory respectively. The existing logical Address is 2048, and the Page Offset is ().Answer: 0Page number = logical address / page lengthIn-page address […]

  • Summary of Operating System


    Features Concurrent Concurrent refers to the ability to run multiple programs at the same time in a period of time, while parallel refers to the ability to run multiple instructions at the same time. Parallelism requires hardware support, such as multi-pipeline or multi-processor. By introducing processes and threads, the operating system enables programs to run […]

  • Critical Region Mutual Exclusion


    A List of Methods of Software Implementing Critical Zone Mutual Exclusion What data structures should we use before thinking about writing code? And what is the significance of this data? Algorithms 1: Single Sign Method P0: { while(turn != 0) ; // critical section Turn = 1; // exit zone // remainder section } P1: […]

  • Ali introduced PolarFS Distributed File System: Separating Storage from Computing (attached paper)


    Separating storage from computing makes a lot of sense, especially for deployed cloud databases. To this end, Alibaba has launched a newly developed distributed file system called PolarFS to ensure low latency and high availability. This file system is used in conjunction with Aliyun’s own PolarDB database service. Cloud database services such as PolarDB (or […]

  • Operating system synchronization primitives


    Race condition In General operating systems, different processes may share a common storage area, such as memory or files on a hard disk, where they are allowed to read and write.Operating systems have some responsibilities to coordinate the desired operations in the right way between processes that use common areas. These processes need to communicate, […]

  • Writing Loaders in Assembly Language (Loading User Programs)


    Using assembly language to write loader to load user program in specified format After the computer is powered up, the computer will first read the main boot sector of the hard disk and do some necessary initialization work, but one sector of the hard disk has only 512 bytes, so we need a user program […]

  • Fixed and Floating Points in Operating Systems


    Preface Some time ago, I saw on couresa the course of operating system of Professor Yuan Chunfeng of Nanjing University. So I reviewed the relevant knowledge of operating system. I intend to record the points that are not easy to understand so that I can review them later. Fixed-point and floating-point conceptsFirst of all, the […]

  • On the Primitive Code, Inverse Code, Complement Code and Shift Code of Operating System


    Preface This article casually talks about the way computers represent data, which is also a summary for future review. If there are any mistakes, please give your advice and make progress together. Numerical representation in computer Any data exists in the form of binary machine code in a computer. For example, +2 in real life […]

  • Java Multithread Programming Foundation – Thread Class


    thread When we read a program, it appears that we are tracking the processing flow of the program, but actually the execution of the thread. Single Thread Program In a single-threaded program, there is only one process performed at a certain point in time. When a Java program executes, at least one thread is running, […]

  • Notes: Disk Partition, File System, Links


    Preface I want to know about UNIX operating systemcloseandunlinkThe difference, consulted the relevant network information and referred to “APUv3” to write down this record. I’ll start with the computer disk partition, and I’ll keep working on the UNIX operating system’s file system (mainly UFS: the traditional BSD-based UNIX file system), and then identify the differences […]

  • Floating Point Representation of Operating System


    Preface Statement: This article is aimed at the online course https://www.coursera.org/lear… of Nanjing University for review. Scientific counting method The description above is a scientific representation of our daily decimal digits. Floating-point representation in computers is also designed based on the idea of scientific representation. Floating-Point Number Representation Similarly, floating-point representation has a prescribed format, […]

  • Build Agile Capability Center, Build the Next Generation of Digital Bank “Operating System”!


    Summary:Build Agile Capability Center, Build the Next Generation of Digital Bank “Operating System”! ​The little ant said: In recent years, more and more leading banks at home and abroad have devoted themselves to digital transformation. Digital transformation is the deep integration of technology and business model, and the final result is the change of business […]