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  • A lot of programmers don’t have a problem. How much do you know?


    1. What are the main operating systems and what are their differences? 2. Where is the desktop in the operating system? 3. How does the operating system manage the hardware? What is the concept and operation of hardware driver? 4. How does the operating system download a file from the Internet? 5. What are the […]

  • [operating system learning notes] operating system foundation


    What is an operating system? First look at the following pictureWhat do you think of? Yes, this is the whole computer.We say that computers are used toHelp people solve some practical problemsToolsLet’s first explore what will be done inside the computer by typing “hello” on the screen. Output “hello” work The CPU sends instructions to […]

  • [operating system learning] i. familiar with the experimental report of the experimental environment


    Basic process of this course The basic process of the experiment is to write the application program according to the experimental requirements, modify the source code of Linux 0.11, compile with GCC, run and debug the target code in the virtual environment of Bochs. Basic tools and introduction of the experiment (part of Google) X86 […]

  • Five I / O models of UNIX


    I / O operations are divided into two steps: (1) first copy the data from the storage medium (disk or network, etc.) to the kernel buffer, which is called data ready and can be read by the user. (2) the user application copies the kernel buffer data to the user buffer. 1. Blocking I / […]

  • [operating system learning] II. Guidance of operating system


    Experiment 1 1. Decompress the command and construct the experimental environment According to the operation in the previous section, three folders will appear after you unzip hit oslab, one of which is called boot in linux-0.11, and there are three files in it. Following chart These three files with. S are assemblers. This section focuses […]

  • [operating system learning] operating system interface


    Interface What is an interface.Take the common sockets in life as an example, how do we use them? We just need to insert the plug into the socket to use it easily. We don’t need to know which is the live line and which is the zero line… So this is an abstract concept, which […]

  • Comparison table of UNIX / Linux and MS-DOS instructions


    operation Unix/Linux (Bash) Windows(MS-DOS) Example Entry directory cd cd cd /path/to/target Create directory mkdir md mkdir folderName current directory pwd cd pwd Display directory ls dir ls Remove Directory rm del rm -r /path/to/target Print document lp print lp /path/to/file create a file touch touch fileName Copy file cp copy copy fileName fileNameAlias Find file […]

  • A great advice for java beginners


    From I don’t know what Java is to a small J2EE project manager now, although he can’t be a master of it, maybe he’s a little bit of an expert. Every time I surf the Internet, surf BBS and visit forums, I don’t want to go to Java related forum, I feel that there are […]

  • 30 day self-made operating System-1


    The first day is the official start. On this day, we will make a sentence printed on the basis of no operating system at all in the previous part. But we won’t write any code. It’s a tool, a binary tool. Here is a story. It’s just a fake story, but it’s feasible in theory. […]

  • 30 day self-made operating System-2


    On this day, we will learn assembly language, makefile and a large number of instructions such as DD and DW used yesterday. Although it is already very good, we want to make it more understandable. I also recommend an editor. I usually use sublime (Notepad + +, which I usually use to open a separate […]

  • 30 day self made operating System-3


    I vaguely remember when I saw the title of this section, I was very excited because I could use C language. First of all, we are going to make a real IPL. In retrospect, the IPL is the 512 boot bytes. Let it boot the real operating system. Because there are too few 512 bytes, […]

  • 30 day self-made operating system-4


    First of all, today’s content is more, but you can read directly at the back. When you think about it, you can see what we have painted on the interface. Go to the end, and start. The first is to write memory in C language. If we write in assembly, we use [] to read […]