• How to use OpenGL es to realize drawing board in IOS


    Today, we use OpenGL es to implement a drawing board, mainly introduces the implementation scheme of drawing smooth curve in OpenGL es. First of all, let’s look at the final effect In IOS, there are many ways to implement a drawing board. For example, my other project mfpaintview is based on coregraphics. However, using OpenGL […]

  • The method of drawing Bezier curve with OpenGL


    This example for you to share the OpenGL Bezier curve drawing specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows Project requirements: – use the mouse to set any control point on the screen and generate a curve – use the mouse and keyboard to modify the curve. General introduction of the project […]

  • Drawing Bezier curve with OpenGL


    Bezier curve algorithm is an algorithm to get smooth curve based on parametric curve equation. The parameters of curve equation are determined by control points.Its essence is that the harmonic function is interpolated according to the control points Where PI (I = 0,1 , n) is the vector of the control point, Bi,n(t)Is a Bernstein […]

  • Using OpenGL to draw Bezier curve


    This example for you to share the OpenGL Bezier curve drawing specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows Recently, I read the book computer graphics (OpenGL Edition) (Third Edition) Co authored by Francis s hill, Jr. and Stephen m Kelley. There are codes for drawing Bezier curves of three control points. […]

  • Drawing cubic Bezier curve with OpenGL


    This example for you to share the OpenGL drawing cubic Bezier curve specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows Calculation formula: Results of operation: The code is as follows: #include<gl/glut.h> #include<math.h> #include<windows.h> #include<vector> #include<algorithm> using namespace std; struct Point { int x, y; Point(){}; Point(int tx, int ty) { x = […]

  • Multi segment Bezier curve splicing based on OpenGL


    This example for you to share the OpenGL implementation of multi Bezier curve splicing specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows The interactive way of running the program is similar to the free curve drawing in CorelDRAW or the pen free path drawing in Photoshop. Screenshot: The BezierCurve is encapsulated into […]

  • OpenGL drawing five star red flag


    The example of this paper shares the specific code of OpenGL drawing five star red flag for your reference. The specific content is as follows Main instruments and equipment VisualStudio C++2015 Windows 10 environmentOpenGL library Operation steps 1. Parameters of five star red flag 1) The flag is red, rectangular, and the ratio of length […]

  • OpenGL about the difference between glstencilfuncseparate() and glstencilfuncfunction()


    glStencilFunc()Function is a command provided by OpenGL to control the template buffer. This is a function used before OpenGL 2.0. Its function prototype is void glStencilFunc(GLenum func, GLint ref, GLuint mask). Func specifies the comparison function, which specifies the conditions for passing the test. The values can be: (for convenience, the reference value is refvalue, […]

  • Understanding of glutinitdisplaymode() function in OpenGL


    In OpenGLglutInitDisplayMode()The main function of this function is to specify the type of display mode when creating a window. The function prototype is:void glutInitDisplayMode(unsigned int mode); The mode parameter is a possible Boolean combination predefined in the glut library. You use mode to specify the color mode, number, and buffer type. The parameters used in most […]

  • Glshademodel of OpenGL series


    Function model of glshademodel: void glShadeModel(GLenum mode); Parameter introduction: GL ﹣ flat: fixed shading, taking the color of a vertex in the entity to fill the entire entity. GL smooth: the color of each vertex will be adopted, and the non vertex part will adopt the smooth transition mode according to the color of the […]

  • Metal Introduction Course (1) Picture Drawing


    Preface Here is a Metal beginner’s tutorial. First, set a small goal: to draw a picture to the screen.The code address of the Metal series of tutorials;OpenGL ES series tutorials are here. Your Star and Fork are my motivation, and your opinion can help me go further.。 text Core thinking Through MetalKit,Be as simple as […]

  • Example Analysis of OpenGL Shader (8) Color aperture effect


    In this paper, we share the code of color aperture effect in OpenGL for your reference. The details are as follows. A color aperture effect is studied. It feels good. Share it with you. The effect is as follows: The code is as follows: Shader “shadertoy/TotalNoob” { //https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XdlSDs Properties{ iMouse (“Mouse Pos”, Vector) = (100,100,0,0) […]