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  • Android wechat login failed to call wxentryactivity


    1: The signature added when creating an application on wechat open platform should distinguish between debug and release.When the project runs in debug mode, the application of wechat open platform shall use the signature of debug.2: If the packagename and applicationid are inconsistent, it is easy to fail to call wxentryactivity. This is common. The […]

  • Realizing wechat login with Java


    Wechat scanning login png I. preparation https://open.weixin.qq.com1. Register2. Mailbox activation3. Improve Developer Information4. Developer qualification certificationPrepare business license, 1-2 working days for approval, 300 yuan 5. Create website applicationSubmit for review and approval within 7 working days6. Familiar with wechat login processReference documents:https://open.weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/showdocument?action=dir_list&t=resource/res_list&verify=1&id=open1419316505&token=e547653f995d8f402704d5cb2945177dc8aa4e7e&la ng=zh_CN 2. Back end development 1、application. Add relevant configuration information to properties […]

  • Bong open platform 5-minute entry


    Bong is a bracelet brand that was born not long ago. Presumably, many friends on segmentfault don’t understand it. Before getting to the point, let me take a minute to introduce the core advantages of bong. If you know something about us, you can skip this paragraph directly. The advantages of Bong bracelet are: Excellent […]

  • Springboot wechat login


    Advantages of wechat login At present, the number of wechat users is huge, and users prefer to log in through a faster and more convenient way rather than the traditional account and password login. springbootAccess wechat login preparation The website application wechat login is based on oauth2 Wechat oauth2.0 protocol standard 0 is authorized to […]

  • The version control of microblog is really problematic


    The version control of microblog is really problematic.On a whim, I wanted to cancel the authorization of some third-party websites or apps bound with microblog login, but I couldn’t find it at all!Whether it’s a new or original interface. It seems that it was in “account settings” n years ago, but not now.Searched a bunch […]

  • Mobile development free API and website Collection


    1、 API1、https://www.juhe.cn/Super great. Just do a good job of certification. I have a free API that can be used for 20 + certification 2、http://apistore.baidu.com/ast…Baidu API Market 3、https://developers.douban.com…Douban is open to enterprises only 4、http://open.taobao.com/?spm=a…Taobao open platform 5、http://www.tuling123.com/help…Turing voice 6、http://www.xfyun.cn/robots/so…IFLYTEK voice 7、https://open.weixin.qq.com/Ma Huateng’s wechat open platform (corresponding to Tencent open platform, Baidu Bar is useless) 8、https://developer.rongcloud.c…Rongyun im […]

  • Uniapp packaging and pit filling guide


    Recently, I was working on the company’s crmeb project, and just used this to send it out for your reference. You are welcome to make corrections App packaging (APP packaging with hbuilder) 1、 Modify interface address 1. Open config / APP under uni app JS modify the interface address and change the two addresses shown […]

  • With this toolkit, wechat development does not need to build wheels repeatedly


    Hello everyone, I am a small editor who broke my heart for the majority of programmers. It is my goal to recommend a gadget / source code every day, fill your favorites, and share a small skill every day, so that you can easily save development efficiency and achieve no overtime, no staying up late […]

  • The flutter plug-in fluwx IOS is configured to activate wechat


    A. installationFluwxplug-in unit B. configure the Apple App site association file { “applinks”: { “apps”: [], “details”: [ { “Appid”: “teamid. Application bundid”, “paths”: [ “/app/*” ] } ] } } Teamid and application bundid parameter lookup 1、https://developer.apple.com/–>account 2、 flutter-fluwx-ios-account.png 3. Clickidentifiers 4. Find your app and click 5. FindEdit your App ID ConfigurationCan seeApp […]

  • Store open platform


    Store open platform signature /** *Construct request parameters * * @param $params * @param $method * * @return array */ protected function dealParams($params, $method) { if (empty($params)) { $param_json = ‘{}’; } else { ksort($params); foreach ($params as &$value) { $value = str_replace([‘&’, ‘<‘, ‘>’], [‘\u0026’, ‘\u003c’, ‘\u00ce’], $value); } $param_json = json_encode($params, 256); $param_json […]

  • Steps to build a template applet


    Steps to build a template applet Project Description: build applet with uni app and build background framework with Vue + element. Principle:Wechat open platformThe third-party platform service provider can be bound, and the development applet can be bound in the details > development configuration of the third-party service provider. The code uploaded through this applet […]

  • Matrix architecture practice of Boshi fund’s Internet open platform based on rocketmq


    Introduction:After more than one year’s construction, matrix has the functions of multi-channel unified access, third-party ecological interconnection, and scenario encapsulation of fund characteristic trading. By building a company with quality and temperature, matrix enables users to understand risks and investment from the aspects of technology and experience, so as to continuously create value for customers. […]