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  • Matrix architecture practice of Boshi fund’s Internet open platform based on rocketmq


    Introduction:After more than one year’s construction, matrix has the functions of multi-channel unified access, third-party ecological interconnection, and scenario encapsulation of fund characteristic trading. By building a company with quality and temperature, matrix enables users to understand risks and investment from the aspects of technology and experience, so as to continuously create value for customers. […]

  • Practical and free API recommendation


    All kinds of free API, good things to share with you! Data from: Turing chat robot, baidu open platform, eolinker API shop, face + + 1、 Turing chat robot http://doc.tuling123.com/open… 2、 Baidu map open platform http://lbsyun.baidu.com/index… 3、 Eolinker – API shop Daily use Driving test question bank:https://apistore.eolinker.com…National Weather Forecast:https://apistore.eolinker.com…Hot news todayhttps://apistore.eolinker.com…Zip code inquiry:https://apistore.eolinker.com…Real time air […]

  • Uniapp packing app pit filling guide


    Working in a company recentlyCrmeb project, just use this to send out for your reference, you are welcome to correct App packaging (using hbuilder for app packaging) 1、 Modify interface address 1. Open config under uni app/ app.js Modify the interface address and change the two addresses in the figure below to your domain name […]

  • Geolocation


    Geolocation Using geolocation The following example is a geolocation instance, which can return the longitude and latitude of the user’s location: const success = res => { const { latitude, longitude } = res.coords console.log(`${longitude},${latitude}`) } if (navigator.geolocation) { navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(success) } We dissect this code step by step Step one:Determine whether the browser has a […]

  • Applet to get unionid


    Official account and applet bind WeChat open platform Wechat open platform needs certification (300) Then the relevant binding is carried out. When binding, the original manager of the relevant account is required to scan the code The same is true for applets The applet gets the unionid <button hidden=”{{is_login}}” class=’bottom’ type=’primary’ open-type=”getUserInfo” lang=”zh_CN” bindgetuserinfo=”bindGetUserInfo” style=’width:100px’> […]

  • What kind of experience is it to get through wechat and nail service?


    Wechat and nailing belong to the two camps of Tencent and Alibaba. When they can communicate with each other, what kind of magical scene will it be? Today, we passfastwego/offiaccountandfastwego/dingdingTry these two open source golang SDKs: To implement a WeChat official account translation service: translate the Chinese text sent to the user into French. Wechat […]

  • Apicloud developer’s way to advance | [module tutorial] Ding module use sharing


    Ding module Overview of dinging module This module encapsulates the sharing function of nails Android signature download the signature tool and install it. Open it and enter the package name of the application to generate the application’s signature Module usage strategy Before using, you must apply for a developer account from the nailed open platform […]

  • Python realizes code scanning login of wechat third party website (Django)


    Write it at the front The third party has just logged in to the wechat website in this week. Because of the first time I wrote the related project, I encountered a lot of holes. Therefore, I hope that Xiaobai, like me before, can develop calmly, and don’t waste unnecessary time. This article is as […]

  • Django uses social auth to realize code scanning login of wechat third-party websites


    preface Before let the website company make the new official website, the plan hasThird party account numberHowever, due to the cumbersome application procedures of some open platforms at that time (especially the wechat open platform), it has been delayed. Recently, I can only add relevant functions by myself. Because it’s new contactPythonandDjangoDuring this period, I […]

  • Mobile terminal city positioning, city area code adcode


    Using the goto positioning API: AMap.Map(‘iCenter’) AMap.CitySearch() First, register the key to apply for location permission in Gaode open platform. Website; Gaode open platform The script with positioning key is introduced into the page to be located <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> <meta name=”viewport” content=”initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no, width=device-width”> < title > basic […]

  • Wechat system


    Wechat is a platform with huge traffic, with 100 million users. How can Lamo access some of its capabilities?For example, wechat login, wechat payment, message notification, etc. Wechat login [better user management] Reduce user registration cost and improve user retention rateAccount exchange and data exchange For the same user, the unionid is the same for […]

  • Docking Alipay payment interface development detailed steps (certificate signing method)


    Docking Alipay payment interface, the official document has been written very clearly, but there are many like me, Xiao Bai, the first docking Alipay payment interface, there will be some confusion, so I write this article here, give me and my classmates, a little bit of thinking.If you need ideas, you can talk to me […]