• Open the game to run 1.98 billion if statements? Hackers ridicule Rockstar’s game code for being too bad


    Transfer from: qubit A cigarette,GTA 5 OnlineFinally opened. “Seven years! GTA 5 online version loading is still so slow? “ △*Please wait forever to play Game player make complaints about Reddit, Steam and HackerNews. If you enter the game, you can wait as little as 5 or 6 minutes and as much as 20 minutes. […]

  • Use of MySQL online DDL


    text Online DDL is only supported in MySQL 5.6. In versions 5.5 and earlier, using alter table / create index and other commands to modify the table structure will lock the table, which is obviously unacceptable in the production environment. In MySQL 5.7, online DDL is continuously optimized in terms of performance and stability. It […]

  • Windows Server new disk is offline solution


          Solution: The operations of the command line are as follows: 1. Enter Diskpart mode        2. List disk conditions        3. Select offline disks        4. Online disk            5. Clear disk properties        6. Enter disk management and prompt […]

  • Oracle inserts large amount of data into tables quickly


    When you need to insert a very large table, it will consume a lot of resources, because when you update the table, Oracle needs to generate redo log and undo log; at this time, the best solution is to use insert and set the table to NOLOGGING; When the table is set to NOLOGGING and […]

  • Tricks: Clear USB Read-only Status Under Windows


    Clear USB read-only status under Windows Run Diskpart Run CMD with administrator privilege Run DISKPART to check USB disk status Diskpart Choose Disk Then under the Diskpart console, input the following instruction: DISKPAERT> list disk The result looks like: Disk status size available dyn GPT ——– ————- ——- ——- — — Disk 0 online 238 […]

  • Storage structure of Oracle Database


    The storage structure of Oracle is divided into physical storage structure and logical storage structure. 1、 Physical storage structure: refers to the files existing on the hard disk Data file A database can be composed of multiple data files, which really store database data. A data file is an operating system file. The objects (tables […]

  • Add new hard disk method when attaching hard disk in win2012


    This article mainly introduces the method of adding a new hard disk to win2012. You can refer to Click the server management icon in the lower left corner Click “tools” in the upper right corner, and then select “computer management” Click “disk management” Right click on the button of disk 1 and choose online After […]

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 cannot find the visual studio installer


    Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 can’t find the visual studio installer? Open vs2017, select Tools > extension and update > online, search: Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects Installation. After installation, restart vs2017. OK, it’s done. This article is from Muzhuang weblog > Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 visual studio installer not found

  • FREEBSD6.0 Setting up FTP Server


    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a common network protocol. Its main function is to transfer files. We often download files from FTP platform. This chapter will introduce how to use FreeBSD to set up FTP server, and explain the management skills of various FTP servers. In addition to FTP server software attached to FreeBSD, this […]

  • FreeBSD6.2 Setting up FTP Server


    Two Modes of FTP OnlineFTP adopts Client/Server architecture. The special feature of FTP protocol is that it must establish two online systems when it is used: one for transmitting instructions and the other for transmitting files. When we use FTP software to connect to the FTP server, the client will first connect to port 21 […]