• MySQL for Linux (CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian / Fedora / arch) one click installation script supports version 5.1 ~ 8.0


    brief introduction Many children’s shoes don’t know how to install MySQL on Linux system. Most of the online tutorials are complex and not suitable for Xiaobai’s installation. This tutorial provides a one click installation script for you to use and teach you how to use the Linux operating system( Support fast installation of MySQL (support […]

  • Electron’s notes


    background Each time a department’s project is developed, it needs to manually open three services: server, webpack and grunt. Each service needs to input something (port number, project name, project type, initiator name). Moreover, during push debugging, these three services are very easy to be terminated, and then they have to be opened one by […]

  • Solve the problem of slow running speed of C language compilation


    introduction C language compiler run slowly how to do? Maybe it’s the 3S hours of compiling and running that can drive you crazy resolvent Check the compiler version, preferentially select 64 bits, namely mingw-64 Turn off antivirus software, such as Windows Defender, computer manager, or add a folder to the trust zoneThe following is the […]

  • Generation of spring cloud Alibaba project in 30 seconds in idea


    Author | Tuan, Alibaba cloud technology expert If you want to use spring cloud Alibaba, your first problem must be how to quickly create a scaffold project. Recently, Alibaba released aliyun Java initializer, a customized version of spring’s domestic scaffold. Because of its full Chinese interface and fluent speed, it is popular among developers. Spring […]

  • Libraian: help you start a markdown site with one click


    Sometimes we write documents that we want to publish on the public network or local area network and share them with others. When you don’t want to spend time struggling with building websites, downloading dependencies, etc. So maybe libraian can help you. Libraian can launch a markdown site with one click. You just need to […]

  • [permanent open source] easyadmin – a background management system based on thinkphpp6.0 + layui.


    Project introduction Easyadmin is a background management system based on thinkphpp6.0 + layui. QQ group for technical exchange:763822524 Add group please note source: such as gitee, GitHub, official website, etc。 Site address Official website:easyadmin.99php.cn Document address:easyadmin.99php.cn/docs Demo address:easyadmin.99php.cn/admindemo(account: admin, password: 123456. Note: only access to view information) Code warehouse GitHub address:github.com/zhongshaofa/easyadmin Gitee address:gitee.com/zhongshaofa/easyadmin Project characteristics […]

  • Windows 10 wsl1 to wsl2


    Special advantages of wsl2 (second generation of win10 subsystem) Completely reconstruct the WLS generation, 20% faster than the previous generation Support native docker installation and startup (equivalent to complete Linux system and virtual machine running) Support all kinds of one key script, such as pagoda one key script, hundred read one key script and so […]

  • A brief introduction to the “swoole series” (2) one key coprocessing


    preface Yes, I’m here again. I’ve got minearticleExpression pack back. Thank you againswooleThe big men’s praise and reprint, let me briefly feel what to call highlight moment. background I believe that most people will write a lot of blocked functions in the coroutine when they start using the coroutine of swote, causing the project to […]

  • Hackershare = Pocket + Hackernews + RSS


    Hackershare is a bookmark sharing platform. You can share the webpage you are browsing with the one click of Chrome extension. Unlike bookmark management tools such as pocket, hackershare encourages sharing of your bookmarks, rather than private collections. The popular tag is a necessary feature of bookmarking tools, which can facilitate the management of your […]

  • Hyperf2.0 telepope an elegant debugging tool


    Hyperf telescope is a debugging tool for hyperf developed by referring to the code of laravel telescope composer require windawake/hyperf-telescope dev-master One click installation of telescope php ./bin/hyperf.php telescope:install If there is a problem with one click installation, please try the following installation methods: Copy migrations to the root directory php ./bin/hyperf.php vendor:publish windawake/hyperf-telescope Run […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba ide tool upgrade


    Author: Yin Shi Reading guideSpring cloud Alibaba is a one-stop solution for the development of micro services, which was officially open-source by Alibaba in November 2018. After nearly two years of development, it has become the most active and best development experience in spring cloud ecology. Recently, the official spring cloud Alibaba has upgraded its […]

  • Guide to using idea automatic code generation plug-in


    Solve repeated development and experience intelligent code Always busy with repeated coding on working,A kind of Same lines again and again like loop writingDon’t know how to solve and where tools being?Just press these shortcuts for helping! Video quick view of YouTube | China Automatic code generation in Java Web Development Open the configuration box […]