• Front end micro service solution 1 – Introduction


    A series of articles: Front end micro service solution 1 – Introduction Front end micro service solution 2 – necessity of use Front end micro service solution 3 – engineering design pattern Front end micro service solution 4 – new module construction vue-module-pro Front end micro service solution introduce Vue module Pro is a front-end […]

  • Faye Wong’s karaoke is hot on microblog again, and python analyzes the comments of microblog users


    latelyFaye Wong statusThe topic is hot on Weibohttps://weibo.com/1266269835/… https://weibo.com/6598655984/… And sang with Ma YunIf the cloud knows https://weibo.com/1956700750/… Comments on Weibo, which has not been updated for five years, began to ask for concertshttps://weibo.com/1629810574/… So I used Python to grab the comments under this microblog (comments on the first dozens of pages). Microblog has four […]

  • Top 10 is the most popular article in the column of brother migrant workers! Come and watch


    It should be in the middle of the year for those who registered in 2019 to officially publish articles. Up to now, many articles have been published intermittently, including original, reprinted and translated articles. Because of time, or some other reasons (many questions are ambiguous, I really can’t understand their purpose?) The answer to the […]

  • Format wxss with prettier (Finale)


    I didn’t expect to have the final chapter… Cover your face.jpg Format wxss with prettier (Part 1) Format wxss with prettier (Part 2) Format wxss with prettier (Finale) The first two articles, after all, left some imperfect places. In addition, I saw the prettier configuration overrides configuration item today. So I found that: use Gulp.js […]

  • A brief discussion on the “one key co programming” (2)


    preface Yes, I’m here again. I’ve got minearticleThe expression pack comes back. Thank you againswooleThe praise and reprint of the big guys made me feel what highlight time is for a short time. background I believe most people will write a lot of blocked functions in the coroutine when they use the coroutine of spool […]

  • As a non front end siege lion, I


    It’s a good time to build a wheel. It’s a good time to build a wheel all the time. My GitHub: htttps://github.com/yanglbme Recently built a wheel, GitHub address:https://github.com/doocs/md, is an online wechat markdown editor, based on the open source project wechat format for secondary development,Pure front end implementation, and many new features. Project introduction This […]

  • The simplest way to install ADB on Mac OS


    If you haven’t installed homebrew on your Mac, install homebrew first. Homebrew is an excellent package management tool on Mac. It has many practical functions such as install, unload, update, view, search and so on.   Domestic one click installation script is recommended, which will automatically set domestic source: /bin/zsh -c “$(curl -fsSL https://gitee.com/cunkai/HomebrewCN/raw/master/Homebrew.sh)     […]

  • One click installation of php8.0.md


    A series of articles: One click installation of php7. X One click installation of php8.0.md Centos8 one click installation of php8.0 yum update -y \ predis centos8 php8 This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article

  • Element form generation tool


    9102 last day, open source a front-end tool. Can generate basic element form code, support online editing, one click download code. Remember to click star^_^Warehousedemonstration

  • Freeopenwrite update record


    FreeOpenWrite Project address gitee : https://gitee.com/msandrew/free-open-write github: https://github.com/AndrewAndrea/FreeOpenWrite Updated on March 5, 2021 Fix new errors in the drawing bed Updated on March 4, 2021 Add advanced filtering function for distribution data Fixed error getting published platform name of article Repair one click publishing function, publishing success, prompt system error The drawing bed management function […]

  • Linux compression command and decompression script


    suffix tool compress decompression .tar tar tar cvf FileName.tar DirName tar xvf FileName.tar .gz gzip gzip FileName gzip -d FileName.gz .bz2 bzip2 bzip2 -z FileName bzip2 -d FileName.bz2 .Z compress compress FileName compress -d FileName.Z .xz xz xz -z FileName xz -d FileName.xz .zip (un)zip zip FileName.zip DirName unzip FileName.zip .rar rar rar a FileName.rar […]

  • We teach you how to use Jenkins to design multi environment and multi project continuous integration environment!


    Author: the dripping rainhttps://www.cnblogs.com/heyuq… Automatic deployment is mainly to solve the problems of many projects, many environments, slow continuous integration, troublesome deployment operation, manual operation error prone, automatic operation and maintenance. Jenkins is an open source CI & CD software leader, providing more than 1000 plug-ins to support construction, deployment, automation and meet the needs […]