• The blog recommends three cross regional replication solutions of Apache pulsar


    Editor’s recommendation: Ran Xiaolong, the original author, was first released in the official account of Tencent cloud. For reprint, please contact. This article mainly introduces Apache pulsar’s cross regional replication solutions in different scenarios. The following article comes from Tencent cloud middleware  , Author ran Xiaolong About Apache pulsarApache pulsar is a top-level project of […]

  • Linked list


    The linked list consists of nodes. Each node not only saves its own data, but also needs pointers to other nodes. Compared with arrays, linked lists are discontinuous in physical storage and cannot obtain elements by random access through subscripts. However, the linked list can easily add and delete nodes by adjusting the pointer. According […]

  • Quic support for node.js


    By James Snell Crazy technology house https://www.nearform.com/blog… In March 2019, by nearform andProtocol LabsI started to implement it for node.jsQuic protocolsupport. This new UDP based transport protocol is intended to eventually replace all HTTP communications using TCP. People familiar with UDP may be skeptical. As we all know, UDP is unreliable, and packets are often […]

  • Daily soul question – about react


    What is it? Front end JavaScript LibraryIt is used to develop complex and interactive web and mobile UI. 1.just the ui React is responsible for UI level presentation The introduction of JSX syntax rules allows us to write JS function calls using HTML like syntax. 2.virtual dom The general process of a browser rendering a […]

  • Golang annotation specification


    [golang annotation Specification] The meaning of annotation Comments can help us to complete the work of the document, well written comments can facilitate our future maintenance. /**/In our project, we use single line annotation to unify the style. The quality of annotation determines the quality of the generated document. The following is about package annotation, […]

  • Order by sorting optimization


    In daily business development, order by is indispensable. But to write efficient sorting SQL, we need to spend some energy and time to understand the underlying principle of sorting, so as to find a good strategy to optimize the sorting. How to sort Index (index sort, best performance) Use index fields to sort as much […]

  • Txscrolllabelview


    preface Some time ago in the development of a broadcast function, online also found some library, did not find very easy to use, so I took the time to write a, inGithubMore than 60 harvests a daystarFirst of all, I would like to thank you for your forwarding on WeiboTXScrollLabelViewI know more people who need […]

  • Four action diagrams explain why (and when) Redux is used


    dev-reading/feIt’s a repo for reading, guiding and speed reading. Don’t rely on readingdev-reading/feLearn knowledge. This repo is only a tool to quickly understand the content of the article, and does not provide full text interpretation and translation. You can quickly understand the content of the article through this platform, find the articles you are interested […]

  • Oracle (day 5)


    Subquery 1. Single line subquery: For example: select * from EMP where Sal > (select Sal from EMP where ename =’allen ‘); 2. Multi row subquery: any all in Greater than any is greater than the minimum   select * from emp where sal>any(select sal from emp where deptno=10);   select * from emp where sal>(select min(sal) […]

  • My opinion on async and await


    In recent days, I finally understand the model of async and await, and also understand many problems that I have been pressing in my heart. So I write a blog to share with you. As far as asynchronous mechanism is concerned, I think it can be understood by remembering the following points: 1. In my […]

  • One-way hash function


    One-way hash function Before introducing the one-way hash function, let’s find out what situation we need to use the one-way hash function. If you need to download a software from a foreign website, but for various reasons, the foreign network is too slow, it is almost impossible to download a few g data. It happens […]

  • Ie disable the backspace key to return to the previous page. The method Vue H5 can be used


    If the text box is read-only, the backspace key is disabled. If you have a text box, you can continue to use it. Vue code can be copied directly to the page with id = app. The code is as follows: //Handle keyboard events, except for backspace password or single line or multi line text […]