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  • Using detectron2 to detect targets in 6 steps


    By akarsh yelitstyCompile FlinSource: to ward data science Let’s see how to use detectron 2 of Fair (Facebook AI research) for instance detection on custom data sets involving text recognition. Have you ever tried to train an object detection model from scratch using a custom dataset of your own choice? If so, you will know […]

  • Regularization in deep learning (1)


    This article starts with the official account number: RAIS, click direct attention. preface This series of articles are reading notes of deep learning, which can be read together with the original book for better effect. In this paper, we talk about regularization in deep learning. Regularization in deep learning Generally speaking, what deep learning needs […]

  • PHP 7.4.8 release


    Original title: php7.4.8 release source: open source ChinaPhp7.4.8 has been released, and the specific updates are as follows:  Core:Fixed error ᦇ 79649 (change disable from module initialization)_ Functions will destroy memory).Fixed bug (Zend)_ init_ FPU () changes the FPU precision).Fixed bug ᦇ 79650 (PHP)- win.exe100%cpu Lock).Fixed bug (get)_ defined_ Functions (true) may lose functions).Fixed error (when […]