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  • Implementation of CI / CD workflow through gitlab runner (2)


    preface In the last article “implementing CI / CD workflow through gitlab runner (I)”, we explained the deployment and configuration optimization of gitlab runner. This time, we will conduct a practical exercise to explain a complete project with front-end and back-end separation. This project is divided into front-end project and back-end project. They have their […]

  • LNMP based nginx million concurrent path (4) hot deployment


    Series articles: One million concurrent paths of nginx based on LNMP (2) main parameters of main section of configuration file LNMP based nginx million concurrent Road (1) core elements, modules, configuration overview One million concurrent way of nginx based on LNMP (3) domain name based virtual host LNMP based nginx million concurrent path (4) hot […]

  • Technology of installing docker virtualization container in Linux


    My installation environment: **VirtualBoxcentos/7** Step 1: If an older version is installed, please uninstall the installation first (or continue to use the installed version) sudo yum remove docker \ docker-client \ docker-client-latest \ docker-common \ docker-latest \ docker-latest-logrotate \ docker-logrotate \ docker-engine Step 2: Packages that docker must depend on 1)、sudo yum install -y yum-utilsConfigure […]

  • Gitlab practice of front end small and micro teams


    During the epidemic, I felt a lot of laziness in the whole person, and I slowly and consciously wanted to cheer up and return to the normal rhythm. Recent team code base fromGerritMoved toGitlabIn order to make the front-end team develop dailyeverything in good order and well arranged,Efficient operation, development historyTraceabilityI have also consulted a […]

  • Installing docker on Linux


    introduction CentOS docker installation Uninstall old version Unload old dependencies sudo yum remove docker \ docker-client \ docker-client-latest \ docker-common \ docker-latest \ docker-latest-logrotate \ docker-logrotate \ docker-engine Install docker engine community Before installing docker engine community on a new host for the first time, you need to set up the docker warehouse 1 set […]

  • Docker installation and image accelerator configuration


    Centos7 installation Uninstall the old version (if one was installed) yum remove docker docker-common docker-selinux docker-engine Install docker dependent environment Docker requires the kernel version of CentOS system to be higher than 3.10 yum install yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2 Yum utils: Yum tools Device mapper persistent data: adaptation mapping Lvm2: logical volume (to be used later) […]

  • Ubuntu install sublime-text3


    I often use sublime in my work. The current version is a little low and looks ugly, so I simply upgrade it and record the steps: 1. Uninstall the old version sudo apt remove sublime-text 2. Install the new version wget -qO – https://download.sublimetext.com/sublimehq-pub.gpg | sudo apt-key add – echo “deb https://download.sublimetext.com/ apt/stable/” | sudo […]

  • Common operations of CSS


    Get element width 1. Only inline styles can be obtained var ele = document.getElementById(‘element’); console.log ( ele.style.width ); // empty string console.log(ele.style.height); // ‘100px’ 2. Real time style MDN data var ele = document.getElementById(‘element’); console.log(window.getComputedStyle(ele).width); // ‘100px’ console.log(window.getComputedStyle(ele).height); // ‘100px’ 3、Element.currentStyle.width/height The function is the same as the second point. It only exists in the […]

  • Upgrade centos7 openssh to the latest version


    matters needing attention The environment of this paper is openssh which comes with the system. If it is manually compiled and installed, the success is not guaranteed. If it comes with, you do not need to uninstall the old version of openssh during the upgrade process. Try Yum update before installation. If you can update, […]

  • Deveexpress + WinForm (2)


    Invincible fuzzy learning video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV15x411x7WN?p=3 Episode 3: implement a page and create a new deveexpress WinForm blankapplication.   Using ribboncontrol, add several groups of pagegroups. Pagegroup adds several items and pagegroup sets text. Set largeimage or image (old version lageglyph, glyph) for each item. When you want to display image, you should clear largeimage. Item […]

  • The latest version of Xcode that MacOS Mojave can install


    The latest version of Xcode that MacOS Mojave can install is 11.3.1 Later versions of Xcode no longer support MacOS Mojave Xcode official download address, you need to log in to Apple account. After downloading, double-click to unzip the XIP file, and then drag the extracted file to the application. If you want to keep […]

  • Installation and use of old version Chrome browser — chrome 63


    Although the new version of chrome is very easy to use, I still like the old version of the browser for its interface style. There are two new and old versions on my computer. However, under normal circumstances, Google browser can only install one. My practice is that the new version of the browser is […]