• Mongodb passed_ ID delete doc


    When you meet a demand for a project, you need tomongodbIn the data record_ Delete the corresponding docs in the ID field. In actual use, it is found that it is directly used as follows db.collection(‘infochanges’).remove({“_id”:idvalue}).then(function(){}) An error will be reported. Here, you need to convert idvalue to mongodb’s default value_ Objectid type of ID […]

  • Cloud framework releases Kong API gateway theme, open source help attack ~


    It was released about a month agoCloud framework microservice architecture based on spring cloud, for almost a month The second topic of cloud frameworkKONG API GATEWAYI can finally show my ugly face! “Fast learning” & “Plug and play”Still the core idea ~ Talk is cheap,show you this project! Please help! GitHub address:https://github.com/cloudframe… Another preview [cloud […]

  • React technology stack realizes XXX comment app demo


    Project address:https://github.com/Nealyang/R…Technology stack: react, react router4. X, react Redux, webpack3. X, Redux saga, CSS module, ES6, Babel Students studying react and node together are welcome to join: Node.js technical exchange group: 209530601 React technology stack: 398240621 Project screenshot load: Home page: Details page: City selection: Project operation demonstration (GIF) Flow into the party carefully App […]

  • How to get the time of regular meeting from outlook( (to be solved)


    Background: Use microsoft.office.interop.outlook to get calendar items, and then filter them according to business requirements.   Phenomenon:     If it’s a regular meeting, use appointment item.start/end to get the regular meetingInitial meetingIt’s time. For example, this meeting has been repeated for four times. Starting from the second meeting, the achievements are still the initial […]

  • Segmentfault D-Day 2016 “Tianjin station: front end yard” ~ Vue dry goods


    Vue.js Developing enterprise web app dried food Project background Separation of front and rear ends Back end rendering static page Jump mode “slow” Multi terminal use, portability Improve the development experience, rapid development (lack of personnel? Why Vue The official documents are sound and may be the best for developers Simple syntax, API can remember […]

  • From @ property (3) atomic and multithread lock


    When we write @ property (weak) id obj, the compiler will add atomic keyword to obj by default, that is to say, the default setter and getter methods are locked. Atomic locking As mentioned in previous articles in this series, most of the attribute keywords are used in the code implementation of setters and getters. […]

  • Vue Router Cannot find module ‘XXX.vue’


    The back end is dynamic routing, and the navigation is loaded with routes. It’s right to click navigation to jump to the specified route, but after refreshing the specified route, you will be prompted cannot find module‘ XXX.vue ’Then jump to route ‘/’.The important thing is that not all the route refreshes prompt this error. […]

  • Angular realizes simple dynamic effect


    Simply record the recent requirements, corresponding solutions and learning situation. 1. Add, delete, move up and down to a list2. On the basis of 1, there should be dynamic display effect when moving up and down3. After adding a new object, the page should be displayed instead of manually sliding down the scroll bar For […]

  • Personal call for super process, some different understanding


    The super call logic explained by many great gods on the Internet actually doesn’t seem to make sense. Here’s a little bit of my understanding. I once had a very good jobruntimeThe exercises are in sun yuan’s blogObjc runtime admission examination in neurological hospital。 The topic is very difficult and deep. The first one is […]

  • IOS work notes 1


    I’ve been studying IOS for one year. I hope I can keep on developing in this line. I would like to summarize my previous work accumulation just for the convenience of future inquiry and technical summary. I hope you can see the mistakes in the summary and prompt you for correction. Uitextfield allows only numbers […]

  • Solve a magic bug in Xib custom tablefooterview


    Recently, I saw a magic bug when I was doing a demo. After searching, debugging and modifying the code, I solved this bug, but I don’t know why. Here I plan to share this process for your reference, and also ask the great God to guide you. The thing is, I plan to use Xib […]

  • New upgrade! Linux 5.8 kernel release


    Original text: https://news.mydrivers.com/1/… Linus Torvalds signed and released the latest Linux version 5.8 kernel today. At this time, it was only a month and a half before the announcement of the new version. It not only made great progress, but also made great changes, in the words of God“really big”。 The great God said,The changes […]