• Docker installation rocketmq


    be careful:If you don’t have a docker environment, you can refer to your CentOS to install docker1. Query the available rocketmqdocker search rocketmq2. Pull the imagedocker pull rocketmqinc/rocketmq3. Start the namesrv service (create a new file path, my name is / www / MQ) docker run -d -p 9876:9876 -v /www/mq/data/namesrv/logs:/root/logs -v /www/mq/data/namesrv/store:/root/store –name rmqnamesrv […]

  • Programmer’s favorite website cloning and crawling tool – httrack


    There are some software specifically for website cloning and crawling, such as WebZip and awwwb Wait, it’s said to be very useful. Com. Here I introduce a programmer’s favorite website cloning and crawling tool – httrack, which is open source. What is httrack? Httrack is a free and easy-to-use offline browser tool. Its full name […]

  • Principle of redis sentinel mode


    Principle of redis sentinel mode Redis high availability related technologies: Persistence: stand alone backup (backup from memory to hard disk) Master slave replication: multi machine hot standby, load balancing, fault recovery Sentry: automated fault recovery Cluster: write load balancing, horizontal expansion of storage capacity Why sentinel mode Only rely on the persistence scheme, and the […]

  • Sorting out redis related knowledge points


    Sorting out redis related knowledge points 1. What is redis? In the early stage of web application development, relational database has attracted much attention. At that time, the amount of Web site visits and concurrency was not high, and there was little interaction. Later, with the increase of visits, web sites using relational databases began […]

  • H5 fast application conversion


    1. Introduction to H5 application and fast application H5 application For the web application developed by the fifth generation HTML standard, the browser can display the web content by parsing HTML; Cross platform; Run on browser. Fast application Installation free applications that provide native experience; Industry standard, supported by more than 12 smartphone manufacturers; It […]

  • HDC 2021 | HMS core 6.0: connection and communication forum to create a full scene connection experience for app


    How to let users enjoy uninterrupted immersion experience in a weak network environment? How to make multi device interaction as smooth as silk in the whole scene interconnection? How to make the mobile terminal send emergency help information in the area without network? Connection is everywhere, and connection is closely related to experience! Smooth network […]

  • GitHub giant fire’s audio and video download tool was taken off the shelf, causing developers to be angry and publicly spread code images


    Recently, GitHub was very popular. Open source projects with more than 70000 stars were taken off the shelf. This matter caused a sensation in the developer circle. Many people publicly resisted the off shelf notice and spread the code pictures of the project on the Internet. Last week, the American Recording Industry Association (RIAA) asked […]

  • Redis | Chapter 12 sentinel mode redis design and Implementation


    catalogue preface 1. Start and initialize sentinel 2. Default communication between sentinel and server 2.1 get master server information 2.2 obtaining slave server information 2.3 sending information to master server and slave server 3. Receive channel information from master server and slave server 3.1 updating sentinel dictionary 3.2 create command connections to other Sentinels 4. […]

  • C# printer offline inspection and blocking printing


    During the process of writing the automatic printing service using WinForm, it is found that as long as the printing command is called, the document will enter the printing waiting queue. If the printer cannot work normally, it will affect the correct conversion of relevant business data. Therefore, it is necessary to check the status […]

  • Since elastic job Lite is decentralized, why should we elect a master node


    Opening remarks The last article introduced the introduction and architecture of elastic job Lite. Using and some processes, it is mentioned that elastic job Lite is a decentralized and lightweight task scheduling framework. Why should elastic job Lite select the master node when starting? Am I wrong? Haha, it’s impossible. Later, elastic job Lite is […]

  • hold still! Five secret weapons “transform” offline stores


    “The online world is challenging the offline world, but the offline stores will never disappear.”–David bell, author of the store that cannot disappear Will the store disappear? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of stores In 2016, e-commerce developed rapidly with incomparable advantages in traditional industries, and shopkeepers of offline physical stores began to worry: will […]