• [jQuery plug-in sharing] cropper — a simple and convenient image clipping plug-in


    Introduction of plug-ins This is a jQuery image clipping plug-in that I found on my way to writing the previous project. At that time, I wanted to realize the upload function of the user’s profile, preview the image, and simply clip and rotate the image. It took a lot of time to see this plug-in. […]

  • Configure the file beat Kafka output (multiple topic) logging


    background Business background Collect data from logs and provide it to the business side in an offline data warehouse Technical background In the offline log centralization scenario, the warehousing frequency is 1 time / day, and the daily generated log (i.e. the data to be collected by filebeat) level is? , the magnitude of the […]

  • Hot wire! GitHub officially released the app!


    Great news! GitHub officially released the app! This news is very good for GitHub users. GitHub finally ushered in the official version of app GitHub for mobile (beta) No matter where you are, the mobile GitHub gives you the flexibility to move forward and stay in touch with your team. On GitHub, you can do […]

  • ETM project weekly report (11.22-11.28)


    Dear ETM partner: The ETM main network was officially launched, Data migration is now complete, Preparing for mapping. In addition, the development of wallet mobile terminal and surrounding shopping malls, The final closing phase has been entered. What other project developments? Come and have a lookETM weeklyRight. project debriefing ETM-Core 01. ETM core main network […]

  • Display of redundant text ellipsis in app 72


    Needless to say, there is a problem in writing small programs before. How to intercept data in the wxml page? 1、wxs   You must be able to access data. Isn’t it substring? But this method is not valid in wxml pages.   Then there is CSS. Is it different? But I think the reusability of […]

  • Installing consul on Windows


    UseChocolatey installation Official installation instructions https://chocolate.org/install Install Consul Official installation instructions https://chocolate.org/packages/consumer In the command (preferablySuper administratorRun as) type choco install consul Follow the prompts. After the installation is successful, it will automatically run in accordance with the windows service Link to this article: https://www.cnblogs.com/smartstar/p/10845299.html

  • The issue of C + + relief


    N (n < 20) people stand in a circle, and the number is 1 ~ n anticlockwise. There are two officials. A counts counter clockwise from 1, and B counts clockwise from n. In each round, the number of officials a is k, and the number of officials B is m. The next person (1 […]

  • JS error cannot read property ‘getattribute’ of null


    Page echarts.js reports an error: uncaught typeerror: cannot read property ‘getattribute’ of null It is found that the reason for finding the error information is because the element instantiated echarts does not exist. Check the official document and find out: //Initialize the echarts instance based on the prepared DOM var myChart = echarts.init(document.getElementById(‘main’)); Initialize the […]

  • 2019 unity learning resource guide [elaborate]


    Preface The most direct and effective way to enter a field is to findRelated review articlesFirst of all, you need to have a general understanding of the areas you are getting started in, including: 1. Mainstream learning communities and websites. 2. Famous big cattle in this field and practitioners who are keen to share. 3. […]

  • Analysis of the latest SQL injection vulnerability of the PHP framework laravel


    Laravel, a well-known PHP development framework, previously announced a high-risk SQL injection vulnerability on the official blog. Here is a brief analysis. First of all, this vulnerability belongs to the nonstandard writing of website coding. The official gave a hint: However, the official patch has been made, and the latest version of v5.8.7 can be […]

  • Python 3 installation


    Python installation in Windows Environment 1. Download the installation package Official download address of Python: https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ 2. Installation process Note that check add environment variable so that you don’t have to add it manually.           3. After the installation, test whether the installation is successful. Enter Python in the DOS window […]

  • Using Python to do data analysis instead of excel has become a success. We should learn it and catch up with the first wave of upsurge.


      912 CSV tables, each with 370 columns and 360 rows So many! I tried power query. The computer gave up the dishes. If you want to copy it manually, you have to sleep in the company. I collapsed on the station: “I’m afraid I have to spend a good night with 912 watches today.” […]