• Complete development process of vue3 project


    1、 Development process mind map Development process mind map 2、 Preliminary preparation 1. Install nodejs 1)Nodejs download address, download and install 2) Confirm that node. Is installed JS, you can enter (node – V and NPM – V) in CMD. If the publication number is displayed, the installation is successful image.png 2. Build Vue project […]

  • Use of Android Proguard and common instructions


    In daily Android development, we will useProGuardShare the details of the project in this blogProGuardUsage. Benefits of confusion Code confusion increases the difficulty of interpretation after reverse; Simplify the code, delete the unused code and reduce the volume of APK. Introduction to Proguard ProGuardIt is an open source obfuscation code project. Its main function is […]

  • When a new blog comes, Google glass development is bullshit


    Node was used a while ago JS to do agadgetfinallyOnline releaseYes, I just applied for it through the segmentfault blog. Come up and talk nonsense. Google glass andMirror APIIt’s a very blockhouse mechanism. All data on glass is stored in the cloud. Third party applications operate the data on the cloud through the mirror API, […]

  • Remember a little white groping, using nail custom robot to set timing tasks


    At first, I noticed that there was a robot called “daily plan reminder” in the nailing group. Every night at 11:30, I would send a “dedication sign”: remember the summary of daily plan! ” Just 30 minutes before dinner every morning, I need to remind the people in the group to practice typing, and I […]

  • Preliminary study on flutter


    background What is flutter Cross end development process: hybrid (WebView + JS) = > OEM widgets (RN, weex) = > self rendering (fluent)FlutterIt is Google’s open source UI toolkit, which helps developers efficiently build multi platform and exquisite applications through a set of code baseAmbition: Mobile, web (beta channel supported), desktop, embedded overview Overview of […]

  • Explosive force of Apache log4j2 vulnerability


    On December 10, 2021, the national information security vulnerability sharing platform (cnvd) included Apache log4j2 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, No. cve-2021-44228. [vulnerability description]Apache log4j2 is an open source Java logging tool, which rewrites the log4j framework and introduces a large number of rich features. It can control the destination of log information transmission to console, […]

  • Uipath studio official document Chinese version


    Robot process automation is actually a good concept and technology, but these technologies do not have much Chinese resources at present. This undoubtedly raises the threshold of RPA learning. In the process of learning, I didn’t find many relevant Chinese learning materials. So I translated some official documents myself. On the one hand, it is […]

  • Apache log4j is exposed to the third vulnerability: uncontrolled recursion | Apache has officially released version 2.17 to fix it


    Apache has been exposed for more than 12 months since 4j2log. On December 18, the third vulnerability of Apache log4j was exposed: cve-2021-45105 – versions of Apache log4j 2.0-alpha1 to 2.16.0 cannot prevent uncontrolled recursion of self reference lookup (APACHE has officially released version 2.17.0 to fix it). (related reading: High risk bug! Apache log4j2 […]

  • Baidu map development – building basic scaffold 01


    01 building foundation scaffold Due to work needs, I have been studying the Android version of Baidu map SDK recently and carefully read its public documents(Official course)After that, I just want to say:Baidu tutorial niucha, writtenIt’s not easy to understand, novices will encounter problems if they operate according to that documentVarious pits, it is difficult […]

  • Spring China Education Management Center – advantages of official certification


    Original title: Spring China education management center spring professional certification advantages Spring China Education Management Center – advantages of official certificationSpring professional certification aims to test and verify students’ understanding and familiarity with the core aspects of spring and spring boot, such as configuration, component scanning, AOP, data access and transaction, rest, security, automatic configuration, […]

  • Baidu map development – realize offline map function 05


    In the previous article, we realized the real-time positioning display function according to the research and learning, which can display our position on the map and update it automatically in real time. Then let’s implement the offline map function. In the daily business development process, offline maps are often used. Then we need to load […]

  • Redis on Windows


    Please indicate the source of the article:https://tlanyan.me/redis-on-w… RedisIs a high-performance memory NoSQL database, which is commonly used in server development.RedisIt officially supports * Nix, BSD and other systems, but does not provide support for Windows platform. Redis on Windows platform is developed by Microsoft, but Microsoft has suspended its support and maintenance. MicrosoftRedisGitHub warehouse isMicrosoftArchive/redis, […]