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  • Fluent learning diary (4) — interaction between fluent and native


    Fluent and the principle of native interaction The communication between flutter and native adopts a dual channel event delivery mechanism, and transmits data through methodchannel. The communication principle is shown in the following figure (picture on the official website) It’s on the official websiteDocument addressIt is convenient for you to check. There are many examples […]

  • Ubuntu failed to start robomongo. Problem solving


    Problem recurrence fromRobomongo official website( robomongo:mongoDB After decompressing the downloaded file, try to open it: double-click/binDirectoryrobo3TThe icon has no response Try command line startuprobo3TThe following error message is returned: ~/robo3t$ bin/robo3t This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “”. Available platform plugins are: xcb. […]

  • All parsing of external, terminated, partitioned and stored in the table creation statement of hive


    Starting from the statement of creating tables on the official website, my analysis is as follows: `CREATE [TEMPORARY] [EXTERNAL] TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] [db_name.]table_name    — (Note: TEMPORARY available in Hive“0.14“.“0“and later)` `[(col_name data_type [column_constraint_specification] [COMMENT col_comment], … [constraint_specification])]` `[COMMENT table_comment]` `[PARTITIONED BY (col_name data_type [COMMENT col_comment], …)]` `[CLUSTERED BY (col_name, col_name, …) [SORTED BY (col_name […]

  • Summary of Django permission usage


    summary Django comes with a user authentication system, which can handle user, group, permission and session based on user cookie. This document is based on the introduction of Django official website documents and other materials. The main content introduces the basic working principle of Django’s user authentication system, and also gives a brief introduction to […]

  • GitHub high star project, help you run Mac OS software on Linux!


    There is a saying in the industry that “only those who can skillfully use Linux can be regarded as qualified programmers.” The reason is that the development on Linux system is much more convenient, safe, easy to use and fast than windows and MAC. But Linux has been criticized for its imperfect ecology. Like QQ, […]

  • Problems and solutions of Android sample code in Xinjiang


    Recently, I was working on the project of DJI Android development. Because I didn’t touch too much Android development before, I encountered a lot of problems when I just started. It took a lot of time for sample code to run.   1. Android studio installation and dependent Library Download Originally, I thought that Google’s […]

  • Linux install nginx


    1. Go to the official website http://nginx.org/ The recommended version of NGX is NGX 2. Upload nginx to Linux system 3. Installation dependent environment (1) Install GCC environment yum install gcc-c++ (2) Install the PCRE library for parsing regular expressions yum install -y pcre pcre-devel (3) Zlib compression and decompression dependency, yum install -y zlib […]

  • Tags in mybatis


    Official document: mybatis official website Several top-level elements in mapper: cache cache-ref resultMap parameterMap sql insert delete update select SELECT <select id=”selectPerson” parameterType=”int” parameterMap=”deprecated” resultType=”hashmap” resultMap=”personResultMap” flushCache=”false” useCache=”true” timeout=”10″ fetchSize=”256″ statementType=”PREPARED” resultSetType=”FORWARD_ONLY”> Note: only one of resulttype and resultmap can be selected. Resulttype can be any wrapper type / entity class; resultmap is more powerful. […]

  • Spring boot + hikaricp + beetlql high performance combination, elegant implementation of multiple data sources and paging


    We are all using JPA and mybatis as database links. Here we share a more excellent high-performance combination. We usehttps://start.spring.io/Generate the basic project, select the necessary components to download. HikariCP Choosing a good database connection pool is very important for database access. Spring boot comes with hikaricp database connection pool, and it is recommended to […]

  • Using docker compose to privatize gitlab


    Using docker compose to privatize gitlab At first, the current company did not have its own git repository, so I used the free version of coding. However, with the increase of the development team, the number of coding free version was insufficient, so I thought of deploying my own private warehouse. What is gitlab Not […]

  • Detailed troubleshooting of server2019 and SQL installation


    In. Net development, we often use SQL server and Microsoft SQL Server is actually quite good, and its developer (developer version) is also free for users to use, but during the installation process, especially when there is no new installation of the previous version, there are often many problems. In this article, I will reproduce […]

  • Installing composer in MAC environment


    You can declare the dependent external libraries in your project, and composer will help you install these dependent libraries. Composer can also manage projects.Generally speaking, composer is a PHP based version control and project management tool. Official website:getcomposer.org/English image:https://packagist.orgChinese official website:www.phpcomposer.com/Chinese image:pkg.phpcomposer.com/ Install composer There are only two things you need to do to install […]