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  • What can’t I do if I can’t access vultr’s official website?


    Recently, I saw that some netizens were unable to open the vultr official website when they visited it for consultation. It showed that the connection was timeout and could not be accessed. There was also a mobile phone that could open the vultr official website, but the computer could not open it. Let’s talk about […]

  • Webrtc compilation of H 264 under Windows


    1. System environment Win10 operating system Network support over the wall Memory greater than 8g 2. Deployment development environment 2.1 download the chromium deployment tool depot tools git clone https://github.com/coreos/dep…And set the depot? Tools path to the path of the system environment variable path 2.2 installation vs2019 2.3 installation of Python Open Python official website, […]

  • Build GitHub static blog


    Minimalist style blog = windows + hexos + GitHubThis is the finished map of this tutorial Blog building is divided into three steps: Create GitHub domain name and space Git, nodejs, hexo download and installation Configuration environment 1. Create GitHub domain name and space Enter GitHub official website, register and log in.After logging in, click […]

  • Net core project development environment construction


    In the last [[. Net core project review and summary]] (http://www.bug2048.com/netcor…, the whole development process is formally described from the beginning of this article. This article mainly introduces the environment preparation before development, vs2017 and the installation and configuration of docker system requirements First of all, it is recommended to adoptWindows 10 professional / enterprise […]

  • Express WS framework access


    Version details node——–v7.4.0 express—–v4.14 express-ws–v2.0.0 According to the example of official website access failure, see the server: Optional. When using a custom http.Server, you should pass it in here, so that express-ws can use it to set up the WebSocket upgrade handlers. If you don’t specify a server, you will only be able to use […]

  • Tensorflow installation notes


    Preface Recently, I have had several open courses of in-depth learning, but I still feel that they are not very good. I always feel like I need to have a framework to try. So which one do Caffe, tensorflow, torch, etc. choose? After a comparison, I still choose tensorflow. First of all, it is a […]

  • Ansible learning notes (1): some pits encountered in deploying and managing windows machines


    When doing ansible management of windows server for GST Shanghai test environment, we encountered some pits, which Google solved. We hereby record that the pits are marked in red. 1、 Environmental description 1. Ansible management host Operating system: CentOS 7.4 ip: 2. Ansible client host Operating system: Windows Server 2008 R2 ip: 2、 Start deployment […]

  • Enjoy the smooth manipulation of SQL ~ [typeorm] on node.js


    Preface I believe that many front-end players will feel quite tedious and even difficult when they first use node.js to connect SQL and use it.Don’t be afraid! Typeorm helps you solve all the problems about SQL operation! This article is only for Amway. It does not describe the use of typeorm in detail. If necessary, […]

  • An excel comparison tool is developed by using electron


    What is ELECRTON? [from official website]Electron is an open source library developed by GitHub to build cross platform desktop applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Electron does this by merging chromium and node. JS into the same runtime environment and packaging them as applications under Mac, windows and Linux systems. In short: build with JavaScript, […]

  • Activate (crack) Navicat premium 12 with Navicat keygen


    1. Download and install the version on Navicat official website. The specific operation will not be detailed. Navcat official website download link: http://www.navicat.com.cn/download/navicat-premium; 2. Download the Navicat keygen released by doublelabyrinth from GitHub. The specific operation will not be detailed. Navicat keygen download address: https://github.com/doublelabyrinth/navicat-keygen/releases, the corresponding link of Chinese instructions: https://github.com/doublelabyrinth/navicat-keygen/blob/windows/doc/how-to-use.windows.zh-cn.md you can directly […]

  • Environment construction of react native


    Introduction A building namedPipi houseI’ve become a stationmaster, too. I’m a little drifting in my mind. Listen to meSomeoneThe slander, actually began to march into the app? How to get fromJavascriptStart app development quickly? I choosereact-nativeBecause my website usesReactBuild, of course, choose the same family. However, I found that even if your website is usingReactSet […]

  • Set multiple pythonpath in vs Code


    introduce The function of pythonpath is introduced on the official website: In VS Code, PYTHONPATH affects debugging, linting, IntelliSense, testing, and any other operation that depends on Python resolving modules. It can be seen that if pythonpath is not set accurately, intelligent prompt, code style check, unit test, etc. of vs code will be affected, […]