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  • Magento2 adds API to small program module


    A series of articles: Creating data table and adding index by magento2 Magento2 adds API to small program module Due to the company’s development needs, we need to add the function of small program side wish list on the basis of the official website wish list. Because it is different from the official website in […]

  • Some pitfalls encountered in installing spark on Windows


    Some pitfalls encountered in installing spark on Windows Recently, I have a job: give me an alicloud desktop(windows 10Let me use itscala + sparkWrite something. The basic logic can’t work. It’s been a long timedebugI concluded that all the errors that idea didn’t clearly indicate which line had problems in my script were due to […]

  • How Android developers write server code


    preface Technologies that can meet the needs of users are all good technologies. As a program ape, especially the mobile app ape, do you have the idea of developing a product independently? I always have this idea because: A product dreamIt should be a sense of accomplishment to design and develop an application independently according […]

  • Make windows file names case sensitive


    background Recently, I downloaded the Linux kernel from the official Linux website. What I downloaded is a compressed package with the suffix. Tar. XZ. So I unzipped it without knowing it. There were many problems in the Unzipper process. One of the problems is that in windows, case insensitive file names can be distinguished, but […]

  • After installing GPU version of torch, torch.cuda.is_ Available() is false


    explain:torch.cuda.is_available()The function of this command is to see if the GPU of your computer can be called by pytorch.If the returned result is false, you can follow the following procedure for troubleshooting. Step 1: confirm the hardware support, confirm whether your GPU supports CUDA (whether it supports being called by pytorch) 1. Determine whether the […]

  • Resources: 15 excellent responsive CSS frameworks


    Responsive Web DesignDesigned to provide the best browsing experience for a variety of devices, from desktop displays to mobile phones. This article summarizes some excellent responsive web design HTML and CSS frameworks. These frameworks are open source and free. It’s not so easy to compare responsive web frameworks. Some frameworks are suitable for designing some […]

  • Why Spring ???


    This article is a translation record of why spring on the official website of spring (with serious colored eggs at the end), trying to cultivate the habit of reading official documents. I wonder if you are familiar with this scene? You lost a problem to XX technology exchange group: how to solve it? A big […]

  • Mobile carousel sliding effect (swiper Implementation)


    Swiper website address:https://www.swiper.com.cn/ Practical application of swiper in mobile terminal (Demo) https://www.swiper.com.cn/demo/senior/index.html https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42931825/article/details/100120922    

  • Ubuntu 18.04 can’t install mysql5.7


    Ubuntu 18.04 cannot install mysql-5.7 solutionYesterday, I installed an Ubuntu 18.04 at home, and found that mysql-5.7 could not be installed directly. After checking the relevant error information and relevant information, I found a solution, so I was ready to record the problem. Download installation package update sourceFirst, go to the official website of Mysql […]

  • Using swiper in react framework


    premise Grasp the foundation of react Experience of using swiper carousel plug-in Use process of react + swiper Download the swiper plug-in NPM install swiper – s in react project Introducing swiper into react component import Swiper from ‘swiper’ import ‘swiper/css/swiper.css’ Three layer nested structure of HTML generated from react component <div className=’swiper-container’> <div className=’swiper-wrapper’> […]

  • Developing flutter settings on Ubuntu


    1. Install the flutter SDK You can directly download the GitHub Library of GIT clone flutter or download the compressed package from the official website, but it’s relatively slow. It’s better to download the compressed package from theChinese imageDownload the compressed package. Unzip to$HOME/opt/flutter/, and update the path:export PATH=”$PATH:$HOME/opt/flutter/bin” It’s slow to download and install […]

  • Mac M1 installing Java JDK maven


    JDK download and installation Zulu JDK is recommended for JDK. This is a JDK adapted to arm architecture. Download link:Download addressAccording to the needs of the choice. DMG format JDK download, and then install it directly, this will automatically configure the environment variables, do not need to configure their own, just test it directly. Maven […]