• Getting to know yarn2


    PnP Maybe those who haven’t used PHP don’t know about composer (PHP’s package manager). In fact, yarn2’s PNP actually refers to composer’s handling method when loading modules. Yarn creates a static mapping table that contains the following information: Which versions of which dependency packages are included in the current dependency tree How do these dependency […]

  • Another onedrive directory index application olandex


    OLAINDEX ✨ Another OneDrive Directory Index. This picture is fromIf you have funThank you for the promotion This project is inspired by oneindex and uses its ideas for reference. Thank you here. Project development, will add more features, welcome to issue brief introduction Project address:https://github.com/WangNingkai/OLAINDEX 1. Onedrive directory index; 2. The back end adopts the […]

  • How to introduce a third party JS into Vue components


    When using Vue development projects, we often use some good third-party libraries, but there are some libraries that do not provide NPM installation, so we can’t use themimportIt is introduced in a new way. such asvaptchaGesture verification code,vapthcaIt’s a third-party gesture verification code that uses a lot, but the official document can’t be foundnpmHow to […]

  • Special treatment of complex diseases! Meituan reviews Flink real time data warehouse application experience sharing


    The purpose of real time data warehouse construction Solve the problem of traditional data warehouse Real time data warehouse is a very confusing concept. The real-time data warehouse itself seems to be the same as turning the black background of PPT into whiter. From the traditional experience, we think that the data warehouse has a […]

  • VirtualBox install centos8


    Link to the original text: https://www.wjcms.net/archive… VirtualBox install centos8 Online installation (not recommended) Open git software and run the command directly vagrant init generic/centos8 Then run and start the online installation. vagrant up Of course, it will be very slow and even fail. The offline installation method is described below. Offline installation Download box file, […]

  • Data system architecture – 7. Data intelligence


    7. Data intelligence 1、 Preface With real-time offline data, we can finally use the data for business analysis, and basically solve the data what stage. For an indicator, we can clearly find changes in data and reflect changes in business. However, the business is often complex, and there are often such questions as: Scene 1: […]

  • How to use Flink 1.11 SQL


    On July 6, Apache Flink 1.11 was officially released. From the functional planning in early March to the official release in early July, 1.11 focused on optimizing the usability of Flink in nearly four months to improve the user‘s production experience. As one of the core modules in Flink, SQL is very important to promote […]

  • Value interpretation of cloud native HSAP system hologres product


    abstractMore and more enterprises accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading, and the importance of data value is becoming more and more significant. Li Shanshan, product manager of Alibaba cloud computing platform interactive analysis team, will interpret the value of cloud native HSAP system hologres. It mainly shares the mainstream real-time data warehouse architecture and the […]

  • Performance optimization is a trade-off philosophy


    Master moves are often not to consider who knows more knowledge, but to attract the enemy! At the beginning of learning to do performance optimization, many people just grasp the eyebrows and moustaches, and do everything they know, want to do, and can do. This is a typical hardworking force! I did a lot of […]

  • It’s all about real-time data architecture. How much do you know?


    Author: Liu Dalong @ vipshop With the development of the Internet into the second half, the timeliness of data is becoming more and more important for the fine operation of enterprises. Shopping malls are like battlefields. In the massive data generated every day, how to effectively mine valuable information in real time is of great […]

  • A practical chrome tool: xtrace


    Difficulty: easy preface When we browse the Internet, we are often collected by websites. The collection behavior itself is not a problem, but some websites often need to click such interactive behaviors as “download app to read more” or “note that bloggers can read the full text” in order to drain or attract registration to […]

  • Offline storage of progressive web app


    Procrastination for a long time, and finally the whole out of the personal blog. Thanks @ pingcod. What’s the addresshttp://www.wemlion.com/。 Welcome to visit and collect. This article is reproduced from:Zhongcheng translationtranslator:Wen LinLink:http://www.zcfy.cc/article/1067Original text:https://medium.com/@addyosmani/offline-storage-for-progressive-web-apps-70d52695513c 2016 is likely to becomeNetwork elasticity(network resilience) the first year. The network connection is very likelyIt’s not reliable(flakey), or not at all. […]