• Android studio error: could not download gradle.jar :No cacahed version available for offline mode


    scene After changing the. Gradle directory of Android studio from the default C disk to another directory, the new app prompts: Could not download gradle.jar:No cacahed version available for offline mode     Note: Blog:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Official accountDomineering procedural apeGet programming related e-books, tutorial push and free download. realization This is because the gradle required by […]

  • Deep understanding of Flink 1.11: flow batch integration hive


    In Flink 1.11, stream computing combined with hive batch processing data warehouse brings Flink stream processing real-time and exact once capability to offline data warehouse. In addition, Flink 1.11 improves Flink’s own file system connector, greatly improving the usability of Flink.The features of Flink 1.11 have been frozen, and the integration of streaming and batch […]

  • Some concepts of distributed computing


    Chapter 7 of “architecture decryption from distributed to microservice” – a talk about distributed computing. It makes corresponding supplement and modification. [TOC] preface Whether it is network, memory or storage distribution, their ultimate purpose is to achieve the distributed computing: data flows on each computer node, and each computer node can access the shared data […]

  • Tensorflow2 official website tutorial for beginners


    Full code: from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function, unicode_literals import tensorflow as tf mnist = tf.keras.datasets.mnist (x_train, y_train), (x_test, y_test) = mnist.load_data() x_train, x_test = x_train/ 255.0, x_test / 255.0 model = tf.keras.models.Sequential([ tf.keras.layers.Flatten(input_shape=(28, 28)), tf.keras.layers.Dense(128, activation = ‘relu’), tf.keras.layers.Dropout(0.2), tf.keras.layers.Dense(10, activation= ‘softmax’) ]) model.compile(optimizer=’adam’, loss=’sparse_categorical_crossentropy’, metrics=[‘accuracy’]) model.fit(x_train, y_train, epochs=5) model.evaluate(x_test, y_test, verbose=2) Run at […]

  • Why do you use such a powerful distributed message middleware Kafka


    Why Kafka? When we use a large number of distributed databases and distributed computing clusters, will we encounter such problems We want to analyze the user behavior so that we can design better advertising spaceI want to make statistics on users’ search keywords and analyze current trendsSome data, storage database waste, direct storage hard disk […]

  • Jia Yangqing releases a new generation of cloud native data warehouse and data Lake


    On June 9, at the 2020 Alibaba cloud summit, Jia Yangqing, vice president of Alibaba and senior researcher of Alibaba cloud computing platform business department, announced the launch of a new generation of cloud native data warehouse and data Lake solutions. Based on the innovative technology architecture, the new generation of cloud native data warehouse […]

  • PWA corner


    Article creation moved here on August 20, 2019-302019-12-20 PWA introduction PWA, full name is progressive web application. It does not refer to a specific technology, but can be regarded as a collection of new technologies. PWA is essentially a web app. With the help of new technologies, PWA has some features of native app. Highlights […]

  • Oppo’s real-time data warehouse practice based on Apache Flink


    This article is from the sharing of Zhang Jun, the research and development director of oppo big data platform, on Flink forward Asia. Oppo builds a real-time data warehouse based on Apache Flink. In terms of data scale, the total daily data processing capacity exceeds 10 trillion, and the peak value is about 300 million […]

  • Unity data arrangement and Chinese HTML document download


    preface Due to the network and other reasons, the links on unity’s official website are quite confusing. Links made up of words such as unity, unity3d, CN and com often confuse beginners link https://unity.com/ Google’s first official website link, slow access https://unity3d.com/ Actually jump to the previous link https://store.unity.com/ Download official resources (including unity hub, […]

  • How to select the right tools and software for you?


    Tools and software Usually simple entertainment is good, a cheap mobile phone is enough to see free movies and dramas, listen to songs, play games Access to information is an easy thing, most of the Internet resources are free, leek is such a thriving However, once you want to do something positive feedback, it involves […]

  • Front end interview day update 2020-03-17


    Today’s knowledge points (March 11, 2020) [63.[WeChat applet] sample code for WeChat applet to realize track playback] (https://github.com/webVueBlog [62. [soft skills] interview preparation job description] (https://github.com/webvueblog [61. [HTML] when the map tag is used in HTML, how to precisely locate the coords value in the area? ](https://github.com/webVueBlog… 60.js how to judge whether the text content […]

  • 10. Install Kafka cluster


    About Kafka Kafka is a high throughput distributed publish subscribe message system, which can process all the action flow data of consumers in the website. The purpose is to unify online and offline message processing through Hadoop parallel loading mechanism, and also to provide real-time messages through clusters. Cluster planning hadoop151 hadoop152 hadoop153 Kafka √ […]