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  • Stack operation and maintenance case: handling of abnormal CPU load of customer production server


    This article is compiled from: Kangaroo cloud technology collection – abnormal CPU load handling of a customer’s production server Data stack is a cloud native one-stop data platform PAAS. We have an interesting open source project on GitHub and gitee: flinkx. Flinkx is a unified data synchronization tool for batch flow based on Flink. It […]

  • RX of Linux_ length_ errors


    After monitoring Linux in the online environment, alarm host network receive errors. netstat -niCheck the network card, rx-err has 86W, there are a lot of Rx errors. get into/sys/class/net/ens18/statistics/, check them one by one and find that they arerx_length_errors

  • Notes on cache sharing meeting


    cache principle classification CDN cache QBs (number of visits per second) caches static resources as much as possible Reverse proxy caching Distributed cache Hot data Local application cache Message middleware Problems encountered with caching cache uniformity avalanche of large numberCache data expiration, invalidation (expired, old data) Solution: if the first request finds that the cache […]

  • Cache avalanche


    When introducing the cache, we normally do this. First, we judge whether there is data in the cache. If there is data, the data is returned from the cache, and if there is no data, query from the database. The process is as follows:Through caching, our system can support a large number of concurrency, but […]

  • [redis] cache penetration, cache avalanche, cache breakdown


    We only know that caching can reduce the time of data loading or calculation. But the problem of cache is not considered. The three main issues that interviewers focus on caching are shown in the title. Let’s talk about the three problems of cache, specifically what they mean and how to solve them. Firstly, an […]

  • [20200312] do not set net.ipv4 .tcp_ Tw_ recycle=1.txt


    [20200312] do not set net.ipv4 .tcp_ Tw_ recycle=1.txt –//I read two blogs carefully yesterdayhttps://vincent.bernat.ch/en/blog/2014-tcp-time-wait-state-linux–//Chinese Translation:http://www.cnxct.com/coping-with-the-tcp-time_wait-state-on-busy-linux-servers-in-chinese-and-dont-enable-tcp_tw_recycle/ –//It says not to set it net.ipv4 .tcp_ Tw_ recycle=1。 TIME_ The wait status issue is not too serious and can be ignored at all.–//I read it carefully and I really don’t understand many details. I started to contact mainly […]

  • Redis data expiration policy details


    common problem: Will redis recycle and clean the unused data by itself? If so, how to configure it? If not, how to prevent the problem of large storage space after data accumulation?

  • Sublime3 tips for customizing snippets


    About snippets In the process of programming, there are always a lot of repetitive work, such as defining a method, debugging code, etcSnippets is used to solve this part of the work, which can solve a lot of time How to customize in sublime? tools->new snippets New file format Only two items are required1. CDATA […]