• Smartbi of smart software: how to do data analysis_ Purpose of data analysis


    What is?Data analysis Data analysis refers to the process of analyzing a large amount of data collected with appropriate statistical analysis methods, extracting useful information and forming conclusions, and studying and summarizing the data in detail. This process is also the supporting process of the quality management system. In practice, data analysis can help people […]

  • Nexus2 set up NPM private server


    Recently, due to work needs, NPM private servers need to be set up in the company to meet the team’s component development needs. The company has set up nexus2. However, Baidu has found that nexus 3 is used to set up NPM private servers. There is no article about nexus 2, so this article is […]

  • Mutually exclusive locks commonly used by Swift


    @Synchronized is the thread mutex method in OC. Swift corresponds to objc_ sync_ Enter (self) and objc_ sync_ exit(self)。The parameters in the method can only make self, and other parameters cannot achieve the purpose of mutual exclusion. @objc private func remove() { print(“\(Thread.current)::\(array.count)”) //Mutex objc_sync_enter(self) while array.count > 0 { array.removeLast() print(“\(Thread.current)::\(array.count)”) } print(“\(Thread.current)::\(array.count)”) objc_sync_exit(self) […]

  • Kubernetes master data


    summary This article is used to record the basic information of kubernetes, and the latest official documents shall prevail as a whole. Because k8s is generally biased towards operation and maintenance, as a research and development, we can first roughly understand its concept and primary use mode, and then focus on service meshistioCome on. becauseistioThe […]

  • Ping and traceroute principle


    Ping principle Ping is mainly used to detect whether the host can communicate with the host. If you can’t Ping a host, it means you can’t establish a connection with the host. Ping uses ICMP Protocol. It sends ICMP echo request message to the destination host. ICMP Protocol stipulates that the destination host must return […]

  • The four purposes and three meanings of data analysis must be seen by novice Xiaobai!


    Nowadays, many companies add a “qualified” rule to candidates when recruitingData analysisAbility “, which also reflects that many companies attach great importance to data analysis. If we can master some knowledge of data analysis, it will undoubtedly help to improve our competitiveness in the workplace. Novice Xiaobai who has just come into contact with data […]

  • Flutter learning route


    1、 Learning route Layout learning Official layout document BiliBili future layout feature video reference resourceshttps://flutterchina.club/setup-macos/, set up the fluent development environment and install the default project to the device Read through dart Grammar:https://juejin.im/post/5c52a386f265da2de25b5c36, all the above codes must be typed by yourself Implement a simple HelloWorld page to familiarize yourself with the project structure and […]

  • Study03: day in calendar_ OF_ MONTH, DAY_ OF_ The difference between year and date


    Day in calendar_ OF_ MONTH, DAY_ OF_ The difference between year and date caltest.add(Calendar.DATE,1);  caltest.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH,1);   caltest.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR,1);     If only the add method is executed, the results are the same, because the date is + 1There is no difference     Add 1 to the date of the month   Or add 1 to […]

  • Implementation and enhancement of tcpkill in go language


    tcpwall When we want to prevent the establishment of some TCP connections, there is a good solution on the Linux platformiptablesHowever, iptables can’t block the established TCP connections at will. I found it when I searched the InternettcpkillThis tool, tcpkill, is a network analysis tool setdsniffA small tool in. It can be installed directly through […]

  • Implementation of arc in Objective-C learning


    preface Before the advent of arc, programmers had to rely on retain / release / autorelease to ensure that objects “stick” to the moment they are needed. If you forget to retain or release an object several times, the program will leak memory, or even crash directly. In Xcode 4.2, in addition to syntax checking, […]

  • 8.8 weekly report


    preface Time is not slow, and it’s time to report on Saturday night. What I want to write about this time is that I have gained a lot of experience and lessons since the combination of good composure. This time, it was written and summarized along our process from the beginning to the present. Part1 […]

  • Anglur5 + ionic3 practice (3)


    Background:I’m doing the report of Fu Hong Han Lin these days echarts.git To a new function. Three reports. Static page drawing for two days. Today to sort out the knowledge learned Meet echards Official website address of echardsThere are many illustrations in it. At present, I need to use themPie chartPieandBar chartBar. Practice pie chartPie […]