• Solution to segv? Accerr problem in IOS 9 system


    I haven’t blogged for a long time, but I’m a little rusty. Thank you for your support. I recently returned to my old business——IOS development。 After that, most of the blogs are related to IOS. Of course, I will continue to pay attention to the front-end technology, and welcome friends to join me Today we […]

  • IOS data security coding and encryption algorithm


    Statement: Last updated: March 13, 2019 To ensure timeliness, the address of continuous update is: IOS data security coding and encryption algorithm Base64 encoding Base64 encoding is a method of using 64 characters (actually 65 characters, “=” is a fill character) to represent arbitrary binary data. The encoded data is a string. principle Prepare an […]

  • IOS setonclick – perfect extension of click event


    IOS setonclick – perfect extension of click event, arbitrary transfer of transfer parameters In Android, click events are set in the form of setonclick, which is very convenient to use. In IOS, click events are set in the form of addtarget. Each time you set a click event, you need to declare a new method. […]

  • Simple calculator based on IOS (2)


    The next simple calculator based on IOS (1) is the experimental content of Po’s main IOS course. New interface Advanced calculator: it can perform some advanced operations, such as trigonometric function, factorial, logarithm, etc. Physique Calculator: after obtaining the height and weight of the user, the physique index of the user is fed back. Functions […]

  • Common tools in development – get unique identification, UDID, UUID, keychain of equipment, save UUID, judge network


    UDID Full name: unique device identifier Description: UDID is the unique device identifier, which is the unique number of each IOS device except the serial number.UDID is only device related, which is used to distinguish each unique IOS device (including iPhone, iPad, etc.), is composed of 40 characters of letters and numbers. Function: it can […]

  • Coredata collation (2) – multithreading scheme


    Coredata collation (2) – multithreading scheme Catalog Why multithreading How to use multithreading Multithreading scheme Why multithreading When you get here, you must ask, the function of adding, deleting, modifying and querying has been realized. Why use multithreading well? In fact, core data is Data Persistence technology after all. If the amount of data is […]

  • Coredata arrangement (3) — the use of magic record


    Coredata arrangement (3) — the use of magic record Catalog How to use magicalrecord Crud operation by magicalrecord How to use magicalrecord Magicalrecord encapsulates coredata once, encapsulates complex operations in multi-threaded core data, and provides rich encapsulation methods, with clear and concise code. The magic record framework provides two common MOCS,rootSavingContextIt is used for docking […]

  • Coredata collation (4) — data migration and other issues


    Coredata collation (4) — data migration and other issues Catalog Lightweight data migration Subsequent problems Lightweight data migration In the process of iteration of APP version, it is inevitable to change the. Xcdatamodel file, such as adding or deleting an entity, adding or deleting the attributes of an original entity, etc. If you do not […]

  • IOS multithreading: “GCD” detailed summary


    This article starts from my personal blog: “uninhibited Pavilion” Article link: Portal This paper introduces the knowledge and usage of GCD in IOS multithreading. This is probably the most detailed and clear article on GCD + summary in history. Through this article, you will learn:1. Introduction to GCD2. GCD tasks and queues3. Use steps of […]

  • Introduction to the top 100 Objective-C projects on GitHub


    This paper mainly introduces the top 100 projects of GitHub, which is convenient for beginners to quickly understand the current situation of Objective-C in GitHub GitHub address: https://github.com/aufree/trip-to-ios/blob/master/top-100.mdIf you have any questions, please contact me on Weibo @ Li Jinfa entry name Project information 1. AFNetworking The author is a blogger of nshipster and a […]

  • IOS 3D menu, debugging tools, package address book, network framework, multiple controls and animation and other source code


    IOS selected source A package for calling system address book and getting all contacts of address book IOS Scrollview nested tableview slides in the same direction (primary and advanced), supporting OC / swift Common settings and progress bar encapsulation of wkwebview are intended to quickly integrate H5 functions IOS 3D round menu implementation source code […]

  • IOS multi project editing (sub project is library project)


    IOS multi project editing (sub project is library project) At present, the number of team members is increasing, and the number of projects contacted is also increasing. At this time, the advantages of multi engineering structure that we have been using are highlighted. The most obvious is that the static library of auxiliary engineering can […]