• General basic library of flutter


    Develop the application of flitter using flitter ﹣ luakit ﹣ plugin as the basic database At the beginning of this article, we will give the difference between using fluent as the basic library development and ordinary fluent. As the location of flutter is a portable UI package, the basic library function provided by flutter is […]

  • Start developing MAC applications now


    Do you want to develop MAC applications without knowing where to start? This roadmap provides a great starting point for Mac application development. Even if you are already an IOS development expert, this roadmap is still applicable to you. Apple makes it easy to develop applications and submit them to the MAC app store. Follow […]

  • Record a problem with updating masonry


    Today, I encountered a problem that masonry, a well-known third-party library, was used in the project. Because the pod masonry IOS deployment target is 6.0, it is used in the projectmas_topMarginAnd other attributes will report errors, and then cause flashback. -[UIView mas_topMargin]: unrecognized selector sent to instance Reason The reason for flash back is actually […]

  • IOS development learning route


    IOS development learning route Preface Dream architect here is an IOS development engineer who is working hard to learn. At present, he is committed to learning in the whole stack direction. He hopes that he can exchange technology and make progress together with you, and record his learning process with a short book Personal learning […]

  • IOS Development Notes (1) Hello, world!


    Hello,World 🙂 For a new language, according to the Convention, we will write a Hello, world! Next, we will start with Xcode installation and complete a simple hello, world application. Install Xcode Download and install Xcode through the app store, but sometimes the service of the app store is not stable in China, and the […]

  • Method swizzling in IOS development


    <p align=”center”> <img src =”https://raw.githubusercontent…;/></p> Method swizzling in IOS development As long as you make good use of Google, there are a lot of things about it on the InternetMethod SwizzlingI’m not going to post the code here. I’ll mainly introduce the concept, principle, precautions and so on. Development needs If the product manager suddenly […]

  • IOS little white dot effect, ground mouse game, rotation effect, Sketchpad, rich text editor and other source code


    IOS selected source Meituan takeaway order page Blackboard recording demonstration procedure Classified round robin, live studio gift list round robin — OC / swift4.0 Rich Text Editor Refresh more refreshing pull-down refresh cool summer Custom carousel chart, independent of any picture loading frame, can realize custom PA Imitating the dynamic cycle of microblog list to […]

  • 60 minute introduction to IOS development


    60 minute introduction to IOS development This article is for beginners of IOS development who have programming experience in other languages (such as Java, C, PHP, JavaScript). The original intention is to let my colleagues know how to start developing IOS app in an hour. The learning objectives include: Can use Xcode IDE, simulator Ability […]

  • Mainstream transition animation


    Usage method 1. Import header fileUIViewController+HHTransition2. Call the following methods, basically only one sentence, no intrusion, easy to use API case 0: [self.navigationController hh_presentCircleVC:[CircleViewController new] point:_touchPoint completion:nil]; break; case 1: [self.navigationController hh_presentBackScaleVC:[BackScaleViewController new] height:400 completion:nil]; break; case 2: [self.navigationController hh_presentErectVC:[CircleViewController new] completion:nil]; break; Case 3: {// HHU transitionanimationview needs to be overridden InterScaleViewController *interScale = […]

  • Mac configuration Apache server details


    Configuration purpose Configure your own server on the Mac to facilitate some of your own networking requests. Detailed steps: The first step is to create the sites directory under the home directory as the directory to store subsequent network requests, as shown in the following figure: Step 2: enter the working directory of terminal switching […]

  • UIKit dynamics: throwing views – Graphics & Animation Series III


    Translated from the IOS tutorial series of graphics & Animation of raywenderlich website Ready to start First, use the storyboard to layout a page (or you can use pure code to set it). The effect is as follows: Declare and drag the following parameters in the file: (bluesquare, redsquare, imgview are dragged by the storyboard) […]

  • Understanding Xcode


    0. Know Xcode 1. Theme and font “Command +,” call out preferences (preferences), select “fonts & colors”, select a theme, such as “Midnight”, then shift to select all items in source editor / console, and click fonts to set the font. The default font of Xcode is menu, and other equal width fonts, Consolas / […]