• . net design pattern (2): 1.2 abstract factory pattern


    summary Abstract factory pattern is the most abstract and general of all factory patterns. Abstract factory pattern refers to a factory pattern used when there are multiple Abstract roles. The abstract factory pattern can provide an interface for the client to create product objects in multiple product families without specifying the specific products. definition Abstract […]

  • IOS data storage


    IOS data storage https://www.jianshu.com/p/19fdbf81a086 How to store data 1. Documents 3、NSUserDefaults 2. Database file 1. Sandbox 2、Plist 3. Nskeyedarchiver archiving / nskeyedunarchiver de archiving NSUserDefaults database 1、SQLite3 2、FMDB 3、Core Data file Sandbox The data stored in IOS localization is saved in a sandbox. Documents: iTunes will back up the directory. It is generally used to […]

  • JVM three color marking method and read-write barrier


    Trichromatic marking The main purpose of GC garbage collector is to realize memory recycling. In this process, the main two steps are: memory marking and memory recycling. Introduction to trichromatic marking method The three color marking method is mainly to mark the recyclable memory blocks efficiently. image.png Tri Color marking is used as a tool […]

  • There are two ways to transform interface objects in golang


    There are two ways to transform interface objects: 1. Method 1: instance, OK: = interface object (actual type) If the interface object is the corresponding actual type, then instance is the object after transformation, and the value of OK is trueIf else if… use 2. Mode 2: Interface object (type)With switch Case statement use Example: […]

  • Use Net memory profiler trace Net application memory usage — basic application


    Use Net memory profiler trace Net application memory usage — basic application   Author: Xiao Bo      . Net framework claims that there will never be memory leakage because it introduces the mechanism of memory recycling. However, in practical applications, we often allocate an object but do not release the reference to the object, resulting in […]

  • Vue data responsive


    1. How to track data changes When a normal JavaScript object is passed into a Vue instance asdataOption, Vue will traverse all the properties of this object and useObject.definePropertyTake thesepropertyConvert all togetter/setter。 thesegetter/setterThey are invisible to the user, but internally they enable Vue to track dependenciespropertyNotify changes when accessed and modified. Each component instance corresponds […]

  • Implementation principle of spring AOP


    Through the previous articleSpring bean creation process and related extension pointsWe know the process of creating bean instances with getbean(), which has the following extension points: Implement the instantiaawarebeanpostprocessor interface before the bean instance is created After the bean instance is created successfully, a factory method is created immediately when the property is not set. […]

  • ECMAScript 2015 ~ 2021 full feature learning dictionary


    preface The full name of ES is ECMAScript. ECMAScript is a standardized script language developed by ECMA. Currently, the ECMAScript version used by JavaScript isECMA-417。 The latest information about ECMA can be browsedECMA newssee. Ecmascript6 (2015), officially released in 2015, has become the next generation standard of JavaScript. With the release of es2015, the standards […]

  • Ten thousand words sorting mybatis source code


    Mybatis has been used almost since I first learned programming. I haven’t looked at its source code. This time, I happened to study it. After reading the source code, I still got a lot of harvest. I specially sorted it out. If there are any problems, please point them out summary The ORM framework of […]

  • Spring learning notes


    catalogue 1、 Spring files and notes 1. All spring configuration files pom.xml applicationContext.xml Main.java UserDao.java UserDaoImpl.java 2. All annotations of spring configuration 3. Key fundamentals of spring 1. Explanation of terms 2. Bean life cycle: 1 instantiation, 2 attribute assignment, 3 initialization, 4 use, 5 destruction 3. Bean tag attribute 4. Spring core: 4. Bean […]

  • Image SRC binary processing


    Introduction Request a picture. The returned data type is binary. The picture should be displayed. Origin My GitHub Image SRC binary processing In this scenario, first think of the case where the SRC of the image is Base64. UnderstandBase64After that, it is considered feasible in theory. Query the data and find a similar problemdoubtandproblem, the […]

  • Five years ago, I learned null and undefined. Now I have a new understanding. Let’s see what this talent says?


    By Michael ThiessenTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: dev Dream, dry goods, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this dish brushing wisdom who is still doing dishes in the early morning. This article GitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included. There are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for the interview of front-line large factories. Many […]