• OAuth2


    Why need oaut2? Suppose there is a “cloud notes” product, which provides “cloud note service” and “cloud photo album service”. At this time, users need to access these “resources” (notes, pictures) on different devices (PC, Android, iPhone, TV, watch) So how can users access their own resources? At this time, the traditional way is to […]

  • Introduction to the powerful OAuth framework of authlib


    Authlib based on Python is a powerful tool library that integrates all the mainstream web API permission authentication protocols, including client, server, bottom implementation and high-level architecture. Reference official: authlib: Python authentication Authlib can almost include all the relevant API authentication protocols of RFC, even from the bottom implementation and high-level architecture of the protocol, […]

  • Front-end development trampling record (in construction…)


    Recently, many pits have been trampled in the process of front-end development. First, record them and then sort them out. Routing instance update vue.jsEach time in the routing navigation, corresponding to the routingvue.jsComponents generate a new instance of VuevmIf you don’t pay attention to this point, you will fall into a hole. For example, in […]

  • Laravel front-end and back-end separate access to Wechat authorization, combined with laravel-wechat


    1. Before you start, please read the Wechat Developer Document carefully.There are several steps in the document: 1. Request authorization through appId and routes requiring jumps 2. Code returned from jump routing after authorizationNote:The front end only needs to know these two steps. 3. Obtain access_token according to code 4. Obtain user information according to […]

  • OAuth 2.0: Access GitHub login function


    OAuth There are a lot of basic content about Oauth 2.0 protocol on the internet, so I won’t repeat blogging. Students who don’t understand the basic concepts can go to Google first. But I found that there were very few demos actually demonstrating, so I wrote this blog which was partial to the real world. […]

  • Android native app obtains user authorization to access Autodesk cloud application data


    The oAuth mechanism is easy to implement for authorization management between websites. Setting up the app callback port, when the data service provider gets the user authorization, it returns the authorization code to send to the callback port. The last article described how to authorize Forge app to access Autodesk Cloud Application data, that is, […]