• Leetcode 394. String decoding | Python


    394. String decoding Title Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/decode-string subject Given an encoded string, returns its decoded string. The coding rule is: K [encoded]_ String], indicating the encoded inside the square brackets_ String is repeated exactly k times. Note that K is guaranteed to be a positive integer. You can assume that the input string is always […]

  • Opencv: a practical case of easy to use digital recognition


    Abstract:The case of credit card recognition uses some basic operations of image processing, which is relatively friendly for those who have just started cv. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Python opencv case: credit card number recognition》The echo of dark blue. preface Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Because it’s too boring […]

  • [regular expression] basic reference book about boundary


    Write before: all the following metacharacters match not the actual character, but a “virtual” position. 1. Overall boundary 1. Matching the starting position^ ^Written after the first square bracket in the character set to indicate “not”.^If it is written at the front of the whole regular expression, it indicates the starting position of the matching […]

  • Glacier has revealed an important programming skill it has summed up!


    Write on the front Mastering regular expressions skillfully can help programmers write the most elegant code with the fastest speed. Glacier has combed and summarized the regular expressions used in many years of programming work. These regular expressions can help you save a lot of coding time. Often a simple regular expression can omit a […]

  • Common basic commands of Linux


    1. View Linux version [[email protected] ~]# cat /proc/version Linux version 3.10.0-862.el7.x86_64 ([email protected]) (gcc version 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-28) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Fri Apr 20 16:44:24 UTC 2018 [[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core) 2. Process status view top / ps -aux / vmstat 5  / htop / nmon Explicit process […]

  • Redis basic command


    Review the old and learn the new. This paper mainly uses some simple examples to briefly describe the redis related data types and corresponding operation commands, which are only for learning and sharing. If there are any shortcomings, please correct them. Redis data type Redis supports the following five data types: String: string type is […]

  • How to make blockchain technology develop safely and orderly?


    With the rapid development of blockchain technology, more and more fields pay attention to the application and development of blockchain. Digital finance, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, digital asset trading, supply chain management and other fields have been involved in the application of blockchain technology, which also reminds us that we should not only pay […]

  • Rush 14. HashMap and other collections


    A series of articles: Using playaygroud to develop simple and fast online rust Fast start rust 2. Using clion, idea or pychar to develop rust Rush 14. HashMap and other collections HashMap and other collections HashMap is a collection of keys and values. You use the key to find the value that matches the key. […]

  • SQL server multiple primary key and foreign key, composite primary key and foreign key reference


    1、 Execution mechanism of SQL table lookup statement 1. Logic execution sequence: from top to bottom, first, then 2. Otherwise, an error is reported: “invalid object name”, “foreign key ‘FK”__ Student list__ 6cd828ca ‘references invalid table’ dormitory table ‘“ Create table student table( Student number char (8) primary key, Building number char (2) not null, […]

  • Duplicate data problem heboost


                7-1. Duplicate data problem heboost (10 points)   It’s a common thing to find out the duplicate in a lot of data. Now we have to deal with many integers, in which there may be duplicate data. You need to write a program to do this, read in the data, and check for duplicate data. […]

  • Implementation of random captcha by canvas


    Canvas implementation of random verification code – user defined verification codePersonal bloghttp://taoquns.com/paper/59ba… demogithub Chinese characters (there are many traditional Chinese characters and rare Chinese characters at random, so it’s better to establish a Chinese Character Library) number letter Mixed random number and letter custom hanzi() Random Chinese characters getLetter() Random letter getNumber() Random number NumberOrLetter() […]

  • Record the troubleshooting process of an abnormal Flink operation


    This article is from:Perfma technology community Perfma official website In the past two weeks, I started to take over the job of monitoring data of Apache Flink full link, including indicator statistics, business rule matching and other logic, and the calculation results were written into elasticsearch in real time. Yesterday, I encountered a problem that […]