• ETM project weekly report (12.6-12.12)


    Dear ETM partner: In recent months, The development of blockchain industry ushers in new opportunities, Attract entrepreneurs and industrial capital, With the support of relevant local policies, Blockchain technology construction is in full swing. But the annual pass is near, and the regulatory authorities have made several rounds of rectification, Changed the operation rhythm of […]

  • Comprehensive strategic cooperation of mozzard Security Co., Ltd. to promote blockchain development and application innovation


    On December 6, inker security officially reached an official cooperation with block chain technology of Coyne SAR: coynet inker security technology fully exports the underlying chain technology, becoming the world’s first batch of platform to achieve block chain technology development and application cooperation with inker security through authorization. The chain underlying technology output involved in […]

  • JQuery validate form validation learning subtotal


    The jQuery validate plug-in provides a powerful validation function for forms, makes client-side form validation easier, and provides a large number of customization options to meet various requirements of the application. The plug-in bundles a set of useful authentication methods, including URL and email authentication, and provides an API for writing user-defined methods. All bundling […]

  • New es2020 features you’re about to use


    By John Au Yeung Crazy technology house Original: https://levelup.gitconnected No reprint without permission Since ES6 was released in 2015, JavaScript has been developing rapidly, and a large number of new functions will appear in each iteration. The new version of the JavaScript language specification is updated once a year, and the new language feature recommendations […]

  • C cycle break vs continue


    I. Introduction 1. Break statement: loop – loop interrupts and stops to exit the current loop; Flow chart: 2. Continue: loop – the next iteration of the loop continues. Flow chart: Execution process: immediately result this cycle and judge the cycle conditions. If it is true, enter the next cycle, otherwise exit this cycle. For […]

  • Data structure – sorting


    —————- sort —————- Bubble sorting idea: “Compare adjacent elements. If the first is bigger than the second, exchange them. Do the same for each pair of adjacent elements, from the first pair at the beginning to the last pair at the end. At this point, the last element should be the maximum number. Repeat the […]

  • JS hybrid sorting (similar to the address book sorting in Chinese mobile operating system)


    In the afternoon when the sun is shining and the most suitable for dozing, the specially mute mobile phone actually moves. You can see it right. It vibrates God (customer) calls, “the Chinese name of the device in the tree menu on the left side of the report query system cannot be sorted”. To add […]

  • Adjust the maximum number of MySQL database connections


    [view the maximum number of MySQL links] MariaDB [(none)]> show variables like ‘max_connections’;     +—————–+——-+ | Variable_name | Value | +—————–+——-+ | max_connections | 151 | +—————–+——-+     Configuration/etc/my.cnf】 [mysqld]Add a new line: max_connections=1000     Restart the MariaDB service and check the maximum number of connections again. It is found that it […]

  • Regular substitution implementation input box can only have numbers, Chinese and English commas


    Originally very simple small function, because the details have been tossed for a while, so we must be careful The implementation code is also relatively simple. You can refer to the following Core code: function renumdou(str){ var regexp = /[^\d,,]]*/g; newstr=str.replace(regexp,””); return newstr } Let’s share another good code with you: Auto detect number replace […]

  • ETM project weekly report (11.22-11.28)


    Dear ETM partner: The ETM main network was officially launched, Data migration is now complete, Preparing for mapping. In addition, the development of wallet mobile terminal and surrounding shopping malls, The final closing phase has been entered. What other project developments? Come and have a lookETM weeklyRight. project debriefing ETM-Core 01. ETM core main network […]

  • Set of regular expressions


    I. expression of verification number Number: ^ [0-9]$ N digits: ^ \ D {n}$ At least n digits: ^ \ D {n,}$ M-N digits: ^ \ D {m, n}$ Zero and non-zero digits: ^ (0| [1-9] [0-9])$ The number with two decimals at most at the beginning of non-zero: ^ ([1-9] [0-9]) + (. [0-9] […]

  • Goroutine pool through channel


    Recently, go is used to import data from Excel to the server, and HTTP request is usedHowever, it is found that a new goroutine will be added unrestricted after reading from the fileAll of them are stuck in the initialization request, so they are stuck Problem simulation Simulation code func main() { pool := sync.WaitGroup{} […]