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  • Es5 common array methods


    The following array methods are sorted join() Push() and pop() Shift() and unshift() sort() reverse() concat() slice() splice() Indexof() and lastindexof() (new in Es5) Foreach () (new in Es5) Map () (new in Es5) Filter () (newly added in Es5) Every () (Es5 added) Some() (new in Es5) 1|0 join() Join is to convert an […]

  • One variable polynomial addition calculator


    include <stdio.h> include <stdlib.h> typedef struct Polynode { Int coef; // coefficient Int exp; // index struct Polynode* next; }Polynode,*Polylist; //Input data, input while sorting into the linked listvoid InputDataAndSortingData(Polylist Polynomial, int n); //Initialize polynomial linked listvoid Init(Polylist &Polynomial); //Add two polynomialsvoid PolynomialAdd(Polylist A, Polylist B); //Output calculation resultsvoid DisplayResult(Polylist A); //Command input and judgmentint […]